Best 6 Adjustable Height Conference Tables In 2022 Reviews

Do you need an adjustable conference table that will allow you both to sit and stand?

Then read this post and find the right model for your office. Here are the reviews of various tables classified to enable you a quick search. The things you should know are also included in the post.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Adjustable Conference Table
Stand Up Store Crank Height Adjustable Standing Conference Table PicksStand Up Store Crank Height Table
No matter you stand or sit, the metal frame and wooden top of this best high table ensure stability and comfort.
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Best Sit Stand Adjustable Conference Table
Offex 72 Electric Adjustable Standing Conference Table PicksOffex Electric Adjustable Table
Not only for standing but this table is ideal also for sitting which you can regulate using the electric mechanism.
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Best Large Adjustable Conference Table
Modway 96 Crank Height Adjustable Table PicksModway Crank Conference Table
Bigger than others, this table model has a simple adjustment mechanism that helps you to make the table high as you want.
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Best Small Adjustable Conference Table
Learniture Structure Series Crescent Mobile Collaborative Table PicksLearniture Structure Series Table
It’s small and lower than other tables but also practical for casual meetings with a few collaborators.
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Best Wooden Adjustable Conference Table
Iceberg ICE69317 Conference Table PicksIceberg ICE69327 Conference Table
A thick wooden top in combination with metal legs makes a stable conference table with a few height levels.
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Best Steel Adjustable Conference Table
Luxor 72W Electric Height Adjustable Table PicksLuxor 72″ Electric Height Table
The Luxor model uses a practical electric system that moves the steel legs regulating the height.
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Best 6 Adjustable Conference Room Tables

Best Of Best Adjustable Conference Table

Stand Up Store Crank Height Table

Stable No Matter The Height
The Stand Up Store model comes in brown and white colors. Brown design is more practical for maintenance because it’s less sensitive. The table has a steel base so the table is stable no matter what height it has. The steel base has a powder coat finish.

Stand Up Store Crank Height Adjustable Standing Conference Table

Minimal Height Of Table
The table includes the hand crank placed on one side. You need to rotate this crank when you want to increase or decrease the height of the table. If you decrease it to a minimum, you will get a 30-inch high table ideal for sitting.

Practical Foot Bars
On the other hand, the maximal height of about 50 inches is comfortable for standing. You can also use bar chairs. The foot bars built-in makes sitting on bar chairs or standing more comfortable. It’s easy to go up on the high chair using the foot bars.

Stand Up Store Crank Height Adjustable Standing Conference Table Review

Accommodation For 6
While the height of this adjustable meeting table is various, the length is always 6 feet. That means the table provides accommodation for 6 persons no matter they stand or sit. The width of the table is 36 inches just like usual narrow conference tables. The wooden top supports the weight of 155 lbs maximally.

Highlighted Points:

  • brown wooden top and steel black base
  • foot bars included in the frame
  • the height is adjustable from 30 to 50 inches
  • length of 6 ft and the width is 36 inches
  • maximal load capacity is 155 lbs
  • practical both for standing and sitting

Best Sit Stand Adjustable Conference Table

Offex Electric Adjustable Table

Similar But Not The Same
The Offex conference table has a similar design to the previous model. It’s also made of wooden top and metal base. The foot bars are also included. However, this model has an electric mechanism for height regulation. You don’t have to adjust the height manually but only push the button.

Offex 72 Electric Adjustable Standing Conference Table

Standing Or Sitting
This is one more sit-stand conference table so you can determine the height of the table to be comfortable for sitting or standing. If you choose sitting, you can lower the table to a height of 26 inches. The maximal height ideal for standing is about 50 inches.

Durable Top And Firm Frame
The 6 ft conference table is comfortable for 6 people. The table is about 36 inches wide. The steel black base of the table is strong enough to allow you to place a load of up to 256 lbs on the tabletop.

Offex 72 Electric Adjustable Standing Conference Table Review

Electric Anti-Collision Mechanism
The conference table includes an electric mechanism. There is a programmable memory keypad that includes the up and down buttons. You need to press the button depending on if you want to increase or decrease the table. The mechanism includes an anti-collision tool for the case some objects are placed under the table.

Highlighted Points:

  • electric height-adjustment mechanism
  • minimal height is 26 and maximal 50 inches
  • table comes with the 36-inch width
  • the load capacity is 256 lbs
  • the anti-collision mechanism prevents damages
  • up and down buttons for regulating the height
  • steel frame with foot bars and wooden top

Best Large Adjustable Conference Table

Modway Crank Height Conference Table

Manual Mechanism Included
The Modway table is the largest model from the list of adjustable-height conference tables. Its length is 96 inches so it’s practical for 6-8 persons just like all the 8-foot conference tables. While the length is fixed, it’s possible to regulate the height using the metal wheel for rotating.

Modway 96 Crank Height Adjustable Table

Metal Wheel For Adjustment
The manual mechanism is placed under the top to be less noticeable. The height mechanism as well as the base are made of metal material while the top is wooden. Rotating the metal wheel, you can adjust the height from 30 to 42 inches.

Old-Fashioned Style
The design of this conference table is similar to the style of industrial conference tables. The black-colored wood and metal materials contribute to the old-fashioned look of this table. The table is about 40 inches wide so there is a lot of space on the top.

Modway 96 Crank Height Adjustable Table review

Placed On Each Side
The table is practical for sitting on classic chairs if you lower the top to minimal height. It’s also compatible with bar chairs or you can stand. The whole construction is stable thanks to metal rods that connect the legs and rotating mechanism. There is a wheel crank on each side of the table.

Highlighted Points:

  • 96 inches long and 40 inches wide
  • made of wooden top and metal base
  • manual metal wheels for height adjustment
  • 30-42 inches of the adjustable height
  • the table has the industrial vintage exterior
  • metal rods make the construction stable

Best Small Adjustable Conference Table

Learniture Structure Series Table

White Round Table
This adjustable conference table has a small size, unlike the previous model. The Learniture table is ideal for small companies with a few collaborators. The half-round shape makes this white conference table unique and modern. The white surface is sensitive so you will need to clean it often.

Learniture Structure Series Crescent Mobile Collaborative Table

Not For Standing
The table has a diameter of about 45 inches which is the usual diameter of small round conference tables. This model is practical for business meetings as well as for the classroom. It’s different than others because it’s not designed for standing. You can adjust its height from 20 to 30 inches.

Four Wheels Included
The table comes on castors so it’s easy to move it. The base is steel so it might be not so practical for carrying. For that reason, 4 wheels make transportation easy. The table is small but big enough to be comfortable for 4 persons.

Learniture Structure Series Crescent Mobile Collaborative Table Review

Write Business Ideas
On the top, there is a whiteboard you can use to write business ideas and make a project scheme at the meeting. After the meeting, you can clean the top making it ready for a new meeting. You can write on the whiteboard easily when the castors are locked making the table stable.

Highlighted Points:

  • white half-round top shape
  • 4 casters make the table portable
  • adjustable height from 20 to 30 inches
  • whiteboard top practical for writing
  • 45 inches of the diameter
  • designed only for sitting ensuring 4 seats

Best Wooden Adjustable Conference Table

Iceberg ICE69327 ARC Conference Table

Metal Silver-Colored Base
The Iceberg conference table is made of wooden top and metal legs. The wooden top is 2 inches thick so it’s durable and ensures safe usage. The metal legs are silver-colored which suits a top color design. The top has rounded angles that make it look like the racetrack conference tables.

Iceberg ICE69317 Conference Table

Two Sizes With Adjustable Height
The table is 72 inches long and 36 inches wide. You can choose another version that is 60 inches long and 30 inches wide. No matter what the size of the tabletop is, the height is adjustable to three levels. To adjust the height, you need to use the spring button system.

Three Height Levels
The spring buttons allow you to adjust the height depending on your preferences. There are 3 spring buttons on the legs. They are distanced for about 3 inches. If you set the height on the highest button, the table will be 42 inches high.

Iceberg ICE69317 Conference Table Review

Practical For Cleaning
The wooden top includes the melamine laminate cover. It ensures usage without stains and scratches. The laminate is practical for cleaning. It’s enough to wipe it with a damp and dry cloth. The table is practical for both sitting and standing. It’s compatible also with high chairs.

Highlighted Points:

  • spring button mechanism for height adjustment
  • 72 inches or 60 inches of the length
  • 3 height levels offered for adjusting
  • 2 inches of the wooden top thickness
  • the top is covered with melamine laminate

Best Steel Adjustable Conference Table

Luxor 72″ Electric Height Table

Without Foot Bars
This model is similar to the Offex adjustable conference table I reviewed above. The difference is that this model doesn’t include the foot bars. The length of 72 inches is the same as the Offex as well as the exterior. The white oak wooden top has a rectangular shape with rounded angles.

Luxor 72W Electric Height Adjustable Table

Up And Down Arrows
This small conference table functions using the electric system. You don’t need to change the height of the table manually but you need to press up or down arrows on the keypad. The cords and battery of the electric mechanism are hidden inside the tabletop so the tabletop is free for your tools.

Quickly And Quietly
The minimal height of this table is 26 inches while the maximal height is 50-51 inches. The electric mechanism allows you to raise or lower the table quickly since the lift speed is 1,2 inches per second. The lifting is smooth and quiet.

Luxor 72W Electric Height Adjustable Table Review

Metal With Steel Alloy
The table meets ANSI and BIFMA standards so it’s safe for usage. Not only safe but this table is durable since the legs are made of metal and have steel alloy. Thanks to the legs, the table holds a load of up to 256 lbs.

Highlighted Points:

  • up to 51 inches of the height
  • 72-inch table purposed for 6 people
  • the electric lift mechanism with the speed of 1,2″/sec
  • load capacity is up to 256 lbs
  • up and down arrow operation system
  • base made of metal and steel alloy
  • meets ANSI and BIFMA standards

Things To Know About Adjustable Conference Tables

The main part of the tables with adjustable height is the mechanism for lifting. There are a few types of mechanisms as well as various height levels. You can use the table in two ways depending on the height. There are multiple purposes of this table type, which is in the group of cheaper conference tables.

Mechanism For Regulation – Each table with adjustable height includes some kind of adjustment mechanism. The most common is the crank. While you need to rotate the crank manually, the electric system includes buttons you need to press. The third adjustment system includes the spring buttons.

Maximal Height – The height of the adjustable tables is bigger than the height of standard models which makes it a standing type of table. The maximal height usually is 50 inches while the minimum height is 30 inches, except for small models with 20-inch minimal height.

Double Options For Usage – Considering its maximal and minimal height, the adjustable table is designed for both standing and sitting. There are a few standing levels made for various human heights. With the adjustable models, you can use classic chairs for the minimum height or bar high chairs for higher than 30 inches.

Multiple Purposes – Since it’s designed for both standing and sitting, the adjustable-height conference table is convenient for both classic conferences and casual meetings as well as for personal consultations. Most tables are made for 6 persons so they are practical for meetings with a small group of collaborators.

Cheaper Than Usual – The price of the adjustable tables doesn’t surpass the amount of 1000 dollars which makes this type of table cheaper one. The usual price is 500-800 dollars, depending on the type of adjustment system, the size of the table, and some extra specifications.

Final Verdict

Meeting all the needs a quality adjustable conference table should meet, the Stand Up Store crank height standing table is a good investment. Look also at the post about the best high top conference tables and explore more models in the standing category. Some of them are on the list of the cheap conference tables.

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