Best 5 Racetrack Conference Table To Choose In 2022 Reviews

Are you looking for an attractive and quality racetrack table to place it in the meeting room?

Read this post to get some suggestions about which table to buy. The short and detailed descriptions should help you to conclude which model is the right one for you.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Racetrack Table
Bush Business Furniture Series Table PicksBush Business Furniture Conference Table
With a modern half oval design and an average size, this table is the best option for a meeting room.
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Best 10 Foot Racetrack Table
NBF 10' Racetrack Conference Table PicksNBF Racetrack Conference Table
The NBF conference table is long and stable maximally thanks to the high-quality material that it’s made of.
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Best 12 Foot Racetrack Table
Regency Legacy 144-inch Modular Table PicksRegency Legacy Conference Table
The Regency conference table supports a lot of people and allows them to use electric appliances at the conference.
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Best Large Racetrack Table
Utmost Furniture Racetrack Table PicksUtmost Furniture Conference Table
Big measurements and quality materials make this table large and heavy so the stability and long life are guaranteed.
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Best Wooden Racetrack Table
Boss Office Products 10Ft Race Track Conference Table PicksBoss Office Products Table
Made of firm wooden material with a glossy look, this table makes the conference room special and meetings comfortable.
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Best 5 Racetrack Conference Tables

Best Of Best Racetrack Table

Bush Business Furniture Conference Table

Dimensions For 6
The Bush conference table comes in a grey and mahogany color design. The table is big enough to ensure comfort for 6 people. The dimensions of the table are about 78 inches of the length, the 34 inches of the width, and about 30 inches of the height.

Bush Business Furniture Series Table

PVC Edge Banding
The table is made of engineered wood and it’s laminated to prevent scratches and stains. The tabletop is 1 inch thick which means it’s firm enough to ensure durability. The wooden top is protected with PVC edge banding. The edge is not sharp which makes the table safe.

Comes In Pieces
You will get the table half assembled. Some parts are mounted and you need to attach them to other sections. The table consists of the top surface,  two pieces of the panel legs with the bases, and a modesty panel. There are detailed instructions in the box.

Bush Business Furniture Series Table Review

Grey Base And Multicolored Top
There are a lot of designs of this model. You don’t have to buy only this brown mahogany color design but also white, grey, cherry, mocha, and more. The base stays grey no matter which top color you choose. The top has a shape that is more rectangular than round.

Highlighted Points:

  • dimensions are 78x34x30 inches
  • various designs of this model offered
  • wooden construction with laminate top
  • PVC edge banding protection
  • 1-inch thick tabletop included
  • comes in a half-assembled shape

Best 10 Foot Racetrack Table

NBF Racetrack Conference Table

Enough Space For All
The NBF 10 foot conference table is bigger than the previous model but has the same shape. This conference table allows up to 10 people to accommodate. It’s 10 ft long so there is enough space both around the table and on the tabletop.

NBF 10' Racetrack Conference Table

Solid Wood Construction
The table has 3 legs that come in a panel shape. The panels and the top are connected with a modesty panel. The whole construction is made of solid wood which ensures the stability of the table. Because of this material, the table is heavier than usual.

Mahogany Laminate Cover
The solid wood top is covered with mahogany laminate providing easy cleaning. The laminate makes the top scratch and water-resistant. You can replace the mahogany cover with a mocha or cherry finish. All three options are available and you can choose the color you like the most.

NBF 10' Racetrack Conference Table Review

Any Color Of The Chairs
While the length of this racetrack table is 120 inches approximately, the width is 48 inches. Just like most conference tables, this one is also around 30 inches high. You need to purchase the chairs of the size that suit this table model. The table design is neutral so any color of the chair suits it.

Highlighted Points:

  • the solid wood construction of the table
  • covered with a mahogany laminate finish
  • comfortable for 8-10 persons
  • stands on 3 panels connected with modesty panels
  • about 48 inches of the width

Best 12 Foot Racetrack Table

Regency Legacy Modular Conference Table

Two Color Options
The Regency Legacy model comes in cherry design but you can choose also a mahogany model. You can choose the color you like. The mahogany is less sensitive to stains than cherry. However, both models are easy to clean. That’s because the top is covered with laminate protection.

Regency Legacy 144-inch Modular Table

Enter It In Pieces
The 12 foot conference table has a length of about 144 inches which is 12 ft approximately. The length makes the table comfortable for 12 persons maximally. The table is so big that it needs to be entered into the room in sections. This way it’s easy to carry the table and then you need to mount it.

Connecting All Together
There are the main square section and two oval additions which makes this model one of the modular conference tables. The connecting hooks are placed beneath the tabletop so they are not noticeable and don’t ruin the look of the table. The top is scratch and burns resistant.

Regency Legacy 144-inch Modular Table Review

Covered Hole With Outlet
The main section includes the grommet hole that hides the cords and provides the elecric power. When you open the grommet that is protected with a cover, you can use 4 USB ports, phone ports, and outlets. That means you can use the phone and computers at the conference.

Highlighted Points:

  • made for up to 12 people
  • cherry laminate protective finish
  • anti-scratch and anti-burn surface
  • separated into three pieces to be portable easier
  • grommet hole placed on the middle
  • 4 USB ports, a phone port, and 2 sockets available
  • 144 inches of the length of the table

Best Large Racetrack Table

Utmost Furniture Conference Table

14 Persons Sit Around
This table is even larger than 12-foot conference tables like the previous model. This one is 16 ft long which makes it ideal for 14 persons. The width of 48 inches is similar to the standard tables. The height of around 30 inches is also universal.

Utmost Furniture Racetrack Table

Burn-Resistant Material
The top of this racetrack table is 1 inch thick just like most conference tables. The top is covered with 3 mm PVC laminated material. It makes the edge soft and table resistant to damages. The scratches, stains, and burns are less possible with this meeting table model.

Aluminum Leg Trim
The top is so large that it requires a thick panel base. The multi alloy panels are connected and placed on each side of the table. The legs have aluminum trim that makes the base stable. The large construction and materials make the table heavy. The weight of about 400 lbs is not comfortable for carrying.

Utmost Furniture Racetrack Table Review

Difficult To Transport
Just like all the large conference tables, this model is also not practical for transporting from one room to another. You need to disassemble the table first before you start to relocate it. You will get the table in pieces so the assembly is necessary before the first use.

Highlighted Points:

  • 16 ft long table for 14 seats
  • includes wooden and aluminum base
  • 1 inch thick top with laminated material protection
  • resistant to scratches and burns
  • about 400 lbs of the weight when it’s assembled
  • 48 inches of the width and 30 inches of the height

Best Wooden Racetrack Table

Boss Office Products Table

Stands On 3 Panels
This Boss racetrack table is made of wood and colored in black.  You can replace the mahogany black design with a cherry design. The table includes 3 panels and the modesty panel that connect the panels. Each panel includes 2 glides which makes the table easier to move.

Boss Office Products 10Ft Race Track Conference Table

Up To 8 Persons
The wooden conference table is constructed of an engineered wooden top that is 10 ft long. The laminate finish makes it resistant. The table provides accommodation for 8 persons maximally. You need to purchase enough office or classic chairs separately. All the chair designs suit this table because it has a neutral color.

Most Comfortable For 6
The racetrack shape makes the conference participants feel connected. There is space for 8 participants but the table is more practical for 6 persons. That’s because of the panel leg layout. The legs make two empty spaces on each long side of the table and they are ideal for chairs.

Boss Office Products 10Ft Race Track Conference Table Review

Keeping Glossy Look
The table has a glossy look that makes it suitable for ceremonial conference rooms. The table is easy to clean with standard cleaners to keep the glossy look of the table. You can disinfect the tabletop quickly after every meeting. If you need to relocate the table, two people can carry it to your favorite place.

Highlighted Points:

  • 10 ft long top stands on 3 panels
  • mahogany black not sensitive surface
  • 6-8 seats suit the racetrack-shaped table
  • covered with a glossy finish
  • glides attached to the panel legs

Things To Know About Racetrack Tables

The racetrack meeting tables seem similar to oval conference tables. The racetrack design has advantages such as the connection between people and the soft edge. The price suits the size of the table. It usually arrives at your address with free delivery.

Similar To Oval – The racetrack design is similar to oval but the edge is not rounded fully. The edge of the top has a shape that looks like a racetrack. The racetrack design means that the long side of the table is straight while the short side is rounded.

Connection Between People – The racetrack shape makes people that sit around the table feel connected to each other just like when they sit around a round meeting table. However, the racetrack-shaped table provides more seats. Each rounded side supports one person while the straight sides support as many seats as the table is long.

Not Sharp Edge – Since the table needs to be rounded to have a racetrack design, there are no sharp angles. The edge is smooth and in most cases, protected with laminated material. Most edges are covered with PVC material. There is a difference between the degrees of curvature of the edge of each model.

Average Price – The racetrack design doesn’t have an influence on the price but the size of the table does. The racetrack tables have average prices in accordance with the size. That means the 6 ft long table costs about 300 dollars, a 10 ft table costs about 700 dollars, 12 ft, and larger costs 1000 dollars and more.

Free Delivery – The racetrack designed tables are available for buying on webshops that offer also the delivery. There are webshops such as Amazon that provide the delivery of the table for free. Buying on Amazon, the racetrack conference table comes in parts for a few days.

Final Verdict

The best choice for you might be the Bush Business Furniture conference table. The oval conference tables have a similar design to racetrack tables, so check the post with the best models. To read more about the tales with unique shapes, check this post about the best boat-shaped conference table.

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