Best 6 Heavy-duty Laminating Machines Reviewed For Sale

Do you need a heavy-duty laminator that will be powerful and durable enough for your business or personal needs?

In this post, you can find the answers to all the questions about this type of laminator. See also the list of the best-rated models on the market and pick the model you will buy.

The picks

Akiles Prolam Plus Laminator PicksAkiles ProLam Plus 330 Laminator
This Akiles laminator has metal construction and wide size which makes it the best heavy-duty laminating machine.
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GBC HeatSeal Pinnacle PicksGBC 1701720EZ HeatSeal Pinnacle Laminator
Using a large pouch roll and laminating with a high speed, this machine allows you to prepare all the materials for your students.
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USI HD400 Pouch Laminator PicksUSI HD400 Heavy Duty Laminator
This model has a unique design that allows you to laminate small but thick materials using the pouch.
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GoGo Gadgets Heavy Duty PicksGoGo Gadgets LMNTR-13 Laminator
The size of this machine is optimal to support the A3 paper format while the construction is strong and durable.
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Tamerica TCC330 Professional Laminator PicksTamerica TCC330 Professional Laminator
The durable construction and the quality laminating system make this model ideal to stick the thick pouches to the documents.
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D&K Expression 42 Plus Roll Laminator PicksDK Expression 42″ Plus Roll Laminator
This thermal laminator reaches high temperatures to be able to laminate ultra-large and thick materials.
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Top 6 Heavy-duty Laminators


Akiles ProLam Plus 330 Laminator

Metal And Silicon
The Akiles laminator is made of metal materials. It has a metal cover while the rollers are covered with silicon. You can use the control panel to adjust all the settings according to your needs. There are also the indicator lights that show you the condition of the thermal system.

Akiles Prolam Plus Laminator

Large-Format Materials
This model has a wide design which means the inlet can support the documents of 13 inches of the width maximally. It’s suitable for the A3 papers, large-format photos, and more. You can use the pouches of big thickness. The maximal thickness can be 10 mils.

Combination Of Rollers And Plates
The heating system is advanced which makes this laminator powerful and heavy-duty. There is a dual hot laminating system. That means the machine uses both the rollers and plates. Combining these two heated parts, the machine melts even thick pouches and connect them to the papers.

Akiles Prolam Plus Laminator Review

Fast-Working Machine
This heavy-duty laminator can reach a temperature of 320 °F. The temperature varies from 175-320 °F. The temperature is adjusted for the type of document you’re laminating. The speed of 540 mm per minute makes this machine fast-working. It can save you time in the office.

Highlighted Points:

  • double heat system in use
  • temperature varies from 175 to 320 °F
  • supports the pouches of up to 10 mils
  • the inlet length is 13 inches
  • ideal for materials of A3 format and smaller
  • wide control panel with multiple options


GBC 1701720EZ HeatSeal Pinnacle Laminator

Ideal For School Posters
The GBC laminator has a large size so you can laminate a wide specter of materials. The maximal size of the documents you can laminate is 27 inches. You can protect the posters that the students make in school. Therefore, it’s the best heavy-duty laminator for schools.

GBC HeatSeal Pinnacle

High Laminating Speed
The machine requires some time for preheating. About 8 minutes is enough for warming up. After that, the machine will be ready to laminate with a speed of 254 mm per minute. The high speed allows you to finish your work quickly. You can prepare the materials for your class for a short time.

After 2 Or 3 Hours
You don’t need to switch off the laminator after class but turn the standby mode. If you forget, the laminator activates the standby mode automatically after 2 hours of nonuse. If you don’t use it longer, the machine shuts off automatically after 3 hours. This way you can save the electric power.

GBC HeatSeal Pinnacle Review

Large Pouch Roll
The machine includes the mount for the large pouch roll. The roll is practical because it can save you time. You can prepare the materials for your students in a break. You can use the pouches that are 3 mils thick. The pouch roll is sold separately.

Highlighted Points:

  • pouch roll stand included in the machine
  • the laminator length of 27 inches
  • supports the pouch of 3 mils
  • automatic standby mode after 2 hours of nonuse
  • automatic shut off function activates after 3 hours
  • warms up for about 8 minutes
  • works with the laminating speed of 254 mm/min


USI HD400 Heavy Duty Laminator

Small And Thick
This is the heavy-duty pouch laminator that has a small size but durable system. The length of the laminator is 4 inches. You can laminate small-sized but thick materials. The thickness can be up to 15 mils. You can use this machine to make business cards and similar things.

USI HD400 Pouch Laminator

Making Employee Cards
Except for the business cards, you can laminate also the letters, small photos, and plastic cards. You can make employee cards using this machine in your office. This is a thermal laminator and it adjusts the temperature depending on the type of material.

Carriers Included In The Package
This heavy-duty laminator uses the carrier that keeps the rollers clean. After some time, you might need new carriers. You have to purchase the additional carries separately. The machine is made of durable materials that have a long life. If you maintain it properly, you can use the laminator for years.

USI HD400 Pouch Laminator Review

Waiting For 10 Minutes
This is a thermal laminator so you need to wait for about 10 minutes until the temperature of the laminator gets optimal. Make sure you’ve switched off the machine after usage because this model doesn’t have an automatic shut off function like the previous model.

Highlighted Points:

  • 10 minutes of the preheating time
  • 4 inches wide and 15 mils thick materials
  • ideal for plastic cards like employee cards
  • carriers that make the rollers clean included
  • adjustable temperature control settings


GoGo Gadgets LMNTR-13 Laminator

Length Of 13 Inches
The Gogo laminator comes in the package with 25 pieces of pouches. The suitable pouches have the maximal size of the A3 format. This heavy-duty a3 laminator has a length of 13 inches. You can use it for your office tasks as well as for school projects.

GoGo Gadgets Heavy Duty

Useful Trimmer Included
Not only the pouches but the trimmer and corner rounder is also included in the package. The trimmer can cut the paper and pouches regulating the size. You can use it to cut the papers, photos, thicket and more. It’s ideal for creative school projects.

Stable And Precise
This is a heavy-duty laminator because it has a firm construction and wider design. The machine stands stable on a desk or some straight surface. The stability provides also precisely while cutting and laminating. To be easier for you to cut the paper, you can use the scale marked on the black surface.

GoGo Gadgets Heavy Duty Review

Easy To Release The Paper
If the paper sticks during the laminating process, you can release it easily. All that you need to do is to press the ABS button. You don’t have to pull the paper to take it out. The machine will release it automatically after you push the button.

Highlighted Points:

  • A3 format pouches included in the box
  • 25 pieces of the pouches in the package
  • trimmer and corner rounder offered
  • jam release function button buičt-in
  • the length of the inlet is 13 inches
  • stable and durable construction of the machine


Tamerica TCC330 Professional Laminator

A3 Format Maximally
The Tamerica model is strong enough to provide proffesional serves. You can use it for business. This professional laminator has a length of 13 inches approximately. The maximal format you can laminate is A3. The thermal system provides quality lamination of various materials.

Tamerica TCC330 Professional laminator

Ultra Short Time
The laminating speed of this heavy-duty laminator is 660 mm per minute so the laminating process is ultra-short. You can use the machine for a long time in the continuity. The machine has a metal cover so it’s stable and durable. You need to place it on the straight surface.

Hard Pressure Of Rollers
Before you start to laminate, you need to warm up the machine. It takes about 3 or 4 minutes for the laminator to be preheated. The silicon rollers included in the machine ensures the best results of lamentation. The rollers press the pouch hard so it sticks to the paper firmly.

Tamerica TCC330 Professional Laminator review

Supports Big Thickness
You can use the pouches that are 10 mils thick maximally. The four rollers are included in the heating system so you don’t have to care about the thickness. The rollers are designed to prevent the jam. If it happens, there is the button with the release function.

Highlighted Points:

  • metal cover makes it stable and durable
  • the ultra high speed of 660 mm/minute
  • maximall material width of 13 inches
  • the pouch thickness of 10 mils supported
  • 4 minutes for the preheating on average
  • anti-jam mechanism ensures the safety
  • 4 pieces of silicon rollers included


DK Expression 42″ Plus Roll Laminator

Stand With Castors
This is the only model from the reviewed laminators that comes with the stand. You don’t have to ensure the straight surface to place the laminator on. The stand includes the castors which make relocating easier. You don’t have to carry the machine but pull or push it.

D&K Expression 42 Plus Roll Laminator

Optimal Temperature Reached
This heavy-duty laminator has a large size. It supports the documents that are 40 inches wide maximally. The machine reaches a temperature of 300 °F that is enough to melt the pouch optimally. The temperature is high so the large materials get laminated quickly.

Big Thickness Supported
You can use the control panel to adjust the laminating settings according to your needs. The machine is durable so you can laminate the materials of the 0,5 inches of the thickness. The machine includes the stand for the pouch roll that you need to purchase separately.

D&K Expression 42 Plus Roll Laminator Review

Big-Sized Rollers
The rollers have a diameter of 3 inches which makes it big sized. The big surface of the rollers provides high pressure that is needed if you laminate large documents. It’s an ideal laminator for commercial purposes. It’s useful in the industry.

Highlighted Points:

  • materials of 40-inch size supported
  • reaches the temperature of 300 °F
  • the material thickness of 0,5 inches
  • the rollers have a diameter of 3 inches
  • comes with the stand that includes the castors

Things To Know About Heavy-duty Laminators

The laminators that are made of durable materials and have large sizes are called heavy-duty laminators. The stable construction makes these machines long-lasting. You can use the laminating machine for years to laminate large and thick materials. The laminating of large materials is possible thanks to the high temperature and fast speed.

Durable Construction – The laminators are made of metal which means these models are durable and resistant. The metal construction makes them stable but also heavy. Their weight is 15 lbs and more. They are not practical for carrying in hands so they’re not easy to relocate them often from one room to another.

Large Size – Unlike the standard laminators for home, office, or school that are about 9 inches long, this type of laminator has a size of about 13 inches minimally and about 40 inches maximally. You can laminate the papers of A3 format and bigger sizes.

Long-Lasting Warranty – Since the heavy-duty laminators are made of durable metal materials, the construction is long-lasting. The warranties of these laminators prove the durability. The warranty lasts for 5 years on average. If you maintain the laminator properly, you can use it for 10 years or more.

Big And Thick Materials – Thanks to large size and stable design, the laminators of this type can support the materials of up to 40 inches of the length and 0,5 inches thick. However, most of these laminating machines are 13 inches wide. This size meets the needs of most users for both personal or commercial purposes.

High Temperature And Speed – Not only the exterior but the interior is also heavy-duty. The laminating system is thermal and includes durable rollers that are usually made of silicon. The laminator can reach a temperature of about 300 °F and has a speed of 300 mm per minute and more.

Final Verdict

The large size and durable thermal laminating system are the main benefits of the best-rated GBC HeatSeal Pinnacle laminator. The heavy-duty laminators are useful in the industry so check which are the best industrial laminators. The post about the best commercial laminators is also helpful to choose the right model for you.

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