Best 3 Coin-Operated Foosball Tables – Make A Profit From Play In Your Establishment

Are you looking for a coin-operated table that is specially designed for establishments such as bars, restaurants, and hotels?

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We have found top-quality coin-operated foosball tables for you to choose from. Pick a table based on your needs and wishes – a vintage foosball table, or maybe a table that boasts the best commercial features and will be a perfect fit for pub tournaments.

Our Top Picks

Tornado Black T-3000 3 Goalie Coin Op Foosball PicksTornado T-3000 Coin-Op Foosball Table
Featuring the official size, this high-quality foosball table is the best coin-operated table on the market.
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René Pierre Pro Coin Operated Foosball Table PicksRené Pierre Pro Coin Foosball Table
This vintage-looking coin-op foosball table would be a perfect choice for a fancy bar thanks to its exquisite design.
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Shelti Pro Foos III Coin-Op Foosball Table PicksShelti Pro Foos III Coin-Op Foosball Table
Designed primarily for use in commercial establishments, this heavy-duty table is extremely durable.
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Coin Operation For Commercial Foosball Playing

A coin-operated foosball table is commonly found in commercial environments where customers can play foosball to pass time, have fun, etc. Moreover, these spaces usually have a big circulation of people. For example, arcade rooms, restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, etc. These tables differ from usual models because they can only be played once coins are inserted into the system. On the other hand, non-coin-operated models can be played at any time without the need to insert money to dispense balls.

Used Vs New

If you have a dilemma of whether you should buy a new or a used model with coin operation, the answer is simple. If you have the money for it, it is always better to invest in a new model. Why? Well, old models might be faulty, might need reparation more often, and it might be hard to find replacement parts for them. Finally, if it needs repairing often, a used model might cost you more than a new one.

Currency Suitability

Such tables for the game of foosball need to be suitable for the currency you are using. When buying, make sure it says suitable for US currency, if you want to earn dollars from it in the USA. This is something to pay special attention to if the table is made in Europe.

The Price

This type of foosball table will cost you more money than many other types. Sometimes, the price goes up to even between $2,000 and $3,000 or more. However, you can think about it a different way. By placing it in your establishment, you can soon earn this money back as the game is coin-operated.

Where Are Coin-Operated Models Used?

Most often, you will find them in places such as bars, pubs, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. Moreover, they can be used in pubs for tournaments if they have the right robust features.

Their Advantages

Such models have a few benefits that might be right up your alley:

  • They will earn you money – when customers insert coins into the table to be able to play, you will earn some extra money
  • They are quality-made – to be able to use them in high-demand environments, these models have to be made of durable materials that will withstand even aggressive play
  • Great for fun – the customers in your establishment can have fun which will also improve your business if they like it and keep coming back

Their Disadvantages

The negatives of such models are:

  • They are expensive – you will have to spend thousands of dollars on these models
  • They take up a lot of space – these tables are usually big in size and won’t fit small spaces

How To Choose The Best Table?

There are some specifications that you should keep in mind when choosing a coin-operated table for your business. For instance, you will have to look for a heavy build and weight, a good playfield material, etc.

Rugged Build

The type of table for foosball that is used in commercial environments needs to be made from high-quality, strong materials that can withstand constant use and even aggressive play. That is why we recommend you go for solid wood materials or laminate materials for durability.

Rugged Build

Big Size

Coin-operated models are usually really big in size, even bigger than standard 56-inch by 30-inch models. Some are even 64 inches long and over 40 inches wide. When choosing between those big sizes, make sure that you have at least around 4 feet of additional space around all sides.

For 2 Or 4 Players

The tables for playing foosball can be for either 2 or 4 players. The bigger models, like those over 5 feet in size usually allow 2 players on each side.


As the models are big, they are also usually heavy, especially if made from wooden materials. For instance, solid wood models are sometimes even over 200 pounds.

Type Of Coin System

You can choose between a 4-coin push chute mechanism (set .25, .50, .75, or $1 per game), dual coin comparators, or a coin mechanism with a single insert, 5 vertical inserts, etc. The coin mechanism sometimes also offers you different options so that you can choose how much a game is or that can work with tokens to set your own special price.

Type Of Coin System

Ball Dispenser

Once the coins are inserted into the system, the dispenser will have to take the balls out ready for play. Some allow up to 9 balls to come out of the dispenser at once. Moreover, these tables can work with a drawer ball return system.

Ball Dispenser

Cash Box

As the table works once the coins are inserted, that money has to go somewhere. Make sure the cash box has a lock so that no one else can access the money.

Playfield Material

You can choose between tables that have laminate playfield materials, glass playfields, and even solid wood playfields. For the most control, solid wood is the best, so it works well for beginners. Glass playfields, on the other hand, make the ball slide fast so it is better for professionals. Moreover, the laminate playfield is somewhere in the middle.

Goalie Configuration

You get to choose between single and triple goalie configurations. Single is a better choice for those who are more experienced, while beginners might prefer triple goalies to play with.

Single goalie vs. triple goalie configuration

Leg Levelers

This is another important feature that will determine if the game can be played properly or not. With leg levelers, you will be able to create a level playfield, no matter the ground you put the table on.

Durable But Light Rods

You can choose between rods made from metal, wooden, and plastic materials. Wooden ones might be a bit hard, while plastic might be too light. That is why your best choice is a hollow metal rod, for example, made from steel. It is a good balance between durability and good control.

Comfortable Handles

Handles on the rods need to be made for comfort and ergonomic use.

Best 3 Coin Operated Foosball Tables For Sale

Tornado T-3000 Coin-Op Foosball Table


Material: Silicone, alloy steel
Dimensions: 56 x 28 x 34 inches
Weight: 355 pounds
Color: Black
Style: Classic
Assembly required: Yes

Comes In Three Colors
This coin-operated black table comes in two more colors – red and gray. It sets the industry standard for coin-operated tables. The standard version of this table, which is not coin operated, is the official game table of Tornado National Tour and Tornado National Foosball League, as well as the International Table Soccer Foundation.

ornado Black T-3000 3 Goalie Coin Op Foosball

Counterbalanced Foosball Men
This regulation size foosball table offers a 3/4″ playfield covered with laminate which enables the ball to slide quickly and smoothly over the surface. The patented Tornado counterbalanced foosball men with 3-goalie setup boast an improved design with sharper corners and redesigned foot for better ball control.

Chrome-Plated Stainless Steel Rods
The classic style blond-and-black foosball men are attached to chrome-plated stainless steel rods with an interchangeable handle system that offers a super strong grip. Thin-wall split competition bearings provide greater control of passes and blocks.

Tornado Black T-3000 3 Goalie Coin Op Foosball Review

Adjustable 5-coin Push Chute Mechanism
This foosball table is designed for use in commercial establishments like hotels, bars and restaurants, and you can choose which color out of the three already mentioned colors will be the best fit for the interior. Tornado T-3000 Coin-Op Foosball Table features a 5-coin Push Chute mechanism which is factory set at $0.75 a play but it is easily adjustable to a different price, free play, or a variety of tokens or international coins.


Overall: ★★★★★
Durability: ★★★★★
Size: ★★★★★
Weight: ★★★★★
Play: ★★★★★
Design: ★★★★★


approx:$xy – $xy
determined by online offer (Amazon, Walmart, eBay) and seasonal sales

Highlighted Points:

  • comes in 3 colors: black, red & gray
  • regulation size foosball table
  • 3-goalie configuration
  • counterbalanced foosball men with redesigned foot
  • chrome-plated stainless steel rods
  • adjustable 5-coin Push Chute mechanism

René Pierre Pro Coin Operated Foosball Table


Material: Aluminium
Dimensions: 64 x 41 x 35 inches
Weight: 200 pounds
Color: Beechwood
Style: Vintage
Assembly required: Yes

Sturdy & Durable Wooden Cabinet
This vintage-looking coin-operated table is made in France and its attention to detail will please any table soccer enthusiast. Its light brown cabinet is made of wood and it is sturdy and durable enough to withstand the toughest competitive matches and everyday use, which makes this table a great investment.

René Pierre Pro Coin Operated Foosball Table

Chrome-Plated Telescopic Rods
The vintage foosball table cabinet stands on solid black wooden legs that provide the maximum level of stability. The strong chrome-plated foosball table telescopic rods add to safety because, unlike solid rods, they don’t poke out through the other side of the table. They feature round ergonomic handles that provide a comfortable and strong grip.

Playfield Made Of Linoleum
The playfield is made of linoleum which enables the high-quality cork foosballs to slide smoothly over the surface. The hand-painted foosball men made of aluminum have a single goalie configuration and they are preassembled to the rods. This table requires some assembly, but it is minimal and fast.

René Pierre Pro Coin Operated Foosball Table Review

Adjustable Coin Mechanism
René Pierre Pro Coin Operated Foosball Table is intended primarily for bars and game rooms, and it would be a perfect choice for fancy bars thanks to its exquisite vintage design. The coin mechanism is adjustable for US coins and a variety of international coins.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Durability: ★★★★☆
Size: ★★★★★
Weight: ★★★★☆
Play: ★★★★★
Design: ★★★★☆


approx:$3,295 – $4,118
determined by online offer (Amazon, Walmart, eBay) and seasonal sales

Highlighted Points:

  • beautiful vintage-looking design
  • sturdy cabinet made of wood
  • chrome-plated telescopic rods
  • round ergonomically designed handles
  • linoleum playfield & cork foosballs
  • adjustable coin mechanism

Shelti Pro Foos III Coin-Op Foosball Table


Material: Wood
Dimensions: 55 x 30 x 36 inches
Weight: 375 pounds
Color: Brown/black
Style: Professional
Assembly required: Yes

Durable Heavy-Duty Foosball Table
This heavy-duty commercial foosball table will withstand intense table soccer matches and last for many years. It is a professional quality competition table which is perfect for tournaments. It is also available without the coin mechanism in case you want to use it at home.

Shelti Pro Foos III Coin-Op Foosball Table Review

Designed For Commercial Purposes
Otherwise, this coin-operated table is designed primarily for commercial purposes of playing at restaurants, bars, hotels, arcade rooms, and other commercial establishments. The assembled size is 55¼” L x 30” W x 36” H (very close to regulation size) and the weight is 375 lbs.

Solid Polymer Legs With Levelers
Its sturdy “Sovereign Cherry” laminate cabinet is very durable and chip-resistant, and it is made of 1½” thick MDF. It stands on solid polymer legs with levelers for maximum stability and a balanced playing field. The playing rods are made of stainless steel with QPQ Rod Treatment that enables ultra-smooth rod action.

Shelti Pro Foos III Coin-Op Foosball Table

4-Coin Push Chute Mechanism
The foosball men with 3-goalie setup feature an improved angled foot with sharp edges for more precise control of the ball. 12 balls are included with the table. The 4-coin Push Chute mechanism can be set to 25¢, 50¢, 75¢, or $1 per game. The table comes with a locking cash box and dual cabinet locks with two sets of keys.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Durability: ★★★★☆
Size: ★★★★☆
Weight: ★★★★☆
Play: ★★★★★
Design: ★★★★☆


approx:$2,600 – $2,700
determined by online offer (Amazon) and seasonal sales

Highlighted Points:

  • heavy-duty commercial foosball table
  • sturdy and durable structure
  • solid polymer legs with levelers
  • stainless steel rods with QPQ Treatment
  • foosball men with angled sharp foot
  • adjustable 4-coin Push Chute mechanism

Maintenance & Cleaning

It is important to maintain your foosball table by doing the following. Clean it from dust and dirt at least a few times a week with a dry cloth. If it is very dirty, we suggest using a small amount of alcohol on the cloth. Moreover, you need to keep the rods lubricated with silicone. Finally, you also need to make sure that there are enough balls in the dispenser and that the cash box does not get too full.

How To Keep It Clean?

How Does A Coin-Operated Model Function?

For this type of foosball table to allow you to play, you will have to insert the coins. Once the coins are in, the balls will be dispensed and the game can start.
Check out the video below to learn about it in more detail:

Rules To Playing Foosball

For recreational foosball playing, players need to be aware of the 6 basic rules that you can also display in your bar, pub, restaurant, or other commercial environments for players to follow:

  1. Flip a coin to decide who serves the foosball for the start of the game. When the first goal is scored, the team who last scored gets to serve the next ball.
  2. No spinning is allowed with the rod (360 degrees) without touching the ball.
  3. No jarring is allowed by slamming the rod against the wall of the foosball table to distract other players or shift the ball.
  4. A dead ball is a ball that stops in the middle between the two teams. When it happens, the ball must be picked up and served. When the dead-ball occurs on the defensive side of the table behind the defensive 2 bar, the defensive player must move it back into play.
  5. The ball goes out of play if it comes off the table area or hits a top rail and comes back. It must then be served by the team it was last scored on.
  6. The rule of 5 bar passing is a bit harder to follow and applies only to the 5 bar foosball rods. Only 10 seconds can pass between when passing the ball from 5 bar rod to the offensive 3 bar rod right after the serve. If it is an initial serve, then you have a 15-second period to pass from the 5 bar. A ball must move and touch 2 men on the 5 bar before it goes advanced to the 3 bar. Moreover, the ball can only touch the wall 2 times in a row before advancing. If it is a pass, then it can touch the ball a third time.

Rules To Playing Foosball


The Tornado T-3000 Coin-Op Foosball Table is the best coin-operated model because it is a table built for competitive matches and therefore extremely durable. It can withstand many years of everyday use but it also boasts top-quality features. Its standard version without a coin mechanism is the official game table of the International Table Soccer Foundation. If you don’t need a coin-operated one, you may want to read our post on the best foosball tables for home. Also, if you want your table to have top-quality professional features, check our post on professional foosball tables.

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