6 Best 8-foot Conference Room Tables To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Do you find the 8 ft conference table the most suitable for your meeting room or office?

This post might be useful for you because you can find out some general info and also the characteristics of the quality models from the market.  Check the summary for quick reading or explore the tables in detail.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best 8 Foot Conference Table
Office Pope Modern Boat Shaped Conference Table PicksOffice Pope Traditional Table
With power modules and a stable cube base design, this conference table is suitable for all business purposes.
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Best Wooden 8 Foot Conference Table
Regency Prestige Table PicksRegency Prestige Conference Table
The solid wood trim makes this Prestige model quality and a durable table with a traditional look.
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Best Rustic 8 Ft Conference Table
Safco Products Medina Modern Office Conference Table PicksSafco Products Medina Table
This table has a rustic color but modern function thanks to grommets and leg channels built-in.
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Best Steel 8 Ft Conference Table
DFS Designs tech Conference Table PicksDFS Designs Tech Conference Table
The steel base of the DFS conference table provides optimal support for a resistant and durable top.
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Best Folding 8 Foot Conference Table
ARC 8' Boat Shaped Conference Table PicksARC Boat-Shaped Conference Table
The folding mechanism is one of the most practical tools that this boat-shaped table includes.
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Best Modern 8 Ft Conference Table
Tribesigns 8FT Conference Table PicksTribesigns 8FT Conference Table
The attractive exterior and some other useful parts make this model a table ideal for modern meetings with technology usage.
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6 Best 8 Foot Conference Tables

Best Of Best 8 Foot Conference Table

Office Pope Traditional Table

One Of The Sizes
The Office Pope table comes in various versions such as 10 ft, 12 ft, 14 ft, and up to 24 ft long. This version is 8 ft long which makes it practical for 8 chairs. You need to purchase the office chairs or classic chairs separately.

Office Pope Modern Boat Shaped Conference Table

Whole Wooden Construction
The espresso color of this table is one of the available colors for this model. There are also cherry, mahogany, maple, honey, white, and walnut conference table color designs. The tabletop and the base have the same color since they are both made of wood. There are two bases with the glides.

Electric Outlets Offered
The table includes two pieces of the grommets with power modules. The grommets allow you to use the computers at the table. Each grommet includes double electric outlets and double USB ports. Each grommet includes a cover to protect the sockets and ports. The grommets come in black and white colors.

Office Pope Modern Boat Shaped Conference Table Review

PVC Laminated Edge
While the length is 8 ft, the width of this model is 44 inches. The edge is covered with a 3 mm PVC laminated material that provides protection. The tabletop is about 1,5 inches thick so it’s durable enough to support all the equipment you require during the meeting.

Highlighted Points:

  • boat-shaped 1,5 inches thick top
  • two cube bases with glides
  • two pieces of grommets with power
  • 2 sockets and 2 USB ports included
  • about 44 inches of the length
  • model available in different sizes and colors

Best Wooden 8 Foot Conference Table

Regency Prestige Conference Table

Traditional Wooden Look
The Regency conference table is 96 inches and about 48 inches wide. The table comes in cherry color. The whole construction is made of wood which gives a traditional look to this table. It’s a solid wood conference table, with solid wood trim and hand-rubbed veneer finish.

Regency Prestige Table

One Grommet In The Middle
Just like the previous 8 ft conference table, this one also offers electric power. However, this one has one grommet with useful ports. The grommet is placed in the middle of the table. There are two outlets, 4 USB ports, a phone, HDMI, and an ethernet port.

Heavy Wooden Construction
The solid wood construction makes the table heavy. The overall weight is about 220 lbs which makes transportation difficult. However, you can relocate the table if you separate it into the parts just like you will get it in the package. It’s easier to enter the table in a room when it’s split into 2 pieces.

Regency Prestige Modular Table Review

Up To 8 Chairs
The table doesn’t include the chairs so you need to purchase 6-8 chairs separately. There is space for 8 persons but it depends on the size of the chairs you use. The classic chairs are the most suitable for this table design. Considering grommet, it’s classic and modern at once.

Highlighted Points:

  • solid wood trim and cherry veneer finish
  • classic traditional design with hand-rubbed details
  • grommet with outlets and ports
  • suitable for 6 to 8 people
  • 48 inches is the width of the table

Best Rustic 8 Ft Conference Table

Safco Products Medina Conference Table

Rustic But Modern
The Safco Medina model is a grey table and the color makes it look rustic. Although it has a rustic pattern, the table is equipped for modern technology. It’s 8 ft long and 42 inches wide. The height of the table is around 30 inches, just like the usual conference table.

Safco Products Medina Modern Office Conference Table

Modern Part Of The Table
The modern part of this table is the grommets for computer cords. There are openings for cords also in legs. You can put the cords in the grommets and drag the cords across the legs to make the cables less visible. There are two grommets on the top surface.

Curved Unique Design
The grommet holes have the dimensions 8×4 inches. They are placed on the 1-inch thick tabletop. The tabletop shape makes this model a racetrack conference table. The legs are also a little curved. The legs consist of panels that provide the stability.

Safco Products Medina Modern Office Conference Table Review

A Lot Of Tools Supported
The tabletop is durable enough to hold the load of the weight of 250 lbs maximally. There is space at the table for all the tools of all 8 people that sit around the table. The chairs are sold separately. The table design is neutral and compatible with most chairs.

Highlighted Points:

  • grey wooden pattern rustic design
  • made for 8 chairs sold separately
  • two grommets included in the tabletop
  • grommet dimensions are 8×4 inches
  • a channel for cords included in each leg
  • racetrack 1-inch thick tabletop
  • 42 inches wide and 30 inches high

Best Steel 8 Ft Conference Table

DFS Designs Tech Conference Table

Wood And Steel
The DFS Designs conference table is made of wooden tabletop and steel legs. The exterior seems rustical but it’s not so modern as the previous rustic conference table. This one is a classic table that supports up to 8 people. There is a lot of space around the rectangular-shaped table.

DFS Designs tech Conference Table

X-Shaped Base
The tabletop is 1 inch thick which provides durability. The legs are made of solid steel. They are crossed which makes an interesting design. The legs are connected and firmed with a metal rod as a modesty panel. The glides are on the bottom of the legs.

High-Pressure Laminate
The tabletop is 8 ft long and 4 ft wide which is 48 inches. The tabletop is protected with high-pressure laminate material. The protection makes the table more resistant. The laminate top is protected from scratches. The stains are removable easily by wiping with a cloth.

DFS Designs tech Conference Table Review

Some Optional Parts
As I said, the table doesn’t have modern parts like grommets but you can add them optionally. These parts are easy to add to the agreement with the producer. You will get the table in one piece and it’s easy to assemble it.

Highlighted Points:

  • 1-inch thick top with laminate cover
  • protected from scratches and stains
  • the base consists of x-crossed legs
  • base is made of solid steel
  • grommets are optional parts you can purchase

Best Folding 8 Foot Conference Table

ARC Boat-Shaped Conference Table

Metal Frame With Legs
The ARC conference table has a unique design since it’s a boat-shaped conference table. The tabletop is placed on the metal frame that is connected with the legs. The glides are attached to the legs making this 8-foot conference table ideal for all floor types.

ARC 8' Boat Shaped Conference Table

Foldable Unique Design
The unique specification of this model is the folding design. It’s one of the rare folding conference tables that is 8 ft long. The folding system is included in the legs. You can fold them and attach them to the inner side of the tabletop. Then you can carry the table easily like a panel.

Practical To Transport
The legs have a lock system so you can be sure the table will stand firmly after you unfold it. The folding system is practical because you don’t have to assemble the table but only fold and transport to the room you want. The table is about 140 lbs heavy.

ARC 8' Boat Shaped Conference Table review

Thinner Than Others
The length of the table is 96 inches which makes it a conference table ideal for 8 people. The width is a little smaller than usual. It’s 36 inches while the length is standard so it’s 30 inches. The table is practical for flexible meetings no matter you organize the meetings indoor or outdoor.

Highlighted Points:

  • 96 inches long and 36 inches wide
  • about 140 lbs of the overall weight
  • the table has a foldable and portable design
  • metal legs come with the glides
  • locking system included in the legs
  • easy to carry the folded table like a bag

Best Modern 8 Ft Conference Table

Tribesigns 8FT Conference Table

Multi-Pattern Top Design
The Tribesigns model has a multicolored design. The square part in the middle has a natural wood pattern and the extended parts with the grommets are black-colored. It’s a unique exterior like the designs of the cool conference tables. The multi-pattern top is placed on four legs and additional support in the middle.

Tribesigns 8FT Conference Table

Practical For Computers
The overall length is almost 8 ft, precisely 94,5 inches. The table is about 47 inches wide so it provides a lot of space for notebooks, tablets, or computers. You can use the computers and hide the cords using the grommet holes. There is one grommet on each part of the table.

Water-Resistant Material
The table has a metal frame and a wooden top that is about 0,6 inches thick. The top includes the veneer and it’s scratch-resistant as well as waterproof. Thanks to resistance, you can have a glass of water on the table during the meeting without worry about damages.

Tribesigns 8FT Conference Table Review

Connecting To Each Other
This model has connectors so you can add more tables and make a large table. That means it’s easy to increase the 8ft length if you purchase more tables and connect them to each other. For that reason, the table is practical for training rooms.

Highlighted Points:

  • multicolored wooden top and metal legs
  • the tabletop is about 0,6 inches thick
  • about 47 inches wide table model
  • two grommet holes included in the black parts
  • the top is waterproof and scratch-resistant
  • designed to be attachable to other tables

Things To Know About 8 Ft Conference Tables

The conference tables signified as 8 ft tables have a length of around 8 ft while the width varies. There is space for 8 persons on average. The 8 feet long table is big enough to be delivered in pieces but still not so big to have a high price.

Length Of 96 Inches – The table with the length of 8 ft is 96 inches long. In some cases, the length is smaller or bigger than 8 ft for 1-2 inches but the table is signified as 8 ft. The average height is 30 inches.

About 45 Inches Wide – The 8 ft long table usually has a width of 42-48 inches. The width varies from model to model. There are a few models with a width smaller than 40 inches but there are no models with a width bigger than 48 inches.

Designed For 8 Persons – The length and width make the table comfortable for 8 persons. It’s long enough to support 3 chairs on each side diagonally and one chair on each short side of the table. In some cases, if you use smaller chairs, it can be a 10-person conference table.

Delivery In Pieces – The length of 8 ft is big enough to be difficult to deliver the table in one piece. The delivery includes the table separated into 2 or 3 pieces. Another option is to get top and base separated. The assembly required in most cases.

Group Of Cheaper Models – The 8 ft conference tables are long but not so big to be expensive. When it comes to price, these models are in the group of the tables under 1000 dollars. Their price on the market is usually 500-800 dollars. The additional parts such as grommets make them more expensive.

Final Verdict

It has firm construction and it’s designed to support the technology so Office Pope 8 foot conference table is the best choice for buying. All the models I reviewed are in the category with these best 8 person conference tables. Read also the reviews of the best executive conference tables because most of them are 8 ft long.

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