6 Best 10 Persons Conference Tables To Get In 2022 Reviews

Do you think a 10 person conference table would be the most suitable for your company?

Then you are in the right place because you can learn all that you should know about this kind of meeting table. After reading the description of each of the best-rated models, choose the one that meets your needs.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best 10 Person Conference Table
Office Pope Modern Boat Shaped Conference Table PicksOffice Pope Modern Conference Table
The model offers many size options so you can choose the one that provides enough space for you.
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Best Oval 10 Person Conference Table
Regency Legacy 144-inch Modular Table PicksRegency Legacy Modular Table
The oval design influences a lot of space around the table so 10 people have needed comfort.
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Best Rustic Conference Table For 10
Safco Products Medina Table PicksSafco Products Medina Table
Not only the attractive exterior but the durability and practical use make this Safco model one of the worth.
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Best Large Conference Table For 10
NBF Modular 12 Ft Rectangular Conference Table PicksNBF Rectangular Conference Table
Long enough and sturdy enough to support 10 people, this table is a good choice for big conference rooms.
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Best Small 10 Person Conference Table
Tribesigns 8FT Rectangle Shaped Conference Table PicksTribesigns Rectangle-Shaped Table
Smaller than others but not less functional. This model supports up to 10 people thanks to the wide and minimalistic design.
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Best White Conference Table For 10
Utmost Furniture Conference Table PicksUtmost Modern Boat-Shaped Table
White color gives it neutrality so the table is practical for all the conference rooms for 10 people.
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6 Best 10 Person Conference Tables

Best Of Best 10 Person Conference Table

Office Pope Modern Conference Table

Thick Top And Sturdy Base
This conference table has a boat shape and a big size. The table is made of wood and has some stainless steel parts. The thick tabletop is supported by wooden sturdy bases. There are 2 bases on each side as well as 2 grommet holes.

Office Pope Modern Boat Shaped Conference Table

Grommet With Outlets
The bases of this wood conference table have a cube shape. Two grommets come with power modules. This cherry version has a light cover of the grommet while the dark mahogany table version has a grommet with a black cover. Each power module includes two electrical outlets and USB and HDMI ports.

Two Sizes For 10 Chairs
This table has a length of 10 feet which is optional for 10 chairs. You need to purchase the chairs separately. They are not included in the package. If you want more space, the 12 ft table version is also in the offer. Both versions suitable for 10 chairs have a width of 48 inches.

Office Pope Modern Boat Shaped Conference Table Review

Enough Space On Long Side
The table is large but the height is usual which means it’s 30 inches approximately. There might be not enough space for those who sit on the short sides of the table. Therefore, you can choose bigger versions and everybody can sit across each other.

Highlighted Points:

  • 10 feet for 10 persons
  • 12 feet version for 10 persons also available
  • two power modules included in the top
  • double cube base built-in
  • electric outlets and ports included in the grommets
  • various color designs in the offer

Best Oval 10 Person Conference Table

Regency Legacy Modular Table

3 Sections And 3 Panels
The Regency model has an oval shape and it’s separated into three sections. Just like all the modular conference tables that include sections, this table also has connectors that hold the sections together. There are also 3 pieces of panel legs connected with the modesty panel.

Regency Legacy 144-inch Modular Table

10′ And 12′ Options
like the previous model, this one also has 10 and 12 ft options so you can choose the one depending on how much space each person needs. Although it’s an oval conference table, it’s wide enough to provide enough space. The width of the table is 48 inches.

Included In The Middle Section
This table ensures electricity but there is only one power module built-in. The grommet is placed in the middle of the table which means it’s included in the middle section. You can detach the grommet if you don’t need it. The power module has a protective cover colored in black.

Regency Legacy 144-inch Modular Table Review

Resistant To Burns
The power module includes the sockets, ports for mobile phones, USB ports, and more. The tabletop made of three sections is covered with scratch and stain-resistant finish. It has a rare finish that prevents the table from burns. The panel legs are also protected with the floor glides.

Highlighted Points:

  • 10 ft or 12 ft versions ideal for 10 people
  • tabletop separated into 3 sections
  • three panels with glides as a base
  • detachable grommet with power included
  • tabletop is resistant to scratches, stains, and burns

Best Rustic Conference Table For 10

Safco Products Medina Table

Curved Legs And Top
The Safco conference table comes in a grey rustic color. It has 3 legs made of panels that are a little curved. The tabletop is also curved which makes it shaped like the racetrack conference tables. The neutral gray design makes this table ideal for all bigger conference rooms.

Safco Products Medina Table

Three Chairs On Each Side
The Safco model comes in various sizes but only this 12 ft size model is comfortable for 10 people. The table is long enough to support 3 chairs on each long side and a chair on each short side. The chairs are not included but you can purchase any type of chairs.

Enough Space Everywhere
Persons who sit at the short sides have enough comfort since the width of this table is 48 inches or 4 feet. The table height is almost 30 inches. You can use a lot of equipment since the weight capacity of the table is 250 lbs maximally.

Safco Products Medina Table review

Grommet With Or Without Electricity
The tabletop includes two grommets and the cord channels are included in the legs. The grommet holes hide the cords but you can purchase also Safco modules and insert them into the holes. Then you will get electric outlets and ports you need for computers, phones, and other technology.

Highlighted Points:

  • grey rustic exterior with curved legs
  • racetrack tabletop with two grommets
  • 12 ft long, 48 inches wide, and 30 inches high
  • enough comfort for 10 persons
  • supports a load of up to 250 lbs
  • power modules come optionally

Best Large Conference Table For 10

NBF Rectangular Conference Table

Cube Legs Under The Top
The NBF 10 person conference table has a similar construction to the previous table but a different design. This one also consists of the tabletop and 3 legs. The tabletop is rectangular and the legs are cube-shaped. They ensure the needed stability to the table.

NBF Modular 12 Ft Rectangular Conference Table

Split Into Sections
The table has a length of 12 feet which is optimal for 10 persons. Since the table is long, it’s separated into 3 sections which is the main characteristic of the modular conference tables. Each section has a square shape and includes a cube base and a grommet.

Hardwood Construction
The width is 48 inches like the usual 12-foot conference table. The table is made of solid wood and this material makes it heavy. The overall length is over 700 lbs so it’s practical to separate the table into sections before carrying it. The construction includes also the veneers.

NBF Modular 4 Ft Square Conference Table Review

The Thickest Model
The tabletop is about 2 inches thick which makes this table one of the thickest models. The hardwood makes the table sturdy as well as look elegant. You have an option to choose the grommets to be integrated into the table. There is space for 3 grommets.

Highlighted Points:

  • consists of 3 square sections
  • each section includes a power module
  • the cube base holds a 12 ft long tabletop
  • the rectangular shape of the tabletop
  • construction consists of solid wood and veneers
  • 48 inches wide and 30 inches high
  • the tabletop is about 2 inches thick

Best Small 10 Person Conference Table

Tribesigns Rectangle-Shaped Table

Black-White Design
ThisTribensigns model seems also like a modular table because the tabletop is colored in black and white. The interesting color design makes the table unique. The tabletop consists of a white square part in the middle and black parts on both sides. The grommet holes are integrated into each black part.

Tribesigns 8FT Rectangle Shaped Conference Table

Used Maximum Space
This table differs from others for its size. Unlike other 10 person conference tables with a length of 10-12 ft, this model is only 8 ft long. However, it has a rectangular shape and the usual rectangular conference tables provide a lot of space. So this model is practical for 8-10 people. You can add two more chairs but it depends on the size of the chairs.

Modern Minimalism Style
Although it has a smaller length, the width is the same as usual. That means the table is about 48 inches wide while the height is about 30 inches. The table has a modern design based on minimalism. The tabletop is made of wood while the legs are metal.

Tribesigns 8FT Rectangle Shaped Conference Table review

Place For Cords
The tabletop is covered with a finish that makes it resistant to scratches. This way the life of the table increases. The table is useful when you need to use projectors, computers and so on. On each side of the table, there are grommet holes that guide the cords from the floor to the surface.

Highlighted Points:

  • modern black and white exterior
  • consists of metal legs and a wooden top
  • 8 feet long table for up to 10 persons
  • rectangular-shaped 48 inches wide top
  • two grommets included in the black sections

Best White Conference Table For 10

Utmost Modern Boat-Shaped Table

White But Not Sensitive
The design of this Utmost conference table is simple. It’s colored in white fully. The tabletop is boat-shaped and supported by 3 legs made of white panels. White color is sensitive and requires careful usage but the white surface of this table is protected. The 3 mm hi-pressure PVC lamination makes it stain-resistant.

Utmost White Conference Table Picks

Width Of The Table Varies
This table is also 12 feet long just like most 10 person meeting tables. Since it’s a boat-shaped conference table, the width varies. The table is the widest in the middle part and it’s 48 inches. The top is about 1,5 inches thick so it can support a big weight.

Two Holes With Electricity
The table includes two grommet holes. Each of them is placed on each part of the table to be available for each of 10 people. You can purchase also optional parts. They are power modules that you can insert in the grommet holes and use the electric outlet easily.

Utmost Furniture Conference Table Review

White Table Benefit
This white design can be replaced for cherry, mahogany, espresso, honey, and more designs. One of the benefits of the white conference table is that it’s compatible with all the chairs no matter the color. Also, it fits almost all the conference room designs.

Highlighted Points:

  • boat-shaped 48 inches wide tabletop
  • 3 legs made of panels as the top support
  • 1,5 inches thick top and 3 mm lamination edge
  • two grommets built-in with optional power modules
  • 12 feet long ideal for 10 persons
  • more color designs of this model in the offer

Things To Know About Conference Table For 10 Persons

The final number of seats depends on the chair size but in general, the conference tables are 12 feet long with 10 seats. Not only the length but also the width determines the seaters. 10 feet is one of the bigger sizes so professional delivery is needed. The size influences the price.

8-14 Feet – The average 10 person conference table dimensions are 12×4 feet. The table with these dimensions is the most comfortable for 10 persons but 14 feet and 10 feet lengths are also suitable for 10 people. The 8 feet table is convenient for 10 rarely.

Importance Of Width – The width also has an important role in determining the number of seats. The table for 10 seats has a width of 48 inches which contributes to the comfort of 10 persons. The 48-inch width is also important for the equipment that 10 people have to put off on the table.

Type Of Chair – The chairs determine the overall space around the table. Therefore, some 8 feet or 10 feet tables are compatible with 10 chairs if they don’t have armrests or have a smaller size. The 12 and 14 feet models are suitable for 10 chairs no matter the design and the size.

Buying On Webshops – Since 10 feet is a big size that requires special delivery, the webshops are the best choice for buying. The webshops such as, for example, Amazon organize the delivery to your address. The table comes in pieces to be able to enter the conference room so the assembly is necessary.

Price In Harmony With Size – Since the price of the conference tables depends on their size, the tables purposed for 10 people have a price of 1000-4000 dollars. Some models might be less expensive but the price usually doesn’t get under 800 dollars. On Amazon and similar webshops, the shipping is usually free.

Final Verdict

Since it’s rectangular so it ensures maximal space and it’s easy to separate it into smaller pieces if you don’t need 10 seats every time, the NBF modular 12 feet conference table is the best conference table for 10. It’s good to check this post and see if there is a 10-feet conference table for 10 persons that you’d like to take. To have maximal comfort at the table, check the list of the long conference tables for 10 and more.

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