Top 4 Fireproof Lateral File Cabinets For Maximum Protection

Are you looking for a high-security lateral file cabinet?

Did you consider a fireproof lateral file cabinet? There are few factors you need to consider before buying a new item. Robust design, durable construction, high-security lock, fireproof feature are some of them. Learn more about this file cabinet type and choose the suitable model for you.

Our Top Picks

BEST OF BEST Fireproof Lateral File Cabinet
BEST OF BEST Fireproof Lateral File Cabinet picksPhoenix Fireproof File Cabinet
Durable and sturdy lateral file cabinet with very wide two drawers, designed for high capacity filing.
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BEST 4-DRAWER Fireproof Lateral File Cabinet
BEST 4-DRAWER Fireproof Lateral File Cabinet picksFireKing Lateral File Cabinet
Heavy-duty file cabinet that meets UL impact requirements, it is resistant to water, fire and explosion.
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BEST LOCKING Fireproof Lateral File Cabinet
BEST LOCKING Fireproof Lateral File Cabinet picksPhoenix Lateral File Cabinet
Tall lateral file cabinet with four wide drawers, it comes with a 3-year warranty, water-resistance and fireproof protection.
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BEST 3-DRAWER Fireproof Lateral File Cabinet
BEST 3-DRAWER Black Fireproof Lateral File Cabinet picksFireKing Black Fireproof File Cabinet
Fireproof and water-resistant file cabinet, equipped with a high-security lock and three drawers with follower blocks.
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Best 4 Fireproof Lateral File Cabinets


Phoenix Fireproof File Cabinet

Three Colors
The Phoenix is a wide fireproof lateral file cabinet. You can choose between three colors – grey, putty and black. It is very heavy, there are 480 pounds. The unit size is 38 inches in width, 28.75 inches in height and 23.63 inches in depth. It is a pricey item.

Free Replacement
If your Phoenix file cabinet is ever in a fire, you can get a free replacement. Also, you’ll get a 3-year parts and labor warranty.  It is certified to protect your documents and files, memory sticks, USB drives and DVDs/CDs. Durable construction is made of sturdy steel.

BEST OF BEST Phoenix Fireproof Lateral File Cabinet

Insulated Drawers
The oven-baked textured enamel paint finish makes the surface resistant and durable. Both drawers have a three-way suspension, that ensures stability and provides easy drawer performance. Each drawer is a separate insulated container, that prevents the fire from jumping from one to another drawer.

Hardware Included
This modern locking file cabinet is able to hold letter and legal size hanging file folders. All hardware is included. The high-security key lock is positioned on the top drawer. It locks and unlocks both drawers at the same time. The package includes two keys.

Highlighted Points:

  • oven-baked enamel finish with steel construction
  • high-security lock secures both drawers
  • two drawers come with included accessories
  • three-way suspension drawers
  • waterproof and fireproof item


FireKing Lateral File Cabinet

Pricey Item
The FireKing is a fireproof lateral file cabinet that has a high price. But if you decide to buy it and store your most precious valuables and documents, you can be sure that they are safe. The product dimensions are 44.5 inches in width, 22 inches in depth and 53 inches in height.

Assembled Item
This file cabinet is very heavy, there are 1158 pounds. The FireKing is available in light beige color. It is important to note that this file cabinet arrives assembled at your address. Constructed of high-quality steel, this item is able to withstand a demanding work environment.

BEST 4-DRAWER FireKing Fireproof Lateral File Cabinet

Waterproof File Cabinet
The purchase includes a lifetime limited warranty. The construction maintains each drawer as a separate insulated compartment. That increases protection. This fire and waterproof file cabinet will protect your valuables from sprinklers and fire hoses.

There are four wide drawers and they are able to accept the letter and legal size file folders. Built-in lock secures all drawers. It meets the UL 2000 °F explosion hazard rating. It will protect your files for at least one hour when the file cabinet is exposed at 1700 °F.

Highlighted Points:

  • UL 1-hour class 350 fire rating
  • electrostatic powder-coated finish
  • a high-security lock protect your files
  • waterproof file cabinet
  • each drawer is separated, insulated compartment


Phoenix Lateral File Cabinet

Three Colors
The Phoenix is insured and warranted to protect your documents from fire, impact, water and smoke damage. This model is available in three colors – grey, putty and black. Also, you can choose the file cabinet width, there are three options – 31”, 38” and 44”.

BEST LOCKING Phoenix Fireproof Lateral File Cabinet

Oven-baked Finish
When you buy this file cabinet, you will get a 3-year labor and parts warranty. If your file cabinet is on fire, you will get a free replacement at no charge. The Phoenix fireproof lateral file cabinet is made of high-quality alloy steel. It is finished with oven-baked textured enamel paint.

High-security Lock
This fireproof locking file cabinet features four drawers for letter and legal size file folders. All accessories are included. Anti-tip safety mechanism prevents tipping over. The package includes two keys for locking. The high-security key lock will immediately lock all drawers at the same time.

BEST LOCKING Fireproof Lateral File Cabinet

Impact Rated
The sealing system and special gaskets prevent water damage. It is an impact-rated file cabinet, that test includes dropping the file cabinet 30 feet into concrete rubble. Also, it is tested for fire at 1700 °F and explosion tested at 2000 °F. You can rely on its quality.

Highlighted Points:

  • tall lateral file cabinet available in three colors
  • high-quality alloy steel construction
  • oven-baked textured enamel finish
  • the anti-tip design prevents tipping over
  • four high-side drawers for letter and legal files
  • resistant to fire, water, impact and smoke damage


FireKing Black Fireproof File Cabinet

Multiple Colors Available
The FireKing is a stylish lateral file cabinet. This model is available in multiple colors – pure white, taupe, tan, sand, platinum, champagne, black, brown and others. The FireKing is a pretty heavy item, its dimensions are 40.25 inches in height, 44.5 inches in width and 22.13 inches in depth.

BEST 3-DRAWER FireKing Black Fireproof Lateral File Cabinet

High-security Lock System
This Fireking lateral file cabinet features three drawers built with high sides. Each drawer is equipped with one follower block for neat file folder organization. On the top drawer is a high-security UL-listed key lock. The package includes two keys and with a single key, you can lock all drawers.

Lifetime Warranty
If your FireKing metal lateral file cabinet 2-drawer sustains any damage from fire, the manufacturer will replace it without charge. Also, you’ll get a limited lifetime warranty on all mechanical and operable file cabinet parts. The construction is made of heavy-duty steel.

BEST 3-DRAWER Fireproof Lateral File Cabinet

Tested Item
There is an eco-friendly electrostatic powder coating finish and it is scratch resistant. This fireproof lateral file cabinet is tested on fire, impact and explosion. This test includes file cabinet exposure at 1700 °F and a 2000 °F explosion test. Moreover, it prevents water damage.

Highlighted Points:

  • multiple colors available
  • three drawers with high sides
  • they accommodate letter and legal files
  • high-security UL-listed key
  • fireproof and water-resistant item

Things To Know About Fireproof Lateral File Cabinets

There aren’t so many fireproof lateral file cabinets on the market. Also, they aren’t cheap. So it is important to learn some basic information – like what kind of fire protection is the best, why water resistance is important, etc.

Fire Protection – Not all fireproof file cabinets are certified. The most common is the UL 1-hour fire rating. The UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories. They test the file cabinet to maintain an interior temperature of less than 350° F when it is exposed to a fire for 1-hour to 1550° F.

Water-resistant Feature – The water-resistant file cabinets are designed to prevent water damage from sprinklers and fire hoses. If your file cabinet is in the fire, the fireman needs to use fire hoses, so the water-resistant is as much important as fireproof.

Impact-rated Products – There is one more interesting feature, impact resistance. The impact-rated items are UL-approved. They remove the file cabinet from the furnace and drop it from 30′ height to a heavy concrete base. Then the file cabinet is reheated again.

Anti-tip Mechanism – There are many heavy-duty file cabinets with wide dimensions. That means these file cabinets are designed for high-capacity filing. The safety anti-tip mechanism prevents the file cabinet from tipping over, it allows you to open one drawer only.

Lockability -If you want to protect your files from a natural disaster, it is necessary to protect them from unauthorized access and invasion. So pick the fireproof lateral file cabinet with a high-security lock. Some models come with keys that cannot be duplicated.

Final Verdict

If you can’t decide, we recommend the Phoenix fireproof lateral file cabinet. This wide file cabinet has a steel construction with an oven-baked enamel finish and included hanging file folder accessories. You can check stainless steel file cabinets, too. There are gun-safe file cabinets for maximum protection.

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