Best 10 Organized File Cabinets With Dividers/Separators

Do you want to keep your files, documents and supplies neatly organized to find what you need quickly when you’re busy and save your time?

Then you should look for an organized file cabinet!

Here is the list of the best-rated products so check it and pick the model with the size, shape and build you like. These models are divided into categories to be easier for you to find what you need.

Our Top Picks

BirdRock Home Rolling File Cabinet picksBirdrock Lateral 1-drawer Cabinet
A decorative driftwood grey file cabinet offers plenty of storage space for your files and documents.
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TQVAI Bamboo Mobile Rolling picksTqvai Natural File Cabinet
Handmade space-saving file cabinet made of durable and quality bamboo material, ideal for long-term use.
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Storex Single Drawer picksStorex Single Drawer File Cabinet
This black file cabinet comes equipped with swivel casters and can be easily moved from room to room.
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BirdRock Home Rolling File Storage picksBirdRock Rolling File Storage
An attractive natural file cabinet is crafted from durable and quality bamboo and equipped with casters.
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YOLENY Seagrass Rolling File Cabinet picksYoleny Seagrass File Cabinet
A beautiful letter-size file cabinet woven by skilled weavers will complement your home decor.
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PAG Wood Desktop File Holder picksPag Wooden File Cabinet
Eco-friendly wooden desktop file cabinet suitable for organizing documents, letters, files and notebooks.
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BIRDROCK HOME Seagrass picksBirdRock Rolling File Cabinet
A hand-woven file cabinet made of natural seagrass and abaca is perfect for home office use.
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Storex Plastic Archive Storage Drawer picksStorex Plastic File Cabinet
Two high-quality plastic drawers are stackable, so it’s possible to create a vertical file cabinet.
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Prandom File Organizer Box - picksPrandom Filing Cabinet
A tabletop blue file cabinet with a lid is suitable for letter-size and legal-size file folder storing.
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Storex Single Drawer Mini picksStorex Single Drawer Cabinet
A lightweight and compact desktop file cabinet has a single drawer with a lock that keeps your files safe.
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Best 10 Organized File Cabinets


BirdRock Lateral 1-drawer Cabinet

MDF, Metal, Linen
BirdRock is a file cabinet with an organization system available in a driftwood grey color. The overall unit dimensions are 13.8” in height, 14.2” in width and 16.4” in depth. It weighs 17.5 pounds, so it isn’t so lightweight. You need to assembly it, but you’ll need to spend a few minutes on that task. It’s made from MDF, metal and linen.

BirdRock Home Rolling File Cabinet review

Wheels Or Feet
This stackable file cabinet comes with feet and wheels, install wheels if you need to move a file cabinet frequently. You can stack multiple drawers on top of each other. Store both letter- and legal-size file folders. BirdRock is equipped with convenient handles and a label window for labeling the content.

Highlighted Points:

  • driftwood grey file cabinet
  • requires assembly
  • made from MDF, linen and metal
  • comes with feet and wheels
  • accommodate letter- and legal-size files
  • convenient handles


Tqvai Natural File Cabinet

Space-saving File Cabinet
Tqvai is a compact and space-saving folder cabinet that will keep your stored items neatly organized. The overall dimensions are 16.7” in width, 13.4” in height and 13.7” in depth. The reviewed model is available in natural and coffee brown finish. Its price is acceptable.

TQVAI Natural Bamboo Mobile Rolling

Letter/Legal Files
It is crafted from quality bamboo, there aren’t synthetic materials. This is a handmade product that is recyclable. Tqvai bamboo file cabinet is equipped with two handles, so you can carry it easily. Also, the package includes casters for mobility. The folder cabinet is suitable for hanging letter- and legal file folders.

Highlighted Points:

  • space-saving file cabinet
  • available in two colors
  • affordable price
  • made of quality bamboo
  • equipped with two handles and casters
  • accommodate letter- and legal-size files


Storex Single Drawer File Cabinet

Compact File Cabinet
Storex is a compact file cabinet made of sturdy and durable polypropylene. Unit dimensions are 12.7” in height, 18.2” in depth and 14.2” in width, it fits anywhere. There is a single drawer, but the construction allows you to stack multiple drawers on each other. This stackable file cabinet has a high price.

Storex Single Drawer review

Built-in Lock
The surface is rust and moisture resistant and easy to maintain. Also, you can place an office device such as a printer on the top surface of this file cabinet with drawer separators. The built-in lock will keep your stored content secured. Storex comes with integrated casters, so you can easily move it around. Drawer accommodates letter/legal files.

Highlighted Points:

  • black plastic file cabinet
  • compact size fits anywhere
  • rust and moisture resistant surface
  • equipped with casters
  • lockable drawer


BirdRock Rolling File Storage

Natural Finish
There is another BirdRock folder cabinet, but this particular model is made from durable and robust bamboo material. It provides sturdiness and it’s easy to maintain. BirdRock is available in natural and cafe noir finishes. It is sized at 13” in height, 16.7” in width and 13.7” in depth.

BirdRock Home Rolling File Storage

Mobile File Cabinet
BirdRoc filing cabinet organizer comes with four swivel casters that ensure easy movement. Also, there are carrying handles, so you can transport this bamboo file cabinet easily. There is a hinged lid, you can open and close it easily. The lid will protect your stored items from damage. Use it for magazines, books, files, documents, office supplies.

Highlighted Points:

  • durable bamboo file cabinet
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • available in two finishes
  • four swivel casters
  • lid protect stored items
  • ideal for files, books, magazines


Yoleny Seagrass File Cabinet

Fits Anywhere
Yoleny is a seagrass file cabinet that measures 15” in height, 17.9” in width and 13.8” in depth. It fits under your office desk, on the shelf, next to your desk, etc. The package includes a seagrass file cabinet, instructions and accessory kit. It adds a traditional vibe to your room. Also, casters are included.

YOLENY Seagrass Rolling File Cabinet

Includes Dividers
It is a hand-woven product made from durable and quality seagrass. Yoleny is textured and full of natural flavor. This filing cabinet with dividers will perfectly store your hanging files and documents. The filing cabinet organizer is suitable for letter-size files. The woven lid provides extra protection for your stored items.

Highlighted Points:

  • compact file cabinet
  • hand-woven item
  • made from durable seagrass
  • included casters
  • dividers ensure neat file organization
  • woven lid for extra safety


Pag Wooden File Cabinet

Non-toxic Materials
Pag is a small tabletop filing cabinet constructed from eco-friendly and sturdy melamine board. Choose between black, brown, retro brown, retro white and dark grey colors. The unit dimensions are 13.8” in height, 13.6” in width and 10” in depth. It doesn’t contain toxic materials.

PAG Wood Desktop File Holder

Single Drawer
This wooden filing cabinet organizer is tested and safe for use. It features six compartments and four adjustable clapboard boards. Also, there is a single shallow drawer for documents, mail, letters and files. Store your magazines, notebooks, newspapers in these compartments. Pag requires assembly.

Highlighted Points:

  • made from eco-friendly board
  • available in multiple colors
  • tested and safe for use
  • six compartments and four adjustable boards
  • single drawer for mail and documents
  • requires assembly


BirdRock Rolling File Cabinet

Hand-woven Item
Birdrock is an eco-friendly file cabinet made of natural materials. It is ideal for home use. It measures 13” in height, 17.5” in width and 14.5” in depth. There are stylish and decorative accents for a more attractive appearance. BirdRock filing cabinet organizer is a hand-woven item, so each model is unique.

BIRDROCK HOME Seagrass Rolling File Cabinet

Hinged Lid
It is woven from natural seagrass and abaca, so it’s available in espresso or light brown colors. You can store magazines, newspapers, files, documents, books in this seagrass file cabinet. It is equipped with a hinged lid, carrying handles and four swivel casters for easy movement.

Highlighted Points:

  • made from natural seagrass and abaca
  • hand-woven product
  • ideal for home use
  • accommodates files, books, magazines
  • equipped what hinged lid
  • four swivel casters ensure mobility


Storex Plastic File Cabinet

Two Drawers
Storex is a very popular brand when it comes to plastic and stackable file cabinets. The products are made in the USA or another TAA-compliant country, but not in China. These file drawers are made from durable and sturdy plastic. They are PVC and BPA-free. The price is higher.

Storex Plastic Archive Storage Drawer

Label Holders
A single drawer measures 18” in depth, 12.3” in height and 14.3” in width. This filing cabinet organizer is resistant to moisture and rust, it won’t crack and scratch. The handles are reinforced and there are built-in label holders. Mark your stored content, so you can find it easily. Store letter- and legal-size files easily.

Highlighted Points:

  • plastic file drawers
  • made in the USA
  • PVC and BPA free products
  • resistant to moisture and rust
  • two handles for easy carrying
  • label holders


Prandom Filing Cabinet

Blue File Cabinet
Prandom is a lightweight blue filing cabinet organizer suitable for any office or home office desk. Also, it is available in ivory and grey colors. The unit measures 11.2” in height, 14” in width and 7” in depth. The box includes a file cabinet, bottom board, lid and long and short rail. It is made of linen and cotton.

Prandom File Organizer Box

3-year Warranty
When this tabletop file cabinet isn’t in use, fold it and store it below your desk, on the shelf, etc. A 3-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer. You can organize your files, office supplies, books, and other things. If you want to store legal-size files, place them vertically. This box is equipped with steel handles.

Highlighted Points:

  • available in three colors
  • lightweight desktop file cabinet
  • comes with lid
  • made of linen and cotton
  • backed by a 3-year warranty
  • steel handles


Storex Single Drawer Cabinet

Lightweight Item
This is a lightweight and functional desktop file cabinet that weighs 7.6 pounds and measures 14.7” in width, 18.2” in depth and 12.7” in height. This model is available in grey and black colors. It isn’t produced in China and the manufacturer uses polypropylene to build it.


Stackable File Cabinet
Storex is a stackable filing cabinet organizer, so you can buy two or three models and create a vertical file cabinet. Its surface is moisture and rust-resistant. You can store private and confidential documents in this file cabinet, it has a built-in lock that keeps your files secure. Bottom pads protect your desk from scratches.

Highlighted Points:

  • lightweight and functional file cabinet
  • available in two colors
  • made from polypropylene
  • rust-resistant surface
  • suitable for private files
  • lockable drawer

Things To Know About Organized File Cabinets

Before buying, it is necessary to learn something about those file cabinets with organization systems. They are made from various materials, offer different storage spaces and more.

Build Material – Whether you buy a file cabinet or drawers for your home office or office, you want to buy a sturdy and durable product, able to store your files, documents, office supplies, books, and more. Quality file cabinets can be made from metal, durable plastic, wood, linen or you can buy a seagrass file cabinet.

File Cabinet Handles – Those reviewed file cabinets are usually lightweight and easy to move from one place to another. But to be easier to carry them or relocate, some models are equipped with convenient handles. There are a variety of different styles, such as molded handles, D-shape handles or retracted handles.

Drawer Size – What do you need to store? Books, file folders, documents, office supplies, notebooks? Before buying, check the product dimensions carefully. If you need to store file folders, look for a file cabinet with metal dividers or hanging rails for neat file organization.

Mobility – Some of those reviewed file cabinets on the list above come with casters. So if you need to move your file cabinet frequently, a mobile file cabinet could be a great solution for your needs. Moreover, some items come with feet and wheels, so you can decide whether to install them or not.

Cleaning & Maintenance – If you want to keep your organized file cabinet nice and clean, you need to maintain it properly. The cleaning and maintenance depend on file cabinet build, if your file cabinet is made from wood, you can’t use aggressive cleaners. If it’s made from steel, then you can use stronger cleaners.

Final Verdict

These organized file cabinets are perfect for files, documents, magazines, newspapers and other things. Also, they usually have a space-saving design, so don’t require much space. If you want to check more compact products read the reviews on single drawer filing cabinets and small filing cabinets. If you still can’t decide, check our overall selection of filing cabinets.

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