Best 6 Vintage Metal Filing Cabinets For Sale In 2022 Reviews

Do you ever consider a vintage metal filing cabinet?

Well, there is a chance!

We gathered some great antique metal file cabinets on the market in this article. Find out how to pick the best model for your needs and then read those shorts reviews.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Vintage Metal Filing Cabinet
Sauder Steel River File Pedesta picksSauder Steel File Cabinet
The rustic-inspired file cabinet with two drawers, four casters and sturdy metal construction.
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Best Portable Vintage Metal Filing Cabinet
ioHOMES Acosta Industrial picksAcosta File Cabinet
It features two drawers with metal panels, five casters for mobility and stability and a walnut finish.
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Best 3-drawer Vintage Metal Filing Cabinet
Coaster Home Furnishings CO- Estrella picksEstrella Antique File Cabinet
Antique nutmeg file cabinet with heavy-duty steel frame and three drawers for letter-sized files.
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Best Lateral Vintage Metal Filing Cabinet
Deco 79 51851 Brown Metal picksDeco Brown File Cabinet
Industrial style file cabinet with three drawers, it has a spacious top surface and four stable legs.
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Best Home Vintage Metal Filing Cabinet
IRONCK Filing Cabinet, Industrial picksIronck iron File Cabinet
There are four casters for mobility, one drawer for files and open storage space with an adjustable shelf.
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Best Large Vintage Metal Filing Cabinet
Vintage Industrial File Cabinet picksCombine 9 Industrial File Cabinet
Really large file cabinet with four wide and deep drawers, a large top surface and stable legs.
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Best 6 Vintage Metal Filing Cabinets

Best Of Best Vintage Metal Filing Cabinet

Sauder Steel File Cabinet

Carbon Oak Finish
The Sauder River file model is a really beautiful piece of furniture. The construction is made of engineered wood and metal. You can use it for a long time, it is sturdy and durable. It features a carbon oak finish which provides that antique look.

Sauder Steel River File Pedesta

Assembly Required
The package includes a file cabinet, materials, hardware and assembly instruction. The warranty for the product lasts 5 years, so you can definitely rely on this item. The dimensions of this file cabinet are 26.58 inches in height, 20.87 inches in width and 23.8 inches in depth.

Metal Frame & Corners
The Sauder vintage metal filing cabinet features a textured, powder-coated metal frame and corners. There are two drawers, but they aren’t the same size. The upper drawer is 5.5 inches high and the lower drawer is 11.7 inches high. Use the top drawer for small items.

Sauder Steel River File Pedesta

Four Casters
The lower drawer has full extension slides, it can hold letter-sized hanging files. The upper drawer features metal runners and a safety stop. The Sauder vintage file cabinet has casters for easy mobility. There are two locking wheels for a stable position.

Highlighted Points:

  • rustic-inspired design made of wood and metal
  • the warranty last 5 years
  • two drawers for small items and letter-size files
  • upper drawer features a safety stop
  • the lower drawer has full extension slides
  • four casters for easy mobility

Best Portable Vintage Metal Filing Cabinet

Acosta File Cabinet

Hassle-free Replacement
The Acosta file cabinet is produced by IoHomes. It’s an antique metal file cabinet that requires assembly. When the item is assembled, it measures 15.7 inches wide by 17.7 inches depth by 28.3 inches high. If the product comes damaged at your address, you can replace it.

ioHOMES Acosta Industrial

Walnut Finish
This small vintage metal filing cabinet is made of wood and metal. Because of its dimensions, you can place it under your desk or next to it. It fits anywhere. There is only one color available and it is vintage walnut color. This finish improves the retro look.

Metal Mesh Panel
The Acosta walnut filing cabinet features two spacious drawers, you can place there your books, file folders, notebooks, office supplies and other items. Each drawer has a specific design. The upper drawer features a metal mesh panel. The lower drawer has a chalkboard panel.

ioHOMES Acosta Industrial review

Five Casters
The maintenance of this file cabinet is simple. Use the damp cloth and wipe the entire file folder. There is no need for waxes and similar cleansers. The Acosta is a mobile file cabinet it features five casters. They are lockable and the center caster increases the cabinet’s stability.

Highlighted Points:

  • crafted from engineered wood and metal
  • it features a vintage walnut finish
  • clean it with a damp cloth
  • two spacious drawers with specific design
  • five casters for mobility

Best 3-drawer Vintage Metal Filing Cabinet

Estrella Antique File Cabinet

Nutmeg File Cabinet
The Estrella file cabinet has an affordable price and it requires assembly. When we talk about its color, it’s specific, the manufacturer said it’s antique nutmeg and gunmetal color. It really looks like a 50-year old piece of furniture, but it is sturdy and durable.

Coaster Home Furnishings CO- Estrellaa

Steel Frame
This vintage metal filing cabinet is made of quality wood and the frame is made of heavy-duty steel. The Estrella features a width of 17.25 inches, depth of 19.25 inches and a height of 25 inches. It weighs 50 pounds. You can place it in the room corner, next to your desk, under a desk or in some other place.

Three Drawers
The Estrella is completed with three spacious drawers. The two upper drawers have standard sizes and the lower drawer is a little bigger. Load the small drawers with some notebooks, notes, office supplies and other items. Use the large drawer for letter-size files.

Coaster Home Furnishings CO- Estrella review

Chrome Handles
These drawers come with full extension glides. The handles have a chrome finish. Each drawer has a specific weight limit. It is 35 pounds. If you want to clean the file folder, don’t use some aggressive cleaners, you can clean it with a damp cloth.

Highlighted Points:

  • nutmeg file folder with a gunmetal frame
  • made of MDF, steel and particleboard
  • two small drawers and one large for letter-size files
  • full extension drawers slides
  • the item requires assembly

Best Lateral Vintage Metal Filing Cabinet

Deco Brown File Cabinet

Wear-resistant Item
The Deco 79 is a popular brand for vintage industrial filing cabinets, such as the model in this review. This is a lateral file cabinet made of wood and metal. It is pretty durable, scratch and wear-resistant. This item weighs 36.7 pounds when it’s empty, so it isn’t so heavy.

Deco 79 51851 Brown Metal

Top Surface
The construction of the vintage metal filing cabinet is made of metal and the top surface is from engineered wood. It features a matte cocoa brown paint coat. The top surface provides plenty of space for storage. You can use it for books, shoes, plants, boxes, or something else.

Deco 79 51851 Brown Metal

3 File Cabinet Drawers
That surface has 39 inches in length and 19 inches in width. There are three file folders and they feature industrial decor accent pieces. The three file cabinets fill out the front. The drawers have 15.5 inches in length, 11 inches in width and 12 inches in depth.

Highlighted Points:

  • lateral industrial designed file cabinet
  • three drawers offer plenty of storage space
  • the top surface is made of quality wood
  • the file cabinet drawers are metal
  • lightweight file cabinet

Best Home Vintage Metal Filing Cabinet

Ironck Iron File Cabinet

Industrial Style
This small file cabinet is ideal for home use. The Ironck features a unique design that is made of MDF – medium density fiberboard and with an iron frame.  This company produces industrial computer desks, industrial console tables, coffee tables and other pieces of furniture.

IRONCK Filing Cabinet, Industrial

Compact Item
This vintage metal filing cabinet features 20.40 inches in length, 11.80 inches in width and 24.4 inches in height. It isn’t a large file cabinet, you can place it beside your desk, under a desk, in the corner of the room, in your hallway, wherever you want.

One Drawer
Use the top surface for the printer, scanner, fax, laptop or decorative plants. There is one drawer and it opens on full-extension ball-bearing slides. This drawer accommodates letter and legal-sized files. But you can load it with small office supplies, too.

IRONCK Filing Cabinet, Industrial review

Mobile File Cabinet
There is an open storage space with an adjustable shelf, you can move the shelf up and down or even remove it. This space is suitable for registers, books, notebooks and other large items. The Ironck features four stable casters for mobility. Two casters come with brakes.

Highlighted Points:

  • ideal file cabinet for home
  • use the top surface for printer, scanner,…
  • there is one drawer that holds letter and legal sized files
  • open storage space with an adjustable shelf
  • four casters for mobility

Best Large Vintage Metal Filing Cabinet

Combine 9 Industrial File Cabinet

Measure Your Room
The Combine 9 Designs made this vintage metal filing cabinet. It is a large product, so before you order it, measure your space so you’ll be sure if this item fits. The dimensions of this file cabinet are 42 inches in width, 20 inches in depth and 32 inches in height.

Deco 79 51851 Brown Metal

Adjustable Configuration
This vintage steel filing cabinet is great if you need to store a lot of things somewhere. It fits into any rustic or modern office or home space. It features two file drawers and two swinging doors, but it can be made with four file drawers, depends on your requirements.

File Folders
The Combine old metal filing cabinet can handle legal and letter-sized file folders. The drawers are pretty wide and deep, so this item is the best for people who work with a lot of documents. You can easily organize and find your documents.

Vintage Industrial File Cabinet review

Wood Top Surface
The top surface is made of thick engineered wood. It is scratch and stain resistant, so it isn’t easy to damage it. Use this storage space for books, plants, or some devices, like printers, scanners, fax and others. This model doesn’t have casters, but you can ask for those and the manufacturer will install them.

Highlighted Points:

  • large file cabinet with plenty of storage space
  • ideal for people with a high amount of documents
  • four drawers for letter and legal sized files
  • the top surface is made of sturdy wood
  • choose between legs or casters

Things To Know About Vintage Metal Filing Cabinet

The vintage metal file cabinets aren’t for any home or office decor. besides the design, there are more features like casters, storage space and other characteristics you need to check before purchase.

Specific Design – These old metal filing cabinets are usually made of wood and metal. The wood and metal file cabinets fit perfectly in a rustic environment. But there are items whose whole construction is made of metal. You need to check if that kind of file cabinet will fit in your home or office.

Storage Space – If you have a high volume of file folders, documents or other items, you can’t buy a file folder with one small drawer. Before you order a product, check the drawer’s measurement. Don’t forget the top surface, use it for some devices, like printers or scanners.

Casters – Choose between legs and casters. if you need to move your file cabinet around, look for mobile products. Some models have five casters and that is a very useful feature. The file cabinets with additional caster have better stability and you can’t tip it over easily.

Drawer Extension – There are three main types on the market: 3/4 extension file drawers, full-extension file drawers and over travel file drawers. If you need to use the file drawers frequently, buy full-extension drawers, you’ll have better access to your files.

File Cabinet Finishes – Well, there is a wide offer. But retro metal filing cabinet often comes in natural designs. These finishes look elegant and stylish. The natural wood finishes include oak, maple, pine, cherry, walnut, nutmeg and other beautiful finishes.

Final Verdict

Choose the model from the list that is the most suitable for you. We would recommend the Sauder file cabinet. It is made of durable engineered wood and metal, there are two drawers and locking casters. If you like that old-world charm, consider the review of wood credenza file cabinets. If you looking for large storage space, there are great models in the post about wide file cabinets.

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