Best 6 Antique Wooden Swivel Desk Chairs To Purchase In 2022

Do you want to buy an antique wooden swivel desk chair?

Then search no more! Here you can read all about the 6 best models on the market, and compare their categories to find the one that suits you the best. Read the buying guide for more helpful info on their features.

Our Top Picks

Best Antique Swivel Wooden Desk Chair SummaryOSP Home 108ES Adjustable Chair
This model features a pneumatic cylinder on a steel base that’s layered with wood. It has a tilting knob and a padded vinyl seat.
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Best With Armrests Vintage Swivel Wooden Desk Chair SummaryBoss B905 Ergonomic Armchair
The backrest and seat having thick padding and vinyl upholstery. Mahogany wooden frame has Burgundy finish color.
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Best Cheap Antique Swivel Wooden Desk Chair SummaryOSP Home 105ES Steel Base Chair
The steel base has a wooden layer and holds high weight. The seat doesn’t have padding, but it has a tilting knob.
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Best With Back Support Vintage Swivel Wooden Desk Chair SummaryOSP 101ANW Swivel Chair
Doesn’t feature padding, however, it has a reclining backrest, rocking motion, solid wood frame, and white elegant finish.
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Signature Design Comfortable Chair
The foam padding and faux leather cover on the seat and backrest make this model ergonomic and very comfortable.
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Best Ergonomic Vintage Swivel Wooden Desk Chair SummaryHillsdale 6125 Faux Leather Chair
The wood frame has a cherry finish and brown faux leather cover that’s filled with thick foam padding. It has caster wheels.
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6 Best Antique Wooden Swivel Desk Chairs Review


OSP Home 108ES Adjustable Chair

Durable Steel Base
This vintage wooden swivel desk chair has a steel base that’s covered with wood. It’s high-quality made and durable, therefore it can hold high weight. Secondly, the base features a built-in pneumatic cylinder which is very user-friendly because you can easily adjust the seat height.

Best Antique Swivel Wooden Desk Chair

Maximum And Minimum Seat Height
The maximum seat height from the floor is 22.5”, and the minimum height is 17.5”. Because of that, you can adjust the structure according to your own height. As a result, your feet can reach the ground which is an important feature because it maintains good blood circulation in your feet.

Tilting Knob And Lever
Moreover, the base of this antique-style office chair features a tilting knob and lever. Therefore, you can adjust the angle of the backrest and the intensity of the tilting. For example, you can tilt the backrest at 120-degrees to rest, or keep it at 90-degrees when you work. The seat has a vinyl cover that’s filled with soft foam padding.


Rocking Motion And Swivel Design
It features a rocking motion so you can move back and forth. This is possible when you loosen the tilting knob. In addition, the chair base has a swivel design. In other words, it can rotate for 360-degrees which is very practical if you don’t want to twist your back when communicating with co-workers and doing job tasks.

Highlighted Points:

  • steel base with the pneumatic lever
  • height range between 17.5” and 22.5”
  • tilting between 90-degrees and 120-degrees
  • swivels for 360-degrees
  • padded seat with vinyl cover


Boss B905 Ergonomic Armchair

Thick Padded Ergonomic Structure
In comparison to other models from this list, this one has a unique design. Firstly, it has thick padding that’s filling both the backrest and seat, so it’s very comfortable and designed for long-hour sitting. Secondly, the Mahogany wooden frame is layered with Burgundy finish color which makes it very elegant and great for any room interior.


Weight Capacity And Caster Wheels
Thirdly, and most importantly, the wooden frame is very sturdy and durable, so the maximum weight capacity of this model is 250 pounds. Moreover, it ends with a 5-star shaped wheelbase. Each caster wheel is smooth and durable since polyurethane nylon is the main construction material.

Upholstered Durable Vinyl
You can easily move the antique wooden swivel desk chair, and transport it between rooms. In addition, you can slide from one side of your desk to another. Great user-friendly is the upholstered vinyl in Burgundy color that’s very elegant, durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.

Best With Armrests Vintage Swivel Wooden Desk Chair

Armrests And Seat Height
This is a high-quality wooden 8-hour office chair with padded armrests. The padding is memory foam that’s soft, thick, and durable enough to support your arms, back and head. The backrest has a diamond tufted surface with vintage-looking buttons. Armrests have retro nailheads. Seat height can be adjusted between 20” and 23”.

Highlighted Points:

  • padded backrest and seat
  • Mahogany wooden frame in Burgundy finish
  • vinyl upholstery in Burgundy color
  • seat height range is between 20” and 23”
  • padded armrests with retro nailheads


OSP Home 105ES Steel Base Chair

Wooden Steel Base
This model has a steel base that’s durable and long-lasting. Because of the heavy-duty metal, it can carry weight up to 250 pounds. The solid wood layer covers the steel base, and the rest of the frame is made from wood. The high-quality structure makes it long-lasting.

Best Cheap Antique Swivel Wooden Desk Chair

Without Padding
However, it doesn’t feature vinyl foam padding on the seat like the previous models. Both backrest and seat are made from wood only, but they still are comfortable and you can always add the cushion on the seat. Moreover, the backrest can recline by using the tilting lever.

Tilting Options
So you can recline the backrest backward to rest, or keep it upright when you’re working. Also, you can adjust the intensity with a tilting knob. As a result, when it’s loosened, the chair can go back and forth so you can stay active within this rocking motion.


Adjustable Seat And Caster Wheels
This vintage wooden swivel desk chair can rotate for 360-degrees which is very practical. In addition, the pneumatic lever allows you to adjust the height between 17.5” and 22.5”. Moreover, the base has caster rolling wheels so you can easily move the adjustable office chair with wheels from one place to another.

Highlighted Points:

  • maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds
  • the seat height range is 17.5” – 22.5”
  • tilting knob and lever
  • swivels for 360-degree
  • doesn’t have padding


OSP 101ANW Swivel Chair

Elegant Wood Design Without Padding
This model is similar to the previous one, however, it’s layered in the white finish which makes its design very unique. The exterior is a great fit for many interiors such as living room, bedroom, or office. The backrest and seat have a wooden frame without foam padding.

Best With Back Support Vintage Swivel Wooden Desk Chair

Steel Base With Pneumatic Cylinder
Moreover, the antique wooden swivel desk chair has a pneumatic height adjustment which means that the steel base has a pneumatic cylinder. It’s connected to the pneumatic lever so you can easily push it to adjust the height. As a result, you can set the seat height between 17.5” and 22.5”.

Tilting Knob For Rocking Motion
The tiling knob beneath the seat is great for activating rocking motion and reclining the backrest. Therefore, you can be active while sitting. For instance, when you turn the knob in one way, you’ll loosen the backrest so you can move back and forth while sitting.


Caster Wheels For Carpets
On the other hand, turning the knob in the opposite way will lock the backrest in a certain position. The base ends with the rolling caster wheels that are suitable for carpet only. Therefore, you shouldn’t move this aesthetic desk chair on the hardwood floor because it could get damaged.

Highlighted Points:

  • elegant white solid wood design
  • the seat is between 17.5” and 22.5” high
  • rocking motion with tilting
  • caster wheels for carpets
  • no seat or backrest padding


Signature Design Comfortable Chair

Ergonomic Model For Study
In case you want to have a antique wooden swivel desk chair for studying, you should consider buying an ergonomic model with a padded and soft structure. Therefore, this is a great option for a student or an employee that’s sitting for a long time in the chair.

Best For Study Antique Swivel Wooden Desk Chair

Leather Cover And Foam Padding
It’s a back posture chair that has a high-quality faux leather cover and high-density foam padding. The cover is easy to maintain and clean. Moreover, it adds to the elegant design. The foam contours around the body, especially lower back, and it relaxes muscles that prevent back pain.

Dimensions And Style
Most importantly, the backrest is padded enough to support your back while sitting for a long time. The wooden frame has an additional finish of warm wooden color. The model is 27” long and wide, and 38” high. The seat is adjustable by using the pneumatic cylinder.

BEST FOR STUDY ANTIQUE SWIVEL Signature Design Wooden Desk Chair

Height Adjustments And Mobility
Push the lever and adjust the seat height between a minimum of 18”, or a maximum of 21”. The swivel base ends with rolling casters that are made from metal and plastic. The model weighs around 38 pounds, so it’s easier to move it on caster wheels around the office and between rooms.

Highlighted Points:

  • foam padding
  • faux leather cover
  • wood frame with a warm finish
  • 5 rolling caster wheels
  • seat with height range between 18” and 21”


Hillsdale 6125 Faux Leather Chair

Round Backrest With Faux Leather
This is a vintage leather desk chair that has a unique round-shaped backrest which creates a very elegant and beautiful design. As a result, this model is a great addition to your home and office. The backrest and seat have foam padding that’s layered with brown faux leather.

Best Ergonomic Vintage Swivel Wooden Desk Chair

Ergonomic Padding
The leather cover is easy to maintain, and it’s long-lasting. Also, the padding is supporting your body and helps with releasing the tension that can build-up in muscles when you sit for a long time. As a result, you won’t experience back pain.

Seat Dimensions
The seat is the thickest in comparison to other models from the list. Therefore, this antique wooden swivel desk chair has a high-quality ergonomic design. In addition, the wooden frame has a beautiful cherry finish on solid wood. The maximum height is 40.25”, while the seat is 24” long and 26” wide.

BEST ERGONOMIC VINTAGE SWIVEL Hillsdale 6125 Wooden Desk Chair

Tilting And Pneumatic Lifting
Moreover, the pneumatic cylinder on the base allows you to adjust the seat height to your own body so your feet can touch the floor. This is great for maintaining good blood circulation in the legs. Adjust the backrest angle with the tilting knob and lever. The base ends with caster wheels, so you can slide while on the chair, or easily move it around the room.

Highlighted Points:

  • thick seat padding
  • the seat is 24” long, 26” wide, and 40.25” high
  • pneumatic lever and tilting knob
  • round leather faux cover
  • cherry finish base with caster wheels

Things To Know About Antique Wooden Swivel Desk Chairs

There are many features to consider when buying the best model for your home or office. Here I’ll describe a few of them, such as armrests, padding, the right cover, mobility, etc. Therefore, you can get more info so it’s easier to choose the most suitable model.

Adjustable Features – The pneumatic cylinder and tilting knob are very user-friendly.  The first one adjusts the seat height, while the latter one allows backrest reclining. Read the best fully adjustable ergonomic chair review for more models with these features.

Arms With Armrests – The best models will have padded arms with armrests, especially if the whole frame is wooden because they offer great support for elbows and hands. As a result, you won’t feel the tension in the shoulder and upper back so you can sit comfortably for a long time.

Cover And Padding – Antique wooden swivel desk chairs often have faux leather or vinyl upholstery cover. The first one is soft and easy to maintain, while the other is very durable. Both are comfortable and ergonomic, especially if the padding is thick foam or sponge that gives the best support to your body.

Caster Wheels – The mobility is a user-friendly feature. For instance, the chair can be very heavy, so it’s easier to move it around on the wheels than carrying it. Also, caster wheels allow you to slide from one place to another, and they’re great addition to the swivel design.

Weight Capacity – Often solid wood frame with steel base, or base that has strong wood construction, will support high weight capacity similar to 500 lb capacity office chairs. However, many other models have a standard weight capacity where the maximum is between 200 and 300 pounds.

Final Verdict

The best model is the OSP Home 108ES antique wooden swivel desk chair because it has an all-wooden frame and padded seat with a vinyl cover. It’s an adjustable swivel chair with a steel base and caster wheels. For more models with unique ergonomic designs, check out the article on the best adjustable kneeling chair.

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