Best 6 Long Conference Table For Meetings In 2022 Reviews

Are you in need of a long conference table to be able to accommodate a lot of people?

If your answer is positive, you’re probably searching for some of the reviewed models in this post. To quick search, you can check the summary. If you want to evaluate a model better, jump to the detailed review.

Our Top Picks

Office Pope Modern Designer Table PicksOffice Pope Modern Designer Table
This model offers a lot of sizes and color designs you can choose according to your needs and preferences.
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Forward Farniture Allure 12 ft Table PicksForward Furniture Allure Table
The Forward 12 ft table model provides enough space for business people and their computers while keeping the top neat.
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Utmost Furniture 22 ft Modern Table PicksUtmost Furniture Modern Table
This is one of the longest conference tables that has a unique boat shape that ensures a lot of space.
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Team WORKk Tables PicksTeam Work Tables Meeting Table
Getting all the tables in the package together, the overall length of this table ensures enough space for all.
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NBF Work Expandable Conference Table PicksNBF Work Expandable Conference Table
This conference table has a few sections that are connected firmly thanks to a steel panel lock mechanism.
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Suar Live Edge Unique Table PicksSuar Live Edge Unique Table
It’s the table made of natural real wood that gives it stability, ensures a long life, and contributes to the design.
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Best 6 Long Conference Tables


Office Pope Modern Designer Table

Black Glossy Surface
The Office Pope conference table is made of wood including both the top and base. The top is covered with a lacquer finish that gives it a glossy look. The panels in the base are connected with the modesty panels. The number of panels depends on the table size.

Office Pope Modern Designer Table

Maximal 16 People
This table model has various sizes. You can choose if you want 12 ft, 14 ft, or maximal 16 ft size. When it comes to the seats, 12 foot-sized table supports 12 people while the maximal-sized table is for overall 16 people including two seats on each short side.

Offer Of Table Designs
Just like the sizes, there is the offer of the textures you can choose. There are three colors in the offer. You can choose between grey, brown, or mocha color designs. No matter which size and design you choose, the width and the height of the table don’t change.

Office Pope Modern Designer Table Review

Constant Width And Height
All the versions of this long meeting table model have a width of 48 inches. The table is 29,5 inches high as the usual table for adults. No matter the size, this table comes in two pieces to be easier for you to enter it in a room.

Highlighted Points:

  • 12-16 ft sizes in the offer
  • stands on two or three pieces of panel legs
  • number of seats depends on the table length
  • lacquer protective finish provides a glossy top look
  • the width is 48 inches and the height is 29,5 inches
  • various texture designs in the offer


Forward Furniture Allure Table

Grey-Colored Wood
The Forward Allure model is a 12 ft conference table that stands on a 3-panel base. The full construction, including the top and panels, is wooden and colored in grey. The table is suitable for 12 persons maximally. This neutral design is convenient for all the chair designs.

Forward Farniture Allure 12 ft Table

Designed For Computers
The top of the table includes two grommet holes placed on each side of this long conference table. They are covered to be protected so you need to open the hole and use the power outlets for your computer. The wiring chase is integrated into each leg to provide a neat look at the table.

Split Into Two Pieces
The table is separated into two pieces to be easier for entering. The legs are already mount so you need to connect two sections to get a 12 ft long table. While the length is 12 ft which means about 144 inches, the width is about 48 inches.

Forward Furniture Allure Table Review

Meets Certifications
The top is thin to be good-looking but it’s covered with a finish that provides the durability. This table is a commercial grade which means it’s tested and meets certifications. You can be sure the table will last for a long time if you maintain it properly.

Highlighted Points:

  • grey wooden designed 12 ft long table
  • purposed for up to 12 persons
  • 48 inches wide top standing on three panels
  • separated into two sections for easier transportation
  • assembly needed for the first use
  • two grommet holes with power outlets
  • wire chases built-in on each side of the long table


Utmost Furniture Modern Table

Longest Table Model
It’s the longest model between the long meeting tables in this post. It has a length of 22 ft providing places for 22 people. The table is purposed for a big conference room. You can enter it after you separate it into a few pieces.

Utmost Furniture 22 ft Modern Table

Five Holes For Cables
The boat-shaped conference table comes in walnut design which gives it a light brown color. The top surface is brown while the legs are grey. There are 5 grommet holes built-in and the legs include the channels for the cords. People that sit at the table can use their computers easily.

PVC Lamination Protection
The tabletop is about 1,5 inches thick. The edge of the boat-shaped top is laminated with a 3 mm thick PVC. The laminated material protects the edge from the scratches. The glides attached to each panel protect both panels and the floor.

Utmost Furniture 22 ft Modern Table review

Only The Long Table
The table is 48 inches wide just like the previous two models. You will get only the table in the package so the chairs and other accessories for the conference are sold separately. The table ensures enough space for all kinds of chairs.

Highlighted Points:

  • 22 ft long which means 264 inches approximately
  • the width is usual 48 inches
  • top includes 5 grommet holes for computers
  • 3 mm PVC lamination protection of the edges
  • the brown walnut finish of the tabletop


Team Work Tables Meeting Table

Multiple Tables In The Package
The Team Work package includes multiple tables that makes one big table. This is a set of tables for training rooms. You will get 6 pieces of tables and you need to connect them to prepare a training room for a lot of participants.

Team WORK Tables

Modified Table Shape
Each table includes the hook for connection. This way you can connect the tables to each other to get a stable long table. It’s possible to connect the tables in various ways making U-shape, L-shape, or a horizontal line. You can modify the table shape.

No Empty Space
Each table in the set is rectangular which makes the montage easier. The tables fit each other and there’s not an empty space between them thanks to the rectangular shape. The overall length of the table made of 6 pieces is 15 ft which means 180 inches. The width is 60 inches which makes the table wider than previous models.

Team WORK Tables Review

Practical Protective Glides
The tabletop has a natural beech finish that makes it light brown. The top is connected to the metal legs. Each leg includes the glides that make the table easy to move. The glidest protect the floor from scratches. The legs are foldable which makes the table easy to store.

Highlighted Points:

  • set of tables for the training rooms
  • 6 pieces of the standard table included
  • hooks for connecting the tables included
  • easy to modify the table shape according to your preferences
  • the top is made of natural beech wood
  • the overall length of 6 connected tables is 15 feet
  • 60 inches of the table width


NBF Work Expandable Conference Table

5 Sections Of The Table
The NBF conference table has a grey design. It consists of the 5 sections that are easy to attach to each other without visible connections. The sections are needed to be possible to enter this long conference table in a meeting room.

NBF Work Expandable Conference Table

6 Panel Legs
When you assemble the adjustable conference table by connecting the pieces, you will get a 20 ft long meeting table. It’s stable thanks to steel panel legs. There are overall 6 panels that support the long top. The modesty panel contributes to the stability of this table.

Electricity Ensured
The table is suitable for up to 20 persons. They can use the computers or laptops since the table includes the power outlets placed in the grommet holes. There are three grommets placed on one part of the table. Each of them has two sockets and two USB ports.

NBF Work Expandable Conference Table Review

Easy To Remove Stains
The top has a melamine laminate finish that is resistant to scratches and stains. The stain from coffee or tea won’t be sucked so you can remove the stain easily. The legs are also protected with glides. There are two glides on each panel.

Highlighted Points:

  • 20 ft of the overall table length
  • separated in pieces for easier carrying
  • steel legs and wood laminate top
  • connection hooks included in the panels
  • three grommets with outlets and USB ports
  • the table supports 20 people maximally


Suar Live Edge Unique Table

Durable Hardwood Construction
The Suar table has is unique because it has a natural wood design that makes it look rustic. The table is constructed from tropical hardwood which guarantees durability and stability. The natural wood construction is visible on the tabletop. It’s protected with the finish that makes it glossy.

Suar Live Edge Unique Table

Sturdy Construction
The table is 138 inches long which is 12 ft. The long tabletop stands on wooden thick panels. They are connected with a thick beam that makes the whole construction sturdy. Therefore, the table is practical for commercial use because it’s less broken.

Country Style Suits Anywhere
The rustic conference table has a multifunctional purpose which means it’s ideal not only for the conference but also for dining rooms. No matter which room you will place it in, it will suit it bringing country look. The table is glossy because it’s protected with a high-quality polyurethane finish.

Suar Live Edge Unique Table Review

Thinner Than Others
Unlike other tables I reviewed before in this post, this model is thin. That means it has a smaller width than other 48 inch wide models. This one is 35 inches wide. For that reason, there might be not enough space for all 12 persons since not all chairs suit the short sides comfortably.

Highlighted Points:

  • solid wood construction with a high-quality finish
  • wooden slabs connected with a firm beam
  • 138 inches of the length and 36 inches of the width
  • the table has a natural country rustic look
  • perfect for conference and dining room

Things To Know About Long Conference Tables

The big length of the conference table is 12 ft minimally. The long tables have a rectangular shape which ensures the accommodation for a lot of people. Unlike smaller models, the long tables are designed to be entered into the room in pieces. A big size influences the price of these tables.

More Than 12 Ft – The long table means that they have a length of 12 ft and more. The tables are usually not longer than 24 ft. That means the minimal length of long models is 144 inches while the maximal length is 288 inches. The width doesn’t change a lot. It’s usually 40-50 inches.

Big Number Of Seats – The long side of the table supports up to 20 persons and there are two more seats on each short side. The number of seats depends on the table length. The number of feet signifies the number of seats. That means a 12 ft table is for 12 persons and so on.

Assembly Needed – It’s impossible to enter a long table through a door. Therefore, it’s necessary to enter it in pieces and mount it in a conference room. The tables usually come in 2 or 3 sections. Each section includes the top part connected with one leg.

Rectangular Shape – All the long meeting tables have a rectangular shape. In some cases, the shape is oval or a table is boat-shaped which is similar to the rectangular design. This shape is the most practical for tables with a lot of seats because it’s ergonomic for a room.

A Thousand Dollars Minimally – The amount of 1000 dollars is needed to buy a long table for conferences. The price is often higher so it reaches 5000 dollars. The most expensive models are made of high-quality materials that cost more. The big size makes the long tables expensive.

Final Verdict

The best pick for you might be Office Pope long conference table because you can choose the size of this glossy elegant boat-shaped table. You might find the model you like also on the list of the best large conference tables. If 12 feet table is long enough for you, this post about the best 12 person conference tables might interest you.

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