5 Top 10-Drawer Filing Cabinets To Store A Lot Of Documents

Are you looking for a multi-drawer file cabinet able to store a lot of your documents?

Well, you’re in the right place! Here we covered some quality but still affordable 10-drawer filing cabinet models. They offer different features, so check these reviews below. For more info, there is a buying guide with some helpful pieces of advice.

Our Top Picks

BEST OF BEST 10-DRAWER FILING CABINET picksBisley 10-drawer Cabinet
Vertical white file cabinet with fully welded steel construction, full-extension drawers are equipped with label holders.
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BEST METAL 10-DRAWER FILING CABINET picksMind Reader Storage Organizer
Metal mesh construction equipped with shallow drawers for office supplies and documents.
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Black flat filing cabinet with high-filing capacity, heavy-duty nylon rollers and safety stops on drawers.
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BEST LARGE 10-DRAWER FILING CABINET picksScranton & Co. File Cabinet
Space-saving filing cabinet designed for large 30” x 42 documents, made from eco-friendly materials.
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BEST LOCKED 10-DRAWER FILING CABINET picskSandusky Lee Steel File Cabinet
Constructed of heavy-duty steel material, this file cabinet is designed for professional office environments.
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5 Best 10-drawer Filing Cabinets


Bisley 10-drawer Cabinet

White Product
Bisley provides a great quality-price ratio. This is a popular brand that produces quality steel file cabinets. This white multi-drawer file cabinet is compact and ensures ample storage space for your office essentials and documents. It features a high price.

Multiple Colors
Except for white color, you can choose between charcoal, fuchsia, green, light grey, navy, orange, red, steel blue and other colors. These attractive filing cabinets fit in modern offices. Bisley 10-drawer filing cabinet is 24 inches tall, 11 inches wide and 15 inches deep.

Bisley 10 Drawer Steel

Fully Welded Construction
Bisley fits under your office desk or in the corner of the room. Its fully welded steel construction is designed for long-term durability. The powder-coated finish won’t rust or chip. Drawers are accented with chrome handles and label holders.

Fully Extended Drawers
Fill these ten drawers with pens, paper, crafts, writing tools, files, etc. You can fully extend the drawers and reach your stored items with ease. Each drawer measures 2” H x 9” W x 13” D. The white metal file cabinet will last for many years.

Highlighted Points:

  • multiple colors available
  • fully welded steel construction
  • powder-coated finish is rust-resistant
  • ten drawers equipped with label holders
  • full-extension drawers
  • solid chrome drawer handles


Mind Reader Storage Organizer

Lightweight Item
Mind Reader is an affordable filing cabinet available in two colors – grey and black. Its dimensions are 21.5 inches in height, 10.5 inches in width and 13.7 inches in depth. Mind Reader weighs 15 pounds and fits anywhere. Use it in your office for filing documents and office supplies.

Mesh Construction
Metal mesh construction is durable and easy to clean, simply wipe with a wet paper towel. It doesn’t require high maintenance. This sturdy steel construction will last for decades. Mind Reader 10-drawer filing cabinet is able to handle scratches, drops and dents.

Mind Reader 10CABMESH-SIL

Fully Assembled
There are small but convenient handles equipped with label holders. You can mark and find your stored content with ease. The drawer dimensions are 10” W x 13” D x 2” H. It arrives fully assembled, so unpack it when the metal office cabinet comes and it’s ready for use.

Highlighted Points:

  • metal mesh construction
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • small drawers are equipped with label holders
  • arrives fully assembled
  • lightweight file cabinet – 15 pounds


Safco Flat File Cabinet

Wide Construction
Safco is a black flat file cabinet also available in grey color. The manufacturer provides a limited lifetime warranty. It weighs 276 pounds and measures 16.5 inches in height, 46.4 inches in width and 35.4 inches in depth. Ideal storage solution for demanding work environments.


Powder Coated Finish
The assembly is required and this model is available with an optional lock kit. If you need to store some private and sensitive documents, buy a lock and protect your files. This classic 10-drawer filing cabinet is made from durable steel with a powder-coated finish.

Sheet Capacity
There are ten drawers and each drawer measures 43” W x 32” D x 1.2” H. You can identify your stored content easily, there are label holders on each drawer. Safco ensures a maximum sheet capacity of up to 500 documents. The heavy-duty file cabinet can store all your files.

Safco Products 4986BL Flat

Safety Stops
These drawers feature heavy-duty nylon rollers and courtesy stops, a rear hood and a hinged front document depressor for safe drawer performance. You can stack up 2 more units on this flat filing cabinet for extended storage space. It’s an expensive item.

Highlighted Points:

  • limited lifetime warranty
  • stores up to 500 documents
  • 10 drawers with safety stops
  • sturdy steel construction with black finish
  • optional lock kit
  • stackable filing cabinet


Scranton & Co. File Cabinet

Quality Material
Scranton & Co. is an industry-leading company that sets high-quality standards. This space-saving item weighs 270 pounds and measures 16.5 inches in height, 35 inches in depth and 46.2 inches in width. Scranton filing cabinet comes in grey color.

Eco-friendly Materials
The manufacturer uses Greenguard Gold certified materials, which are recognized for evaluating item emissions and meets stringent indoor air quality criteria. The assembly is required. Its durable steel construction is designed to last for decades.

Scranton & Co 10 Drawer Flat

High-load Filing
Because of that solid construction, each drawer is able to hold up to 50 pounds. Scranton 10-drawer filing cabinet is able to store large documents, you can fill these drawers with 30” x 42” documents. The maximum sheet capacity is 600 documents, suitable for high capacity filing.

Stackable Product
The wide file cabinet is a modular item, you can use it individually or create a stack storage space.  Drawers glide on case-hardened ball-bearing rollers for smooth drawer performance. You can’t pull the drawer all the way out, there are safety stops.

Highlighted Points:

  • durable steel construction
  • the assembly is required
  • uses Greenguard Gold materials
  • designed for large documents
  • ball-bearing rollers for smooth drawer operation
  • each drawer holds up to 50 pounds


Sandusky Lee Steel File Cabinet

Pricey Item
Sandusky Lee is a large flat storage cabinet that provides secure space for your office needs. This model comes in putty color. Product dimensions are 16 inches in height, 46.7 inches in width and 32 inches in depth. It weighs 250 pounds and has a high price.

Heavy-duty Construction
There are ten drawers and each drawer has 0.8” H x 43” W x 32” D. You need to assemble handles and label holders, the instruction are included in the package. Constructed of heavy-duty welded steel material with a powder-coated finish, it is ideal for the professional office environment.

Sandusky 244885PU Heavy

Leg Levelers
Leg levelers keep the file cabinet level on uneven ground. The 10-drawer filing cabinet is resistant to corrosion and chipping. Drawers are equipped with chrome handles and they extend on case hardened ball-bearing slides for smooth operations.

Lockable Drawers
The metal file cabinet with lock features depressors and hoods to keep paper from curling. Above the top drawer, there is a lock that secures all drawers at the same time. This file cabinet can be stacked with other Sandusky Lee flat file cabinets.

Highlighted Points:

  • all-welded steel construction
  • available in putty color
  • ten drawers with chrome handles
  • leg levelers keep the file cabinet flat
  • a single lock secures all drawers

Things To Know About 10-drawer Filing Cabinet

While all of these 10-drawer filing cabinets offer ample storage space, they differ in size, construction, materials and other features. We hope our guide will help you to find the best model for your office needs.

Build Quality – The file cabinets on this list are manufactured with steel, metal, fully-welded steel material – that are durable and sturdy materials. These steel file cabinets are very quality and designed for demanding work environments. You can rely on their quality.

Drawer Size – All of these drawers are shallow, a single drawer isn’t intended for high-capacity filing. That has some benefits, you can find your stored document with ease. Before buying, check if the drawers fit standard-sized or legal-size files, depends on your storage needs.

Label Holders – If you want to create an organized workspace and find your items quickly, consider a filing cabinet with label holders. If each drawer has its own label holder, you’ll know what is inside the drawer at a quick glance. Also, you can replace the label easily.

Flat Models – Flat file cabinets are often made of metal and have several drawers to hold a lot of items. Usually, you can stack another filing cabinet on top of a flat one. That creates even more storage space. They are designed for large documents, like blueprints, etc.

Commercial Use – There are some 10-drawer filing cabinets on the list above designed for industrial and commercial use. They last for decades and have high prices. Also, these models provide extremely solid construction with scratch and rust-resistant surfaces.

Final Verdict

If you are in dilemma, we recommend the Bisley 10-drawer filing cabinet. It features fully-welded steel construction with a powder-coated surface which provides long-term durability. Also, you can check the following reviews about 6 drawer file cabinets and 5 drawer metal filing cabinets.

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