Best 6 Round (Circle) Meeting Tables For Sale In 2022 Revivews

Are you consider buying a round meeting table for a small conference room?

Before buying, check the summary in this post and find out quickly which models are worth buying. The reviews and buying guide may also be useful for you. The main specifications of each model are pointed which makes your research easier.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Round Meeting Table
Bush Business Furniture Table PicksBush Business Furniture Table
The table is big enough to be suitable for a small group of your colleagues and resistant enough to last for years.
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Best Large Round Meeting Table
Combine 9 Vintage Industrial Round table PicksCombine 9 Industrial Round Table
Not only large size but attractive exterior makes this Combine 9 conference table a good investment.
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Best For 4 Round Meeting Table
Cherryman 42 Wood Veneer Round Table PicksCherryman Wood Veneer Round Table
The Cherryman model is a classic table for 4 business people ideal for a small conference room and office.
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Best Small Round Meeting Table
Alera Valencia Round Conference Table PicksAlera Valencia Round Conference Table
The Alera conference round table is suitable for all rooms no matter the design and size since it’s practically compact.
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Best White Round Meeting Table
SI White Concrete Confrence Table PicksSI Round White Meeting Table
The unusual materials make the SI table unique so it decorates the conference room well.
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Best Steel Round Meeting Table
eS round steel and ebony conference table pickseS Round Ebony Steel Meeting Table
With a glamorous exterior and sturdy inner construction, this model is one of the best choices for small conference rooms.
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Best 6 Round Meeting Tables

Best Of Best Round Meeting Table

Bush Business Furniture Table

7 Different Colors
The Bush conference table is a model with a wide design offer. There are overall 7 different color designs so you can choose the color you like the most. The table consists of a round tabletop that is 42 inches wide and the x-base. The whole construction is wooden.

Bush Business Furniture Table

Protection For Floor
The base includes the leveling glides that make the table more stable no matter what the floor is like. The table includes the edge banding that provides durability. The table size is comfortable for 4 people maximally. You need to purchase the chairs separately. The table comes single in the package.

Protective Purpose Of Laminate
The tabletop is about 1 inch thick. It’s covered with thermally-fused laminate. This finish makes the table scratch-resistant. Besides, the laminate surface doesn’t absorb the stains so you can clean the table easily using cleaners or water. The table stays clean over the years.

Bush Business Furniture Table Review

Strong Top Surface
This surface that is resistant to the damages is also strong. That means you can place a lot of tools at the top surface. The tabletop holds the weight of 125 lbs maximally. The table is practical for computers, documents and other things you need for the meeting.

Highlighted Points:

  • 1-inch thick tabletop and x-base
  • the laminate surface is scratch-resistant
  • comes in various color designs
  • the diameter of the round top is 42 inches
  • the load weight limit is 125 pounds

Best Large Round Meeting Table

Combine 9 Industrial Round Table

Bigger Than Usual Diameters
This Combine 9 model is a large round meeting table. Its diameter of about 72 inches is much bigger than the diameter of other reviewed models. With this big size, the table is comfortable for 5-6 persons. The number of seats varies depending on the chair size.

Combine 9 Vintage Industrial Round table

Vintage But Fashionable
The table differs from others not only for the size but also for the exterior. The design makes this model one of the industrial conference tables. The reclaimed wood tabletop and metal base with decorative holes make the table look vintage. The old-fashioned look makes the table convenient also for the dining room.

The Material That Makes It Strong
The base is made of steel which is the main reason why the table is so stable. The table is about 30 inches high so it’s comfortable for adults no matter what type of chairs you use. The producer offers the option to regulate the size.

Combine 9 Vintage Industrial Round table review

Round Or Oval
It means the diameter is changeable while the height stays the same. You can also choose another shape of the table in the agreement with the producer. Instead of a round table, you can get an oval model. The materials are the same. The reclaimed wood makes the table eco-friendly.

Highlighted Points:

  • 72 inches of the diameter
  • practical for 5 to 6 people
  • reclaimed wood vintage tabletop
  • steel base with decorative holes
  • more shapes and designs in the offer
  • the design makes it ideal for more purposes

Best For 4 Round Meeting Table

Cherryman Wood Veneer Round Table

Four People Maximally
The Cherryman conference table is a standard size round meeting table. The table comes in mahogany color. It has a 42-inch tabletop and a round base. The tabletop is about 1,5 inches thick. The chairs are not included in the package.

Cherryman 42 Wood Veneer Round Table

Big Thickness Makes It Stable
The table construction is made of veneers. Not only the mahogany but there is one more finish you can select. The thick tabletop ensures stability so you can place all your equipment for the conference no matter the round shape. The table is practical for a small group at the meeting.

Neutral Design Fits Anywhere
The mahogany finish color makes this model similar to the black conference tables. The dark mahogany design is fittable to any room design so you can use this table no matter the conference room is modern or traditional. The size of the table is suitable for all room sizes.

Cherryman 42 Wood Veneer Round Table Review

Any Type Of Chairs
The table has a classic design which means you can use it with any type of chairs. Both the chairs on wheels and on legs are suitable for this meeting table. Depending on the chair size, there might be space for one more chair around this round meeting table for 4 persons.

Highlighted Points:

  • the tabletop with a diameter of 42 inches
  • tabletop is about 1,5 inches thick
  • the mahogany finish of the whole wooden table
  • made of wood veneers mostly
  • both round-shaped top and base

Best Small Round Meeting Table

Alera Valencia Round Conference Table

Universal Color Design
The Alera small round meeting table comes in a similar color to the previous conference table I reviewed. The espresso black design makes the Alera model universal. You can place it n rooms of all designs and sizes. Even a small size is enough since the table is 42 inches wide in diameter.

Alera Valencia Round Conference Table

Full Stability Guaranteed
The base of this small conference table consists of 4 panels. Each panel includes the glides so both panels and the floor are protected. The panels make a stable base that provides complete stability. The legs are about 30 inches long so the table is around 30 inches high.

No Matter About Drink
The table is made of commercial-grade wood with a laminate finish. The overall thickness of the tabletop is 1 inch. The laminate is resistant to water. You can relax with a drink during the meeting. The laminate is also scratch-resistant which makes the table stronger.

Alera Valencia Round Conference Table Review

Full Protection Ensured
The protective edge banding 3 mm thick is included in the construction. The table is protected fully so you will be able to use it for a long period. The table has an optimal size for 4 people. The chairs suitable for this table are sold separately.

Highlighted Points:

  • the table has a diameter of 42 inches
  • consists round top placed on x-base
  • comes in espresso dark color design
  • the tabletop is about 1 inch thick
  • the table is ideal for 4 seaters
  • leveling glides included in the panel legs

Best White Round Meeting Table

SI Round White Meeting Table

White And Gold
The SI Brand white round meeting table has a bigger diameter than the previous two models. The white tabletop is about 54 inches long in diameter. The top stands on a gold base. The materials this table is made of are different than standard materials making the table unique.

SI White Concrete Confrence Table

Brushed Gold Material
The inner material of the tabletop is wood just like usual conference tables. It has a white concrete finish so it’s called a concrete conference table. The base is made of real brushed gold. It provides the sturdiness of the whole construction. The base has an interesting cone shape.

Decoration And Functional Product
The table is practical for a smaller conference table or office. It will be a nice decoration and functional table in one. Since it’s bigger than the usual round table, it can support more people. There is space for 5 people on average.

SI White Concrete Confrence Table Review

Comfortable Height
The height of the table is the same as usual. The 30 inches high table is comfortable for adults. The table comes in one piece. You can transport it from room to room easily. Two people are enough to relocate this table by carrying it.

Highlighted Points:

  • the white concrete finish of the tabletop
  • the table is 54 inches long in diameter
  • brushed gold cone base included
  • made of the sturdy materials
  • decorative design contributes to the appearance

Best Steel Round Meeting Table

eS Round Ebony Steel Meeting Table

Black Glossy Surface
Just like the previous conference room table, this one also has a unique design but it’s not white. Instead of the white design, this table is colored in black. The black base and tabletop are glossy. The tabletop is about 47 inches wide in diameter. This size is convenient for 4-5 persons.

eS round steel and ebony conference table

Different View, Different Design
The legs made of steel ensure the stability of the table and contribute to the look of this cool conference table. The base is constructed from many chromed steel rods. The whole table design looks different depending on which is your angle of view.

Makes Room Better
The main advantage of this table is the glamorous appearance that makes the room look better. The round meeting table is functional as a usual conference table. That means you can place a lot of tools on the top surface which is practical when it comes to a business meeting.

eS round steel and ebony conference table review

Ebony Glossy Top
The glossy look is achieved thanks to the finish of the ebony tabletop. The ebony color is compatible with all other colors. That makes your purchase of the chairs easier. The chairs with all the colors are suitable for this model. The classic chair is the type of chair that is most suitable for this table.

Highlighted Points:

  • the table is 47 inches big
  • ebony and steel construction of the table
  • the base consists of chromed steel rods
  • the glossy finish of the top and base
  • the neutral and glamorous exterior
  • practical for up to 5 people

Things To Know About Circle Meeting Tables

The round-shaped conference tables stand out primarily for the size and shape design. This type of table supports a small number of seats in comparison with other conference tables. Its design makes one round table practical for a lot of rooms. These tables stand out also for the price.

Smaller Size – Most round tables you can place in the conference rooms have a small diameter. The minimal and most common diameter is 42 inches. There are also round models that are about 55 inches wide in diameter and other models more than 55-inch wide.

4 Persons On Average – The diameter of 42-55 inches makes the table comfortable for 4 persons. The round tables with bigger diameter are suitable for 5-8 people. The overall space for chairs depends on the type and size of the chairs. The classic chairs with legs take less space.

Some Else Rooms – Thanks to the size and shape, the circle meeting table is convenient not only for business but also for home. This table type has both commercial and personal purposes. The round tables are purposed for conference rooms, dining rooms, restaurants, private offices, and more.

Transportable In One Piece –  The round shape makes the tables compact. Therefore, it’s easy to transport the table in one piece if it’s 42-50 inches long in diameter. The bigger round tables need to be split into two pieces for easier carrying and storing.

Under 1000 Mosty – The price of the round conference tables usually doesn’t surpass the amount of 1000 dollars. That’s because of the size but if the table has a construction made of strong materials the price is up to 4000 dollars. However, most models on Amazon and similar webshops are under 1000 including the shipping.

Final Verdict

With an average size for the round meeting tables and resistant surface, the Bush Business Furniture conference table is the best choice for buying. It’s not the only one of the small round conference tables. See also this post if you want to purchase the whole set of the round table and chairs.

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