Best 6 Tree Desk Lamps That Will Decorate Your Office & Home

Do you want to cozy up your favorite corner of the room and look for the best lamp model?

If you do, then keep reading!

In this article, you can find attractive and decorative tree desk lamps!

They are available in a variety of styles, designs, features and other characteristics. So check out the reviews and images and pick the lamp that will enhance your room decor!

Our Top Picks

Khyto DIY LED Desk Lamp picksKhyto DIY LED Desk Lamp
The decorative tree table lamp features luxurious pearl decoration that brings a touch of elegance into the room.
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ENUOLI Coconut Palm tree Neon Signs LED PICKSEnuoli Coconut Neon Lamp
Funky coconut palm tree table lamp delivers attractive neon green light suitable for many occasions.
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This tree lamp is equipped with 24 elegant white roses and green leaves and powered by batteries.
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ampulla BEST LED TREE DESK LAMp picksAmpulla Wireless Table Lamp
It’s a stunning and elegant desk lamp equipped with an attractive design, Bluetooth speaker and wireless charger.
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Landwalker Tabletop BEST HOME TREE DESK LAMP picksLandwalker Bonsai Tree Lamp
A battery-powered bonsai tree table lamp provides a warm and romantic atmosphere in your room.
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Heplfikg BEDSIDE TABLE LAMP PICKSHeplfikg Birch Tree Table Lamp
Beautiful and realistic birch tree desk lamps are ideal for bedroom, living room and even garden.
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Best 6 Tree Desk Lamp


Khyto DIY LED Desk Lamp

Affordable Price
Khyto is a very attractive and decorative desk lamp. It will bring elegant design and a dreamy glow into your home. Place it on your nightstand, end table, coffee table or dining table. When it arrives at your address, you need to assemble it. The price is affordable.

Khyto DIY LED Desk Lamp review

Portable Lamp
This tree desk lamp can be powered by batteries or a USB cable. Then you can move it from room to room and place it wherever you want. Turn the lamp on with a simple touch of the button. The branches are adjustable, it’s easy to bend them into the desired shape.

Soft & Warm Light
Also, you can completely fold the branches for easy storage. Soft and warm light will create a comfortable atmosphere wherever you place the lamp. It evokes a calm and peaceful feeling. This lighted tree fits modern, rustic, vintage house styles.

KHTO DIY Led Bonsai Tree Light, Desk Table Decor 36 Pearl LED

36 LEDs
This aesthetic desk lamp features 36 pearls of LED beads on copper wire branches. These branches feature a metallic foil-wrapped finish for added sparkle. The sensitive touch switch is located on the lamp base, there is no worry about rotation or press or any kind of damage.

Highlighted Points:

  • attractive and decorative desk lamp
  • price is affordable
  • powered by batteries or a USB
  • branches are adjustable
  • delivers a soft and warm light
  • 36 LED pearls


Enuoli Coconut Neon Lamp

Coconut Palm Tree
Enuoli is a bit different tree lamp than others on this list. This coconut palm tree is ideal for children, both girls and boys. Made of durable and quality plastic. It is designed to use as everyday home decor. Enuoli has low voltage, so there is no need to worry about overheating.

ENUOLI Coconut Palm tree Neon Signs LED REVIEW

AA Batteries
It is powered by three AA batteries, which aren’t included in the package, so you need to buy them separately. This lamp is designed for decorative purposes, not a substitute for proper and adequate lighting. You can hang this lamp and keep it on the wall, but provide ample space for the switch.

ENUOLI Coconut Palm tree Neon Signs LED 1

Neon Light
This funky desk lamp runs on batteries or a USB power cord. It delivers green neon light, but it isn’t too bright. Enuoli has a holder base with an on/off switch for easy control. This is a great choice for bedrooms, children’s rooms, and indoor party decor.

Highlighted Points:

  • coconut palm tree lamp
  • made of durable and quality plastic
  • safety low voltage
  • powered by three AA batteries
  • delivers green neon light


Aipatal Tabletop Rose Lamp

Great Gift
Aipatal is a white rose tree that measures 21.6” in height, and the lamp base has 4” x 0.8”. The manufacturer provides 90-day refundable service. This tree desk lamp is a perfect gift for your friends, colleagues, family members and clients.

aipatal Tabletop Bonsai Tree Light review

3 AA Batteries
You can place it on your end table, side table, nightstand, etc. It’s a decorative lamp that fits anywhere. Aipatal requires three AA batteries and they aren’t included in the package. Place the batteries on the bottom of the lamp base. Low voltage is safe for use.

Copper Wire
The modern LED table lamp will work for months with new batteries. The on/off button is located on the lamp base. The wires are made from copper, so you can easily adjust the branches in any shape you want. Also, they are tough enough to hold hang decorations.

aipatal tabletop Bonsai Tree Light

White Roses
This tree desk lamp has 24 white roses with green leaves. Each rose is equipped with high-quality LEDs that last for a long time. When the light is turned on, these roses look gorgeous and romantic whether it’s a day or night. The product is made from plastic and foam.

Highlighted Points:

  • made of plastic and foam
  • 90-day refundable service
  • three AA batteries
  • on/off button on the lamp base
  • adjustable branches
  • 24 white roses


Ampulla Wireless Table Lamp

Attractive Design
Ampulla creates this Masdio table lamp that looks very attractive. It looks like a high-end piece of art providing an elegant and sophisticated look. You can place this tree desk lamp in your home office, office, living room and so on. This is a pricey lamp.

ampulla BEST LED TREE DESK LAMp review

Lamp Size
The package includes a lamp, Bluetooth speaker, wireless charger, user manual and power adapter. This LED lamp with wireless charger measures 11.2” x 7.2” x 4.5”. The lamp construction is made from wood, resin and ABS, it is a durable and long-lasting item.

Bluetooth Speaker
It is easy to pair the speaker with various devices, and the instruction manual is very clear and detailed. Pair the tree lamp with your tablet, smartphone, etc. The Bluetooth speaker sounds pretty good and decent. On the lamp base, there is a wireless charger for your smartphone, just place it on the base.


One-touch Operation
The delivered light gets fairly bright and it’s diffused illumination that won’t harm your eyes. With a simple tap, you can turn the lamp on/off. If you want to change brightness, glide left or right to dim or brighten the light. Masdio has over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection.

Highlighted Points:

  • elegant and sophisticated desk lamp
  • made from wood, resin and ABS
  • Bluetooth speaker sounds good
  • wireless charger for your smartphone
  • diffused illumination
  • several levels of brightness


Landwalker Bonsai Tree Lamp

Bonsai Style Design
Landwalker is a bonsai cherry tree lamp available in different colors and shapes. The lamp dimensions are 15 x 3 x 6 inches. The assembly isn’t required. This tree is safe and environmentally friendly. It can be used as a night light, or a gift for friends and family members.

Landwalker Tabletop BEST HOME TREE DESK LAMP review

Energy-efficient LEDs
It is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, terraces, gardens, etc. Landwalker adds a touch of charm with just enough light to enhance the atmosphere. It will create a peaceful, romantic and warm atmosphere in your space. Energy-efficient LEDs have a long lifespan.

Battery-powered Lamp
This tree desk lamp has waterproof LED bulbs, so you can place it outside. The branches are adjustable, so you can put them in any position. Landwalker is powered by three AA batteries. Unfortunately, they arent included in the package, so you need to buy them separately.

Landwalker Tabletop BEST HOME TREE DESK LAMP1

Timer Function
Landwalker is a cordless LED table lamp with an on/timer/off switch. You can easily turn the light on/off or choose the timer function. If you turn on the timer, the light will work for 6 hours, then automatically turn off for the next 18 hours.

Highlighted Points:

  • bonsai tree lamp
  • safe and environmentally friendly
  • romantic and warm atmosphere
  • energy-efficient LEDs
  • branches are adjustable
  • powered by three AA batteries


Heplfikg Birch Tree Table Lamp

Birch Tree
The package includes two lamps and the price is affordable. This birch tree desk lamp with fairy lights is widely used in homes, children’s rooms, even in the garden. These lamps are lightweight, so you can easily move them around. Also, these trees are perfect for parties, birthdays, holiday decorations.


Realistic Look
One lamp measures 4” x 4” x 24” and weighs 1.2 pounds. When the lamp arrives at your address, you need to assemble it. Upon assembly, it will look beautiful and realistic. Heplfikg comes with low output voltage to ensure safety for you and your family members.

Flexible Branches
Its lifetime is approximately 30,000 hours. Branches are bendable, so you can assemble them in several ways. Branches are flexible enough to be bent into any shape. The on/off switch is placed at the bottom of the base. The package includes a USB cable.


Warm White Light
This stylish desk lamp has 24 LEDs that provide warm white light and create a cozy atmosphere. Heplfikg requires three AA batteries, but they aren’t included in the package. You need to buy them separately. If you aren’t satisfied with the product, the manufacturer will refund your money or replace the items.

Highlighted Points:

  • includes two lamps
  • birch tree desk lamp
  • lightweight lamps
  • low output voltage
  • branches are bendable
  • 24 LEDs provide warm white light

Things To Know About Tree Desk Lamps

These tree desk lamps have various designs, styles and features. To help you with your decision, we made this buying guide containing useful info about lamp size, purpose, light bulb, power and more.

Lamp Purpose – These tree-shaped desk lamps have a decorative purpose. they can’t replace your main light source that can illumine your entire desk or room. So, place these decorative desk lamps on your bedroom nightstand, coffee table, end table or dining table.

Power Source – As you already mention in the reviews above, these lamps can be powered by a power plug, batteries or USB cable. Choose the lamp that meets your needs. If you want to have a portable lamp, choose the model with batteries.

Additional Features – Some decorative desk lamps come with additional features. For instance, that can be a wireless charger for your smartphone or tablet, a Bluetooth speaker so you can connect it with your mobile phone and listen to music or dimmable settings for different lighting demands.

Light Bulb – All these reviewed tree desk lamps feature LED bulbs or beads integrated. There is a simple reason why. LED technology has many advantages. It is more energy-efficient, lasts for many years, produces low heat and the price is affordable.

Lamp Price – If you looking for a well-known brand or popular design, you will need to spend a lot of money on their products. If you are on the budget but want to enhance your home interior, there are many affordable lamps on the market that last for a long time and look amazing.

Final Verdict

Choose the model you like the most, but we would like to recommend the Khyto tree desk lamp. This lamp will bring a touch of elegance to your space and create a cozy atmosphere, it can be powered by batteries or USB. If you want to check out more decorative desk lamps, read the reviews on art deco desk lamps and artist desk lamps. Here you’ll find models that are unique and very attractive.

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