Best 6 Glass Conference Room Table Reviews By Expert In 2022

Do you like the look of the glass conference table and it might contribute to your room design?

Then this post can help you to find the right model. Read the summary for a quick check or review for more information. The guide is also useful for those who are buying a glass table.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Glass Conference Room Table
OFM Core Collection Glass Top Conference Table PicksOFM Core Collection Conference Table
The model is the best example of a glass table for the conference since it includes quality glass and stable legs.
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Best LargeGlass Conference Room Table
Zuri Furniture Cruz Table PicksZuri Furniture Cruz Expandable Table
The Zuri conference table has a big size if you use both extensions included in the top.
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Best Modern Glass Conference Table
CB Store Conferece Table PicksCB Store Modern Glass Table
The full construction made of glass ensures a modern and luxurious look of this CB Store conference table.
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Best 10 Foot Glass Conference Table
eS galss and wood conference table PickseS Conference Table
The adjustable tabletop supported with solid legs makes this table comfortable for a various number of business people.
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Best White Glass Conference Room Table
Frost Modern Table PicksFrost Series Conference Glass Table
It’s white but also glass. Thanks to the glass cover, the table is resistant and has needed stability.
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Best Adjustable Glass Conference Table
WL Modern Conference Table PicksWL Conference Room Table
The possibility to regulate the length of the glass top makes this WL modern table a good investment.
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Best 6 Glass Meeting Room Tables

Best Of Best Glass Conference Room Table

OFM Core Collection Conference Table

Metal Frame And Legs
The OFM Core Collection table includes a glass top and metal legs. The top stands on a metal frame to achieve stability. There are four metal legs with the glides on the bottom. This way both the legs and floor are protected from scratches.

OFM Core Collection Glass Top Conference Table

Long Rectangular Top
This table is about 77 inches long and around 40 inches wide. The glass top has a rectangular shape with rounded angles that improves the look of the table. Just like all tables for conferences, this model also has a height of about 30 inches.

Better Maintenance Needed
The glass top is 0,6 inches thick which is not too thick but it’s still stable. Just like all the glass conference room tables, this model requires better maintenance. The glass needs often cleaning since the stainless steel chrome-plated frame is less sensitive.

OFM Core Collection Glass Top Conference Table Review

Allows 6 People To Sit
Before the first use, the table needs assembly. The legs and tabletop will come separated. You need to connect all the parts with help of instructions. You need to purchase the chairs separately. Considering its size, this table supports 6 chairs allowing 6 people to use the conference table.

Highlighted Points:

  • 77 inches long and 40 inches wide table
  • the tempered glass top and stainless steel legs
  • the chrome finish of the frame
  • supports up to 6 seats
  • about 0,6 inches thick glass top

Best Large Glass Conference Room Table

Zuri Furniture Cruz Expandable Table

Extensions Included
The Zuri conference table includes a glass top and metal legs. The tabletop is separated into three parts. You can use all three parts if you want to have a large glass conference table. You can also remove the extensions if you need fewer seats.

Zuri Furniture Cruz Table

Minimal And Maximal Size
The maximal length of this Zuri conference table is around 95 inches. If you remove both extensions, you can get the 63 inches long table. You can use only one extension and the table will be about 80 inches long. The length of one extension is about 16 inches.

Sawhorse Steel Legs
The size has an influence on the number of seats. When the table has a maximal length, 10 people can sit around the table comfortably. You need to take care of the sawhorse legs of the table when you sit. The legs are made of stainless steel.

Zuri Furniture Table Reviews

Minimal Number Of Seats
The table without extensions is practical for 6 persons on average. The number of seats depends if you find it comfortable to sit at the shorter side of the table. It’s 36 inches approximately while the height is 30 inches. The tabletop is about 0,5 inches thick.

Highlighted Points:

  • up to 94 inches of the length
  • about 36 inches wide and 30 inches high
  • two extensions of about 16 inches
  • comfortable for 6-10 people
  • 0,5 inches thick tempered glass top
  • includes the stainless steel sawhorse legs

Best Modern Glass Conference Table

CB Store Modern Glass Table

Full Glass Construction
The CB Store model is made of glass fully. That means both the top and the legs are glass. The legs consist of two panels connected in V-shape. Two panels are attached to each side. The unique design makes this model an executive glass conference table.

CB Store Conferece Table

Material Ensures Stability
This table is practical for use as a conference table or a modern desk. It has a big size which means the top is about 83 inches long. The top is made of tempered glass so stability is guaranteed. Not only the top but the legs are also tempered.

Comfortable For Adults
The length of 83 inches ensures seats for 6-8 people. The top has a rectangular shape. Each short side of the table is about 40 inches long. The table is comfortable for adults since it’s about 30 inches high. The tabletop of this model is thick enough to be unbroken.

CB Store Conferece Table review

Glamorous Look Of The Table
The full glass construction makes the table look glamorous. For that reason, you can place this conference table in the ceremonial hall or ceremonial conference room. The table is universal so all the chair designs suit it. The glass requires more cleaning than usual because the surface is not stain-resistant.

Highlighted Points:

  • about 83 inches of the length
  • purposed for 6 to 8 people
  • the modern and glamorous exterior look
  • full construction made of glass
  • legs consist of tempered glass panels

Best Round Glass Conference Table

eS Conference Table

Varying Tabletop Size
Just like the previous model in this post, this is a rectangular glass table with large size. You can use this table in the size you like. That’s because the tabletop can be extended. You can have a table for 6 people with a length of 71 inches but you can also have a larger table.

eS galss and wood conference table

Up To 10 People Supported
The larger sizes of this table are 91 inches and maximal 111 inches which is almost 10 feet. Depending on its size, it can be a conference table for 10 people, for 8 or 6. The tabletop is made of white glass. It’s stable thanks to the solid wood legs.

Four Solid Legs
There are 4 legs made of solid wood and covered with an Americal walnut finish. The wooden legs give the whole construction a unique look as well as stability. The legs have the usual length which makes the table about 30 inches high.

eS galss and wood conference table Review

Neutral White Look
While the length is adjustable and the height is standard, the width of this table is about 35 inches. It makes it similar to narrow conference tables. The white top design makes the table convenient for all the room and chair designs. White color gives it a neutral look.

Highlighted Points:

  • the rectangular shape of the glass top
  • 4 pieces of legs made of solid wood
  • the top has an adjustable length
  • from 71 inches to 10 ft of the size
  • 6-10 people can sit comfortably
  • suitable for all room designs

Best White Glass Conference Room Table

Frost Series Conference Glass Table

White Top Covered With Glass
The Frost conference table consists of a white tabletop covered with glass that makes the surface look glossy. The white top stans on metal legs. You will get the table split into 2 pieces. It’s easier to enter this large table into the room if it’s dissembled.

Frost Modern Table

Eight Places Ensured
This white glass conference table is about 8 ft long and about 45 inches wide. The table is large enough to provide up to 8 places for sitting. The top is made of tempered diamond glass that is resistant to scratches and heat. The top angles are rounded.

Adjustable For All Floor Types
About 1-inch thick tabletop is placed on silver legs with adjustable glides. The legs are thick enough to provide proper support. The glides are useful in places with uneven floors. Thanks to glides, the table is stable no matter where it’s placed.

Frost Modern Table Review

Suitable For All Designs
Since the table is white and glass, it fits all the room designs. The design of the table is neutral so you can use the chairs with various designs. You need to purchase the chairs you like separately because the package includes one piece of the big table for the meeting rooms.

Highlighted Points:

  • the length of 8 ft and a width of 45 inches approximately
  • comes in pieces to be easier to transport
  • made of tempered glass and silver legs
  • about 1 inch thick white top with a glass cover
  • resistant to scratches and heat
  • enables place for 6-8 people

Best Adjustable Glass Conference Table

WL Conference Room Table

Unique And Adjustable Design
The WL glass conference table is unique for its design. The legs are not straight as usual legs of the table but V-shaped. The legs are stable which is important because the tabletop is large. You can increase and decrease the length of the tabletop.

WL Modern Conference Table

Easy To Regulate The Length
The adjustable tabletop means that you can spread the extensions or reduce them. If you don’ use the foldable parts, the length of the table is about 63 inches. The maximal size is about 95 inches. That means the number of seats varied depending on the length.

Not Easy To Break
The top is about 0,5 inches thick. It might seem thin but the material the top is made of is tempered glass. That means the table is not easy to break. The metal frame connects the glass top with the legs. The table looks like the cool conference tables.

WL Modern Conference Table Review

Special Material Of The Legs
This table is unique also for the material of the legs. They look metal but actually, they are made of wood. The finish is gray which gives elegant look. The table is about 35 inches wide and 30 inches high as usual. The table is conformable for 6 persons on average.

Highlighted Points:

  • adjustable length thanks to glass extensions
  • the V-shaped legs made of wood
  • the length varies from 63 to 95 inches
  • the width is 36 inches and the height is 30 inches
  • the top is made of 0,5-inch thick tempered glass
  • supports 6 people on average

Things To Know About Glass Conference Room Table

Although they are made of glass, the tables are stable thanks to processed glass. This is the rare type of table that includes the extensions. More specifications of these tables are metal legs, the sensitivity of the material, and higher price, which is a result of the quality materials the table is made of.

Made Of Tempered Glass – All the glass tables are made of tempered glass. It’s a kind of glass that is more resistant to the usual glass. The thermal and chemical treatments make the glass stable. The glass top of the tables is 0,3 to 1 inch thick on average.

Metal Legs – The models called glass tables include only a top made of glass while the legs are made of metal materials. Usually, the materials are (stainless) steel or aluminum and in some cases, the base has a chrome finish. Rarely, the legs are made of wood.

Glass Extensions –  The tables made of glass are one of the rare tables that include extensions that you can tuck under the top. This way you can regulate the length of the tabletop, unlike the modular conference tables that include the whole parts that you can separate or connect.

Sensitive Material – The glass top conference tables are more sensitive to stains while the surface is usually scratch-resistant. The fingerprints are more noticeable on glass surfaces than other materials such as wood. For that reason, the glass requires more often cleaning. It also needs more caution while using the table.

Big Price – The glass material influences the higher price of the tables. The average price is 1000 dollars. Except for the glass, the metal materials that the legs are made of also cost a lot. That means the material of legs also determines the price.

Final Verdict

The quality glass conference table like the OFM Core Collection model is made of strong glass top supported by legs or base made of a firm material. If you want to see also the tables made of other materials, read the post about the best solid wood conference tables or the post with two quality marble conference tables.

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