Best 2 Granite Conference Tables For Sale In 2022 Reivews

Are you searching for a granite conference table to fulfill your office with modern furniture?

Keep reading and find out all that you need to know about the tables made of this material. Before this guide, there are reviews. You can find the right model quickly since the characteristics of the tables are featured.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Granite Conference Table
SI Glass And Granite Conference Table PicksSI Glass & Granite Conference Table
In combination with glass, the granite makes the strong construction that provides stability to this SI conference table model.
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Best White Granite Conference Table
FlashFurniture Granite Conference Table PicksFlash Furniture White Conference Table
The foldable design and strong granite construction are the main characteristics of this quality conference table.
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Best 2 Granite Conference Tables For Sale

Best Of Best Granite Conference Table

SI Glass Glass & Granite Conference Table

Changeable Top Size
The SI table is made of granite and glass. The base is constructed from granite while the top is glass. It’s an adjustable conference table because the top can change size and shape. From the initial square shape, the table can change into a rectangular-shaped table.

SI Glass And Granite Conference Table Review

Varying Table Size
That’s possible because the tabletop includes extensions that you can use or fold. Therefore, the minimal length is about 40 inches and the maximal length is 71 inches approximately. Depending on the number of seats, the table is comfortable for 4 people minimally and 6 persons maximally.

Modern And Unique
The glass top is sensitive but firm. The granite base has a square shape and it’s large enough to provide stability to the glass top. These materials make this table modern and unique. The glass top is white-colored which also contributes to the fashionable style of this table.

SI Glass And Granite Conference Table

Adjustable For Many Rooms
You can use this table in various rooms because you can adjust the size to fit the room size. You can use this table also for the dining room or a private office. The height doesn’t change and it’s about 30 inches so it’s comfortable for all adults.

Highlighted Points:

  • adjustable top length of 40-70 inches
  • number of seats varies from 4 to 6 persons
  • square or rectangular shape options
  • base made of granite and the top is glass
  • fixed height of 30 inches approximately

Best White Granite Conference Table

Flash Furniture White Conference Table

Average Size And Height
The Flash conference table has an average size of 6 ft. With this size, it supports up to 6 people. The table has a white color design and it’s foldable. Granite is one of the materials this table is made of. It’s high as all the conference tables which means about 30 inches.

FlashFurniture Granite Conference Table

White Granite Included
Not only the granite, but the table is made also of plastic and steel. The top is granite and its color makes this model a white conference table. The white granite top stands on steel legs with plastic parts. The top is about 2 inches thick which guarantees stability.

Practical For Carrying
The legs of this granite conference table are foldable. The table is like usual folding conference tables which means it has a hook you can use to attach the folded legs to the inner side of the top. When it’s folded, one adult person can carry the table. The table takes small space when it’s in folded shape so it’s practical for storing.

FlashFurniture Granite Conference Table Revieww

Multi-Purposed Model
This table is multifunctional which means you don’t need to use it only for meetings but also for casual meetings such as parties and so on. It’s a practical table for training rooms. You can connect it with more tables preparing it for business training.

Highlighted Points:

  • white granite top and steel and plastic legs
  • foldable legs and attachable to the tabletop
  • about 2 inches thick top included
  • a versatile model for meeting and training rooms
  • 6 ft long and comfortable for 6 people
  • 30 inches high in the unfolded shape

Things To Know About Granite Conference Tables

The strong construction is the main feature of the tables made of granite. These tables are not made of granite completely but there are also other materials that contribute to the resistant design. It’s easy to clean and elegant table type. However, it’s hard to find it on the market.

Ultra Strong Construction – Granite is a type of stone so it’s a strong material that makes stable conference tables. Granite material can make the tabletop, the base, or both. When it’s used for conference tables, granite usually has white or black color.

Granite Combined With Materials – The table is rarely made of granite fully. Usually, granite is combined with some metals such as steel or tempered glass. That means the granite tables are actually half granite and half steel or glass conference tables. In combination with glass, the base is the material of the base.

Resistant And Cleanable –  The tables with granite top don’t need the protective finish because the granite is stain and scratch-resistant material. Granite tables are similar to the marble conference tables for the smoothness of the granite top. The smooth surface is easy to wipe and doesn’t absorb the stains.

Rare Models – There’s not a lot of granite conference tables for sale because wood is the most common material the tables are constructed of. The tables made of granite are available on Amazon and similar webshops that have the offer of all types of conference tables.

Elegant Exterior – Just like most processed stones, granite as the material that is a part of the conference table looks glamorous. The elegant look makes the granite table convenient for ceremonial purposes but its design is still simple so it’s good also for casual meetings.

Final Verdict

To sum up, there are no a lot of choices for buying a granite conference table, but there are 2 models worth buying. The SI granite and glass conference table has the most glamorous look and the most stable base. You won’t get wrong if you buy also some of the best wood conference room tables that also have a strong construction. To find more unique tables, check the offer of the cool conference tables.

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