Best 6 Small Round Conference Table For Meeting Reviews

Do you need a small round meeting table with or without chairs?

Keep reading and find the right model for you. In this post, you can find all the details of 6 small round models. It will help you to decide which model is the best for your meeting room or office.

Our Top Picks

Sunon 42 inch Dia Round Conference Table PicksSunon Round Conference Table
It’s small, easy to relocate, and easy to assembly. This table will be the main part of your small meeting room.
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Office Pope Traditional Round Tablee PicksOffice Pope Traditional Round Table
Buying this set, you will get all that you need for a small conference room, which is a very user-friendly feature.
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Cherryman 42 Wood Veneer Round Table PicksCherryman Wood Veneer Round Table
The Cherryman model is perfect for small offices where you need space for yourself and a few of your colleagues.
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GOF Round Table PicksGOF 36 Round Table
It’s smaller than the small tables but provides enough space for meeting and conference purposes.
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Bush Business Furniture Table PicksBush Business Furniture Table
The Bush conference table has a wooden construction that makes it ultra-stable and resistant.
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Alera Valencia Round Conference Table PicksAlera Valencia Round Conference Table
The dark surface makes this Alera Valencia table resistant to stains and requires less cleaning before each meeting.
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Best 6 Small Round Conference Tables


Sunon Round Conference Table

Made Of Wooden Material
The Sunon table model comes in cherry color. It’s made of wood including both the tabletop and the base. The glides for floor protection are attached to the wooden panels that support the top. The glides make it easier for you to move the table through the room.

Sunon 42 inch Dia Round Conference Table

Four People Sit Around
This is a small round meeting table that has 42 inches in diameter. The height of the table is 3 inches just like the other tables. Four people can sit at this table maximally. There is enough space between the panels with glides for your legs.

Durability Guaranteed
The wooden conference table is small but durability is guaranteed since it can hold the load of 300 lbs maximally. You can place a lot of things on the top without worry about the damage since the top surface is resistant. It’s waterproof, anti-scratch, and resistant to stains.

Sunon 42 inch Dia Round Conference Table Review

Quick Assembly Needed
You will get the table in pieces and you need to assemble it. You will get the tabletop and 3 panels as separate parts. You need to connect the panels making an x-shape base. Then you need to attach the melamine top on the base. The edge of the top is protected with PVC.

Highlighted Points:

  • the top supports up to 300 lbs of the load
  • melamine top with cherry color
  • the diameter of the round table is 42 inches
  • PVC banding edge for security built-in
  • assembly needed before the first use
  • x-shape base made of panel legs
  • conference table purposed for 4 seats


Office Pope Traditional Round Table

Full Package Ensured
The Office Pope is the set that includes the small round meeting table and chairs. There are 4 chairs in the package. The chairs, just like the table, come in vintage style. They are made of wood and covered with leather. This material provides comfort and reduces stains.

Office Pope Traditional Round Table

Mahogany And Suitable Chairs
Just like the previous model that I reviewed, this one is also 42 inches long in diameter. The furniture comes in mahogany color which you can replace for burgundy design. The chair design fits the table design. The design is dark which makes the unperfections less visible.

Scratch-Resistant Material
The material is black so it covers the stains while the leather allows you to clean them easily. The top surface is covered with a lacquer finish that prevents the scratches. The top is connected with the base that consists of four small legs.

Office Pope Traditional Round Table Review

Fits Various Rooms
The chairs are not office type but classic and elegant. Therefore, this table would suit various room designs and it’s practical for various purposes. You can use it in the small office, conference room, and more. It’s easy to transport so you can have one set for a few purposes.

Highlighted Points:

  • mahogany or burgundy table design with suitable chairs
  • 4 chairs with classic and elegant design included
  • the table has a diameter of 42 inches
  • scratch-resistant lacquer finish of the tabletop
  • chair seat and back covered with the leather


Cherryman Wood Veneer Round Table

Black Mahogany Design
Just like the previous conference table, this one also has a mahogany design and the same size. That means the diameter of this table model is also 42 inches. The top is 1,5 inches thick. The black color makes the damages less visible.

Cherryman 42 Wood Veneer Round Table

Whole Round Construction
The table includes the round top and round base. The whole construction is wooden. Just like all the small round office conference tables, this Cherryman table offers seats for 4 people. You can use the table only for yourself if you need an office table.

Lifetime Warranty
The prove of the quality of this table is the lifetime warranty. The veneer wood is durable allowing you to use the table until it comes damaged. To keep the table safe, you need to maintain it properly and be careful while transporting it.

Cherryman 42 Wood Veneer Round Table Review

Easy To Mount
The table is not so heavy since it has small dimensions. This 42-inch diameter table has a weight of about 80 lbs. You will get the separated top and base so the table requires the assembly. It takes a short time to mount the table properly.

Highlighted Points:

  • 42-inch diameter round table
  • comes with a lifetime warranty
  • the table has a wood veneer mahogany design
  • consists of the round 1,5-inch thick top and round base
  • has a weight of about 80 lbs
  • easy to mount and to carry


GOF 36 Round Table

Three Size Versions
This GOF model comes in a few different sizes. The smallest version is 36 inches in diameter. There are also 42-inch and 48-inch versions. The last version is not so small so if you need a small round conference table, the 36 or 42-inch tables are for you.

GOF Round Table

With Or Without Chairs
Just like the size versions, there are also color versions such as grey, espresso, mahogany, and walnut conference table color. You can also choose if you want to purchase the package with chairs. The table offers enough space for up to 4 chairs. The number of chairs in the package varies.

Black Covered Chairs
If you choose this 36-inch model, you can select the version with 2 chairs. Each chair has a length of 23 inches, it’s around 20 inches wide and 37 inches high. The chair seat and back are covered with air mesh fabric material in black color.

GOF Round Table Review

Resistant Top Surface
The table has a top that is resistant to scratches, water, and stains. You can clean it simply using the wet and dry cloths. The table stands on the panel base with glides. It’s easy to move the table to your favorite place by carrying or pulling it.

Highlighted Points:

  • 36 inches wide in diameter
  • with and without 2 chairs versions
  • black tabletop prevents the scratches
  • water-resistant and stain-resistant surface
  • ensured space for 4 persons maximally
  • base made of wooden panels
  • glides attached to each panel provides protection


Bush Business Furniture Table

Standard Diameter Length
The Bush model is one more small round conference table that is practical also for the office. The diameter of this round table is 42 inches. It comes in various color versions. The base is always in the same color while the color of the top changes.

Bush Business Furniture Table

2-4 Chairs Around The Table
You can choose between light beech, grey or dark cherry, mahogany, mocha, and more versions. You won’t get the chairs but you need to purchase some suitable models separately. There is space for up to 4 standard chairs around the table and 2-3 office chairs.

Crossed Wooden Panels
The tabletop stands on an x-shaped base. That means the base consists of the panels that are crossed providing the stability. Both the panels and the tabletop are wooden. The panels include little glides that protect the floor. The panels are strengthened on the floor thanks to the wooden beams where they stand.

Bush Business Furniture Table Review

Durable Edge Banding
You can place the load on the surface that is not heavier than 125 lbs. The top surface is 1 inch thick. The edge banding is durable and resistant to impacts. The table is comfortable for all adults since it’s 30 inches high approximately.

Highlighted Points:

  • various top color versions
  • chairs are not included in the package
  • 1-inch thick surface that is resistant to scratches
  • supports the load of 125 lbs
  • standard table height of about 30 inches
  • x-shaped panels make the base stable


Alera Valencia Round Conference Table

Usual Round Design
The Alera conference table has a similar design to other small round meeting tables. That means the table includes the base that consists of crossed panels and a wooden top. This table comes in two colors. You can choose this dark mahogany or light-medium cherry.

Alera Valencia Round Conference Table

Less Stain Visible
Choosing this dark version, you need to clean the table less because stains are less visible on the dark surface. You only need to be careful with fingerprints that might be visible on the glossy surface. The top is water-resistant which makes it practical for casual meetings.

Standard Height And Lenth
The top is 1-inch thick and includes PVC edge banding that is 3 mm thick. The top is 42 inches wide in diameter just like other smallest models. The height is also the same as other tables. It’s almost 30 inches high which makes it perfect for adults.

Alera Valencia Round Conference Table Review

Easy To Relocate It
The table is about 80 lbs heavy which makes it practical for carrying. You can relocate the small table easily if you need it for another conference room. The table includes the glides but it’s better to raise up the table instead of pulling it.

Highlighted Points:

  • dark mahogany color design
  • the light design version also offered
  • protected with PVC edge banding that is 3 mm thick
  • height of 30 inches and a diameter of 42 inches
  • tabletop is 1 inch thick and resistant
  • wooden base comes with glides

Things To Know About Small Round Conference Table

Smaller than other and different shape than other models. This is the description of the small round table for conferences and meetings. These models stand out for their design that makes them easy to relocate and easy to assemble. They support fewer seats because of the smallest diameter they have.

36-48 Inches – The small conference tables with round shape design means the tables with a diameter of 42 inches maximally. The smallest diameter is 36 inches. Most models are 48 inches wide in diameter. The height of the small tables is 30 inches which makes it the same as all the conference tables.

Limited Number Of Seats – Considering the small diameter, the round table provides comfort for up to 4 people. The place depends on the size of the chair you use. The average size of a suitable chair is 30 inches of the length and 37 inches of the height. The office chairs require more space than standard models.

Easy To Transport – Since it’s small and the round shape makes it compact, this table type is easy to transport. You can hold it with both hands and relocate it to another room. The usual weight of this type of table is 80 lbs. One or two persons are needed to relocate this table.

Smaller Amount Of Money – The small size influence the smaller price. The amount needed for the small round meeting table depends on the content of the package. The packages that include the table and chairs cost around 1000 dollars, depending on the number of chairs. The packages with the table only are cheap and cost around 200 dollars.

Simple To Assemble – Since the tables have a small size, they have fewer parts so they are easier to mount. The usual parts of these tables are round top, 4 small panels, and glides. It takes about 10 minutes until you connect the panels making the base and attach the top on it.

Final Verdict

Since it’s compact, portable, and quality, the Sunon small round conference table is the best choice. Check this list of the best small conference room tables to see other table shapes. If you can’t make up your mind which table size you like, find the best adjustable conference table and regulate the size by yourself.

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