Best 6 Desk LED Light Bar Systems To Install Anywhere Easily

Do you want to save your valuable desk space and buy a desk light bar?

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In this article, you can learn more about this lamp type, designed for your home office or office settings. They offer various lighting options and have many advantages. Read the reviews and equip your desk with one of these space-saving lights.

Our Top Picks

BenQ Screenbar Monitor Light, LED Computer Monitor picksBenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light
Space-saving monitor light bar boasts the auto-dimming function using a built-in ambient sensor.
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Baseus Monitor Light Bar, Monitor PICKSBaseus Monitor Light Bar
A high-quality aluminum LED light bar features an asymmetrical design that protects your eye health.
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Govee Flow Plus Smart LED Light Bars, Work PICKSGovee Plus Smart Light Bar
These two RGB light bars create an immersive experience and provide many customizable lighting options.
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quntis Computer Monitor Light, Screen Light Bar with No Glare for iMac picksQuntis No Glare Light Bar
Designed for professionals, this modern LED light bar offers many advanced and intelligent light features.
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ufanore Computer Monitor Light Bar, 20 Inch Eye-Care Screenbar E-Reading picksUfanore Computer Monitor Light Bar
The aluminum alloy monitor light bar has an asymmetrical optical design that reduces screen glare and eye fatigue.
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Koncept AR3000-W-MBK-DSK Z-Bar LED picksKoncept Z-bar LED Light
This three-bar design desk lamp offers ultimate flexibility and a variety of mounting options.
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Best 6 Desk Light Bar


BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light

Aluminum Construction
BenQ Screenbar is an aluminum computer screen bar perfect for gamers and people who spend many hours in front of a computer screen on a daily basis. It enhances the focus and creates a comfortable environment while playing, writing, reading, and so on.

BenQ Screenbar Monitor Light, LED Computer Monitor

Auto-dimming Function
The weighted clip gently rests on a monitor with a  thickness from 0.4 to 1.2 inches. This monitor light is powered by USB and boasts the auto-dimming function, using a built-in ambient light sensor. The screen bar automatically adjusts the brightness level to deliver optimal illumination in your room.

Color Temperatures
Also, you can manually dim the light with the touch control button. BenQ Screenbar monitor light enables you to choose between different color temperature lights to create more comfort or focus. Warm light is perfect for relaxation while cool light keeps you concentrated and awake.

BenQ Screenbar Monitor Light, LED Computer Monitor review

Patented Design
This computer monitor light bar features a patented asymmetrical optical design that illuminates the desk properly and reduces effective glare off the screen. Its space-saving design saves valuable space on your desk and illuminates your work area efficiently.

Highlighted Points:

  • aluminum computer screen bar
  • easy-to-install weighted clip
  • powered by USB
  • auto-dimming function
  • different color temperatures
  • patented asymmetrical optical design


Baseus Monitor Light Bar

Easy To Install
Baseus is a high-quality desk LED light bar that has an affordable price. It features a space-saving design, and you need to clamp it onto the monitor. The package includes a light bar, user manual and 4.9 feet USB-C power cord. The light bar is lightweight and made from aluminum alloy.

Baseus Monitor Light Bar, Monitor

Non-slip Design
It features an effective non-slip design and silicone panel that won’t damage your monitor screen. The pure black color blends with any office or home office decor. Baseus will improve your viewing experience, it’s ideal for office working, e-reading, gaming, watching videos, studying and more.

Flat Monitors
This USB-powered light can be powered by a power bank, USB charger and computer. Baseus is compatible with flat monitors and supports a monitor thickness from 0.3” to 0.8”. Its suspension and asymmetrical design illuminate the keyboard and desktop, it’s glare-free and flicker-free light.

Baseus Monitor Light Bar, Monitor REVIEW

Memory Function
Baseus is one of the best desk lamps for computer work that helps to relieve eye fatigue caused by long-term sitting in front of the computer screen. Choose between three color modes and a few brightness levels to optimize the lighting. Thanks to memory function, Baseus will resume your last used mode.

Highlighted Points:

  • high-quality desk LED light bar
  • affordable price
  • made from aluminum alloy
  • effective non-slip design
  • USB-powered lamp
  • compatible with flat monitors
  • three color modes


Govee Plus Smart Light Bar

In The Box
Govee Flow Plus package includes two light bars, one adapter, two table mounting brackets, two-screen mounting brackets and a control box. These bars are made from ABS and plastic. Their construction is durable, quality and fits in any home office or office setting.

Govee Flow Plus Smart LED Light Bars, Work

Versatile Placement
You can install these RGB desk lighting in many ways. Lay them flat, stand upright, or you can use the included brackets to mount them behind the TV or monitor. These attractive RGB desk light bars ensure an exciting and different experience than other light options.

Smart Control App
The power cord length is 106 inches. Govee desk light bar can be controlled by a smart app. Download the Govee Home app and customize the colors and brightness you want. It works with Google and Alexa. Meaning, you can adjust lighting with simple voice commands.

Govee Flow Plus Smart LED Light Bars, Work REVIEW

Sync With Music
Plus, you can group with other Govee lights, automate lighting schedules and display rainbow-like effects. It offers 16 million colors. Boost your gaming experience by creating your environment. Sync these light bars with music and the light will react to the beat of your music or movie.

Highlighted Points:

  • package includes two light bars
  • durable and quality construction
  • versatile placement options
  • control it with a smart app
  • compatible with Google and Alexa
  • customize the colors and brightness
  • sync the bars with music or movie


Quntis No Glare Light Bar

Ideal For Professionals
This modern black monitor light bar is designed for professional designs, software programmers, graphic designers and other people who spend many hours in front of the screen. This model has passed 10,000 tests to ensure its safety. It has passed Optical radiation safety and Anti-blue light standards.

quntis Computer Monitor Light, Screen Light Bar with No Glare ford

USB Powered Light
Quntis isn’t suitable for laptops and curved screens. It is designed for 22-29 inch monitors with thickness from 0.6” to 1.4”. The convenient clip design allows this desk light bar to sit on top of the computer stably. Power it with any USB outlet – computer, phone charger, power bank.

Suspension Design
This modern task lamp has a suspension design that delivers the light from the center and front, eliminating reflective glare off the screen. Quntis has a built-in ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness according to the surrounding light.

quntis Computer Monitor Light, Screen Light Bar with No Glare for iMac review

Color Temperature
Plus, you can manually adjust the color temperature by pressing the dimming key. The color temperature range from 3000K to 6500K. You can easily switch between cold light and warm light. The high color rendering index shows the true color of objects and things.

Highlighted Points:

  • modern black monitor light bar
  • designed for professionals
  • meets high safety and quality standards
  • USB powered light bar
  • built-in ambient light sensor
  • adjustable color temperature


Ufanore Computer Monitor Light Bar

Power Supply Equipment
This computer desk light bar is made from aluminum alloy, PC and ABS materials. The bar size is 19.7” x 0.9” x 3.3”. The package includes a light bar, screen clip, adjustment cover 2x, 6.6-feet USB cable and user guide. Charge it with a computer, USB charger or power bank.

ufanore Computer Monitor Light Bar, 20 Inch Eye-Care Screenbar E-Reading review

Easy To Install
Novtech isn’t designed for laptops, but it fits any monitor with thickness from 0.1” to 0.6”-inch screens. It is very easy to install it, just hang the light on the screen, no tools are needed. Then connect the USB cable to the power port and press the touch switch to start using.

Color Modes
This cool office lighting has three color modes. Choose between warm light (3000K), mixed light (4000K) and cool white light (6000K). use the warm light for relaxation and cool white light for work and studying. Press the touch button and change the light color immediately.

ufanore Computer Monitor Light Bar, 20 Inch Eye-Care Screenbar E-Reading

Adjustable Brightness

Also, you can adapt the brightness level depending on your tasks and needs. It can be adjusted from 0% to 100%. The memory function will restore the brightness and color temperature settings you used last time. Ufanore light bar provides focus and eye-caring illumination.

Highlighted Points:

  • aluminum alloy light bar
  • ideal for an office setting
  • charge it with a computer, USB charger, power bank
  • three lighting modes
  • flicker-free and glare-free light
  • adjustable brightness


Koncept Z-bar LED Light

UL-listed Lamp
Koncept Z-bar is a desk lamp available in silver and black color. The lamp size is 9” x 16.4” and it weighs 5.5 pounds. This model is very popular and has great performances. Its base is very stable and won’t tip over. Koncept Z-bar is tested and meets high standards, it’s UL-approved.

Mounting Options
This aluminum desk lamp is available with a variety of base and mounting options. That includes standard table base, table base with USB port, power base with AC outlet and USB outlet, grommet mount, through-table mount, one-piece desk clamp, standard wall mount, etc.

Koncept AR3000-W-MBK-DSK Z-Bar LED review

Long-lasting LED
The three-bar design lamp comes with an integrated 9.5W LED light source. The LED has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, meaning, you can use it for decades. There aren’t bulky bulbs, but a slim row of tiny LEDs that will illuminate your entire workbench.

This adjustable arm desk lamp provides the ultimate flexibility. The adjustable lamp head can spin in its socket, sweep side to side and rotate to point in any direction you want. The touch strip is located near the lamp head for easy access. Slide your finger along to dim the light.

Highlighted Points:

  • aluminum housing lamp
  • tip-resistant base
  • variety of mounting options
  • integrated 9.5W LED
  • highly flexible design
  • touch strip for control
  • dimmable options

Things To Know About Desk Light Bar

There are many various desk light bars on the list above. To help you to choose the best product for your office setting, we explained some factors necessary to consider before buying, such as light bar benefits, color temperature and intelligent features.

Light Bar Advantages – Instead of occupying actual desk space, these computer monitor light bars sit on top of your monitor. They usually feature a universal clipping mechanism that fits most monitor types. However, they support various monitor thicknesses, co check that before buying.

Light Bar Design – These bars are long and cover the center of your monitor illuminating the working area. They are a brilliant solution for tight desk spaces as they take up vertical space above your monitor. These bars are lightweight and focus on your workspace, not on your monitor. However, there are models with a stand and long adjustable arm and light panel allowing you to place it anywhere.

Color Temperature – By adjusting the color temperature and brightness level, you can create a comfortable environment for various tasks. Choose between cold white light and warm light options. Cold white light is ideal for work and other tasks that require concentration.

Ambient Light Sensor – Many of these reviewed desk light bars come with an integrated ambient light sensor. This intelligent feature detects the surrounding brightness and automatically adjusts the brightness to a comfortable level gentle to your eyes.

Eye-caring Light – These desk light bars have many advantages. They are perfect for people who spend many hours in front of their monitors and screens. These bars illuminate your workbench efficiently and ensure that there is no reflected glare to your eyes. Also, light bars reduce eye strain.

Final Verdict

We would like to recommend the BenQ Screenbar desk light bar. It features a built-in ambient light sensor that detects the surrounding brightness and optimizes the lighting. If you want to check other lamps that don’t take up space on your desk, check out the reviews on over desk lighting and wall-mounted desk lamps.

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