Best 6 Conference Room Table And Chair Sets – Reviewed

Do you need the whole set of the conference room table and chairs to equip the meeting room?

Read the post and see which furniture is the best for your conference room. Check the summary to see the list or jump to the reviews and learn all about the models for sale.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Conference Table And Chairs
GOF Chairs And Table Set PicksGOF Conference Table Chair Set
The GOF conference table comes with an optimal number of chairs for its big dimensions.
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Best Boardroom Conference Table And Chairs
Office Pope Boardroom Table and Chairs Set PicksOffice Pope Conference Table
The Office Pope package that includes the table and chairs with the same glamorous look is ideal for a boardroom.
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Best With Wheels Conference Table And Chairs
Bush Business Furniture Table Chair PicksBush Business Furniture Table
The big table comes in a set with suitable office chairs that are designed to provide portability.
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Best Round Conference Table And Chairs
Office Pope Traditional Round Tablee PicksOffice Pope Traditional Table
The compact size, traditional design, and strong construction are some of the characteristics that make this model worth buying.
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Best Office Conference Table And Chairs
Home Square Conference Table And Chairs PicksHome Square 7-Piece Office Set
The Home Square table and chair stand out for strength since both the table and chairs have a big load capacity.
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Best White Conference Table And Chairs
Solis Moda Table With Chairs PicksSolis Moda Conference Table Set
This white table set is easy to clean thanks to a lacquer finish that makes it also attractive and elegant.
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Best 6 Conference Table And Chairs For Sale

Best Of Best Conference Table And Chairs

GOF Conference Table Chair Set

Optimal Number Of Chairs
The GOF conference table comes in various sizes and colors. All 6 ft, 8 ft, and 10 ft versions include the chairs. This 10 ft model includes 8 chairs which is the optimal number of chairs for this table size. The table comes in artisan grey design.

GOF Chairs And Table Set

Waterproof Material
The table consists of an oval-shaped top made of laminate. This material makes the top resistant to scratches as well as stains. The laminate of this table is waterproof. There are panels on each side and in the middle of the tabletop. The panels are connected with a modesty panel.

Chairs On Wheels
The chairs that come in the package are practical office chairs. Each chair is black and has a half-transparent back. The seat includes comfortable cushions. There are wheels on the bottom which makes you portable while sitting at the table. The chairs have an adjustable height.

Goff Small Table With Chairs Review

Average Width And Height
This oval conference table has a width of 48 inches. It has an average height of about 30 inches. The smaller versions of this model have a smaller width. The 10 feet is the biggest size of this GOF conference table model. It’s practical for an average conference room.

Highlighted Points:

  • the 10 feet version with 8 chairs
  • 48 inches of the width
  • adjustable height of each chair
  • portable office chairs on wheels
  • scratch-resistant and a stain-resistant top
  • the table has an artisan grey design

Best Boardroom Conference Table And Chairs

Office Pope Boardroom Conference Table

Table And 6 Chairs
Unlike the previous model, this Office Pope table is rectangular and a little smaller. The size of this model is 8 feet. This table size is comfortable for 8 people but in the case of this table, there are 6 seaters. That’s because the chairs from the package take a lot of space.

Office Pope Boardroom Table and Chairs Set

Two Suitable Designs
This boardroom table and chairs set comes in mahogany color. There are two designs of the chairs. You can choose the design you like but both designs are suitable for the table design. You can choose a black or mahogany color. The chairs include the casters so the chairs are portable.

Optional Tools Available
The optional tool you can purchase and use with this table is a grommet with power modules. The grommet has a rectangular shape but it takes a small place on the top. The grommet includes two outlets, 4 USB ports, and phone and ethernet ports.

Office Pope Boardroom Table and Chairs Set Review

Comfortable And Adjustable Height
The chairs are covered with leather which gives them a glamorous look as well as comfort. The table is also comfortable since there is a lot of space on the 48 inches wide top. You can adjust the height of the chair to be suitable with the table height of 30 inches.

Highlighted Points:

  • rectangular 8 feet long table
  • two designs of the chair in the offer
  • leather chairs have adjustable height
  • 6 chairs included in the package
  •  mahogany table 48 inches wide
  • power modules come as optional parts

Best With Wheels Conference Table And Chairs

Bush Business Furniture Conference Table

Big Size And Enough Chairs
The Bush conference table is also 8 feet long conference table but this model is compatible with 8 chairs because the chairs are not so big. It’s a conference table with chairs on wheels. The castors ensure your portability during the meeting. The number of chairs from the package is 8.

Bush Business Furniture Table Chair

Grey Universal Color
The chairs that come with the table have a grey color design and are made of leather. The grey color design suits the grey color of the tabletop. The base is metal so it has a silver color. The table stands on two legs that are connected with the metal frame.

Widest In The Middle Part
It’s an 8 feet conference table but it’s thinner than the previous model. The width of this model is 42 inches in the middle. This is a boat-shaped table so its width varies. The boat tabletop is resistant to scratches which is ideal for long-lasting usage by a lot of people.

Bush Business Furniture Table Chair Review

Adjust It Easily
Just like all the office chairs, the chairs from this package have an adjustable height. You can use the handle placed under the seat and regulate the height according to your height. The table is 30 inches high so the maximal chair height is adjustable to it.

Highlighted Points:

  • the table comes with 8 chairs
  • 96 inches of the length and 42 inches of the width
  • the whole package comes in a grey design
  • tabletop finish prevents scratches and stains
  • metal base made of legs and connection rod
  • chairs include the handle for height adjustment
  • the tabletop is boat-shaped

Best Round Conference Table And Chairs

Office Pope Traditional Conference Table

Small And Round
This is a set of the round conference table and chairs that come in the same style as the table. The whole package has brown-mahogany color. The table is small which means the diameter of the table is 42 inches approximately. The chair size is in accordance with the table size.

Office Pope Traditional Round Table

Classic Leather Seats
The table with the small size and round shape ensures space for up to 4 seaters. You will get 4 chairs but they are not the office type. The seats in this package are classic chairs with 4 legs, seat, and back covered with leather so they are easy to maintain.

Hardwood Inner Construction
The chairs and the table base have ornaments that make the table look traditional. The base consists of 4 small legs. The base is, just like the tabletop, made of solid wood so durability is guaranteed. The chairs are also stable no matter which color design you choose.

Office Pope Traditional Round Table Review

Glossy Laquer Finish
There are burgundy and black leather designs offered for the chairs. While the chairs are covered with leather, the tabletop is covered with lacquer finish. Thanks to the lacquer, the table looks glossy which contributes to the traditional design. The table is suitable for a small meeting room.

Highlighted Points:

  • the diameter of 42 inches makes a small table
  • the chairs come in burgundy and black design
  • the table is made of solid wood
  • 4 chairs included in the package
  • the classic design of both the table and chairs
  • lacquer finish makes the table glossy

Best Office Conference Table And Chairs

Home Square 7 Piece Office Conference Set

Long And Wide Design
This package of office conference table and chairs includes 6 chairs since the size of the table is 8 feet. The length is 8 ft or 95 inches and the width is about 43 inches. The height is standard which means it’s about 30 inches.

Home Square Conference Table And Chairs

Wheels Not Included
The table has a dark color design thanks to a mocha laminate finish which is part of the usual black conference tables. The chairs have the same color design. They are not office chairs because they don’t include the wheels. The chairs are static thanks to the legs. Just like the table, the chairs are also stable which makes them comfortable for use.

Big Load Capacity
The table has an oval shape. Therefore, the optimal number of seats is 6 although the table is about 8 ft long. The tabletop is durable since the load capacity is up to 250 lbs. The chairs also support a big weight so everybody can sit comfortably.

Home Square Conference Table And Chairs Review

Whole Package Suitable For All
The seat of each chair is about 20 inches long and wide. The arm height is about 25 inches. The seat height is 19 inches and it’s not possible to change the height. Both the table and chairs are suitable for all the room design since they are neutral black.

Highlighted Points:

  • the set includes the table and 6 chairs
  • the table is 8 feet long approximately
  • black mocha design of the whole set
  • oval-shaped laminate tabletop
  • classic chairs with a big load weight

Best White Conference Table And Chairs

Solis Moda Conference Table Set

While Complet For Conference Room
Unlike the previous model, this is the white conference table and chairs set. Both the table and chairs come in white color. The chairs include the wheels so they are portable easily. You can move easily sitting on the chair. The chair design suits the table design.

Solis Moda Conference Table

Easy Surface Cleaning
The table is 10 feet long so it’s compatible with 10 chairs. YOu will get these 10 pieces in the package. The table looks glossy thanks to the lacquer top finish. The lacquer provides easy cleaning although the surface is white and more sensitive than other color surfaces.

Increase And Decrease It
The size of 10 feet is the maximal length of this table model. The length is adjustable which means you can decrease the length by folding the grey part in the middle of the table. When you unfold the table, you get the maximal table size.

Solis Moda Conference Table Review

Stable Base Included
The wheels of the chairs can rotate for 360 degrees. Both the table and chairs have a chrome metal frame that makes them stable. The rectangular tabletop stands on a white base. The stable base makes the table not practical for carrying.

Highlighted Points:

  • 10 white chairs in the package
  • full white table with glossy lacquer finish
  • adjustable size of the rectangular tabletop
  • chrome metal frame of the table and chairs
  • chairs include the 360-degree rotary wheels
  • grey part in the middle is foldable

Things To Know About Conference Table And Chair Sets

The tables come with a number of chairs that suit their size. The design of the chairs fits the design of the table. There are various types of chairs included in the packages. The chairs determine the price as well as the size of the delivery package.

Suitable Number Of Chairs – The package with conference room furniture includes a price of the table and enough pieces of chairs depending on the table size. The 6 ft table usually includes 6 chairs, an 8 ft table comes with 6 or 8 chairs and a 10 ft table with 8-10 chairs.

Suitable Design – The design of the chairs suits the design of the table in color and shape. Some models include a few different chair designs offered for choose. Since the table and chairs are made of two different materials, wooden and leather, the color may vary.

Types Of Chairs – The table includes office chairs or classic chairs. The office chair type includes the wheels and a handle for height regulation. The classic chairs have standard legs and fixed height. The material of the chair cover is leather or textile.

Varying Price – The price of the set depends on the size of the set. The price of the table is increased by the price of each chair you get in the package. A chair usually cost about 100 dollars while the price of the table is about 500 dollars.

Come Disassembled – The package with the conference table and chairs is too big to be delivered in one piece. In the case of office chairs, you will get them in pieces as well as the table. The delivery is ensured if you buy in webshops like Amazon, Wayfair, e-Bay, and so on.

Final Verdict

The best conference table and chair sets worth buying is the GOF conference table with 8 chairs. There are some conference tables for training rooms that come with the chairs, so check them out. You can regulate the number of chairs if you buy one of the best modular conference room tables.

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