Best 6 Height Adjustable Swivel Chairs & Stools For Office

Do you want to buy an adjustable swivel chair?

Then you should read this article! I’ll describe the 6 best models on the market and compare them between different categories such as a computer, for study, with armrests, etc. In case you need additional help with finding the right model, check out the buying guide.

Our Top Picks

Best Adjustable Swivel Chair SummaryBlack Office V03 Adjustable Swivel Chair
This is an ergonomic model with pneumatic lifting for height adjustments, a high-quality sponge, and covered with breathable mesh.
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Best Height-Adjustable Swivel Chair SummaryWork Pro W112010A Swivel Chair
It features a base with 4 legs without wheels. It’s heavy-duty so it carries high weight, and it features hydraulic height adjustment.
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Best For Study Adjustable Swivel Chair SummaryGreenForest 1477 Ergonomic Office Chair
Great for studying with smooth polyurethane caster wheels, and firm stable polypropylene backrest and seat.
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Best With Armrests Adjustable Swivel Chair SummaryBerlman YT-1 Ergonomic Chair
The mesh backrest has lumbar support and a headrest. The height-adjustable armrests can be flipped up and down.
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Best Computer Chair Height-Adjustable Swivel Chair SummaryNouhaus Home Computer Chair
It’s made from reinforced nylon material that’s available in many colors. It has the synchro-tilt option and adjustable arms.
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Best Hydraulic Height-Adjustable Swivel Chair SummaryZeny Leather Ergonomic Chair
The model features hydraulic lifting and a high-quality steel base with a waterproof PU leather cover and rubberized casters.
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6 Best Adjustable Swivel Chair


Black Office V03 Adjustable Swivel Chair

Seat Dimensions And Structure
This is an ergonomic office mesh desk chair, task computer chair with lumbar support, and modern executive rolling adjustable swivel chair for the back. The seat is 18.5” long and 18” wide. It’s covered with elastic and firm mesh that’s also breathable.  The padding is made from a high-quality sponge.

Best Adjustable Swivel Chair

Weight Capacity And Gas Cylinder
The maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds. This is the Best Office office, ergonomic desk, and swivel rolling computer chair with executive lumbar support, and task mesh chair with metal base. The base has a gas cylinder that’s BIFMA certified which means it’s very safe to use.

Height Adjustments
The height can be adjusted between 17.1” and 20.3”. Therefore you can adjust it according to your body, and also to set the right height according to the desk. It’s the Best Office ergonomic, office desk, pc gaming, and PU leather swivel chair, executive computer chair with lumbar support.

BEST OF BEST Black Office V03 Adjustable Swivel Chair

Tilting Options
This is also the Best Office office gaming chair and ergonomic swivel chair with a high back that’s ergonomic and features lumbar support that’s releasing tensions from muscles around the spine when you’re sitting for a long time. It’s an 8-hour office chair that also features tilting between 90 and 125 degrees.

Highlighted Points:

  • 18.5” long and 18” wide seat
  • sponge padding with mesh cover
  • 17.1”-20.3” high seat
  • tilts from 90-degrees to 125-degrees
  • weight capacity is 250 pounds


Work Pro W112010A Swivel Chair

Weight Capacity And Seat Diameter
This swivel height adjustable bar stool has a base that’s made from steel, therefore it’s long-lasting and durable. Therefore, this model has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds. The seat is padded with a high-quality sponge, and it’s 13.78” wide in diameter.

Best Height-Adjustable Swivel Chair

Hydraulic Lifting With Lever
The height can be adjusted with hydraulic lifting, therefore you can use the lever to easily set the height between 29” and 33.86”. It’s one of the adjustable swivel counter height bar stools that don’t have back support or armrests. However, the padding is thick, and it features comfort for your lower back.

Four Legs Without Wheels
The unit has an adjustable base that’s constructed with 4 heavy-duty legs. The adjustable desk stool is fixed in one place because it doesn’t have caster wheels, so you can’t move while sitting on the chair. However, the design weighs only 18 pounds so the height-adjustable swivel chair is lightweight and easy to carry around.

BEST HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE Work Pro W112010A Adjustable Swivel Chair

Rotates For 360-Degrees
The swivel design allows you to rotate for 360-degrees while being on the stool, so you don’t have to twist your back to get something behind you. The Work Pro Shop adjustable height swivel vanity stool is great for use in bars, but in other places too like salons and shops. It comes with all tools and parts needed for fast and easy assembly.

Highlighted Points:

  • weight capacity is 330 pounds
  • 13.78” wide in diameter
  • rotates for 360-degree
  • base with 4 legs
  • height adjustable between 29” and 33.86”


GreenForest 1477 Ergonomic Office Chair

Material Of The Frame
The GreenForest children student chair and adjustable swivel ergonomic student computer desk chair are high-quality made. The frame is made from medium-density fireboard (MDF) and metal. It’s durable and stable, so you can be sure this adjustable swivel chair is safe for your children.

BEST FOR STUDY GreenForest 1477 Adjustable Swivel Chair

Backrest And Seat Material
The high-quality structure ensures high weight capacity. The backrest and seat are made from a polypropylene material that’s durable, long-lasting, firm, and easy to maintain. Although it’s not the softest material, this swivel chair with adjustable height is great for supporting the lower and upper back.

High-Quality Base With Wheels
It’s not made for long sitting, but it’s high-quality enough to support your kid while doing homework and studying for few hours. The swivel height-adjustable chair has a 5-star base that ends with caster wheels. They’re made from polyurethane and nylon material, and they’re suitable for all floor types.

Best For Study Adjustable Swivel Chair

Gas Cylinder And Height Adjustments
Therefore this model is portable and can be easily moved from one side of the room to another. The seat is 15.9” long and wide. The base has a pneumatic cylinder for simple gas lifting that’s safe. Use the pneumatic lever to adjust the height between 29.5” and 34.3”.

Highlighted Points:

  • adjust the height between 29.5” and 34.3”
  • MDF and metal frame
  • base with caster wheels
  • pneumatic lifting
  • 15.9” long and wide seat


Berlman YT-1 Ergonomic Chair

Breathable Mesh Cover
This height-adjustable swivel chair has an ergonomic high-quality design that’s good for longer sitting. The backrest and seat are made from elastic and firm mesh that supports your body. Also, the material allows cool air circulation so you won’t start to sweat when sitting for a long time.

BEST WITH ARMRESTS Berlman YT-1 Adjustable Swivel Chair

Adjustable Arms
It’s the Berlamn ergonomic high back mesh office chair with adjustable armrest and desk computer chair. It can be used for different purposes. The built-in headrest allows you to rest your upper body and head, while the arms are adjustable and can be flipped up and down.

Weight Capacity And Wheels
You can turn the armrests down to support your hand, or flip them up if you want to space some space when storing the chair under the desk. This high-back swivel chair with armrests has a heavy-duty base so it can carry up to 250 pounds of weight capacity. The adjustable office chair with wheels allows easy mobility while you’re sitting, and simple transport.

Best With Armrests Adjustable Swivel Chair

Seat Height And Padding
The Berlman ergonomic high-back office chair features a high-quality SGS-certified gas cylinder that’s safe to use in the office and home. It ensures pneumatic lifting and height adjustments between 45.7” and 49.7”. The seat is padded with a 3.1” thick sponge for the best lower-back support, while the backrest features lumbar support for the back.

Highlighted Points:

  • breathable mesh cover
  • certified SGS cylinder
  • the chair is between 45.7” and 49.7” high
  • lumbar support and headrest
  • height-adjustable armrests


Nouhaus Home Computer Chair

Weight Capacity And Structure
This is the Nouhaus palette ergonomic office chair and comfortable swivel computer desk chair that’s made from a high-density nylon base that’s fitted with structural ribs and gussets. The high-quality structure can hold weight up to 240 pounds.

Best Computer Chair Height-Adjustable Swivel Chair

Synchro-Tilt Function
The Synchro-Tilt option is another user-friendly feature that tilts back your chair and seat together. Use the tilting lever to recline this adjustable swivel chair. It tilts between 90-degrees and 135-degrees. Another user-friendly feature is the adjustable lumbar support for the lower back.

Color Options And Mobility
The adjustable swivel computer desk chair fabric and mesh office chair with arms seating and backrest is available in orange, black, blue, burgundy, and green color. The base comes with caster wheels that allow you to move this aesthetic desk chair from one side of the room to the other. 

BEST COMPUTER CHAIR Nouhaus Height-Adjustable Swivel Chair

Certified Cylinder And Seat Height
The Class-4 gas cylinder is certified and ensures simple pneumatic seat lifting. Use the lever to adjust the seat height between 17.5” and 21.25”. The armrests are also height-adjustable. It weighs only 27.5 pounds. Adjustable mesh office chair and computer ergonomic swivel chair have long-lasting parts that are also covered with a 5-year limited warranty.

Highlighted Points:

  • weight capacity is 240 base
  • reinforced nylon structure
  • available in different colors
  • tilting up to 135-degrees
  • height adjustable between 17.5” and 21.25”


Zeny Leather Ergonomic Chair

High-Quality Leather Cover
This is Zeny adjustable height hydraulic rolling swivel stool, and tattoo, facial massage spa, and medical salon stool without backrest. The cover is made from durable polyurethane leather that’s soft, long-lasting, and easy to maintain because it’s oil-proof, abrasion-resistant, and waterproof. 

BEST HYDRAULIC Zeny Height-Adjustable Swivel Chair

Height Adjustments And Weight Capacity
The medical swivel stool features a hydraulic lift that you can use to easily adjust the height between 18” and 23”. The base is made from steel, so it’s strong, durable, and long-lasting. This is also a great safety feature because it’s explosion-proof. The adjustable work stool has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Seat Width And Thick Padding
The seat is 13” wide in diameter and it’s padded with 3” thick memory foam. It supports the lower back and relaxes muscles around the spine. The base ends with 2” wide caster wheels so you can move while sitting. Also, this hydraulic height-adjustable swivel chair can rotate for 360-degrees.

Best Hydraulic Height-Adjustable Swivel Chair

Smooth Rubber Casters
This is a great feature, especially if you’re working in a dynamic environment because you don’t have to twist your back when reaching different things behind you. The model is one of the hydraulic swivel bar stools that have rubber-costed casters so they don’t create noise when moving on a hard floor.

Highlighted Points:

  • hydraulic lifting
  • steel anti-explosion base
  • rubber-layered caster wheels
  • waterproof and oil-proof faux leather
  • weight capacity is 250 pounds

Things To Know About Height Adjustable Swivel Chair

These models are great if you’re working in a dynamic environment where you have to constantly turn around you to do different tasks and reach things behind you. Models available are both office chairs and bar stools. To buy the best model, read more about important features such as cover, caster wheels, weight capacity etc.

Weight Capacity – This is the next important feature to consider. Heavy-duty models have a sturdy metal base that’s often made from chrome, steel, and durable wood. Their maximum weight capacity is between 300 and 500 pounds, sometimes even more. Standard models have a weight capacity between 200 and 300 pounds.

Ergonomic DesignThe adjustable ergonomic office chair should have a backrest with lumbar support that’s releasing tension from the muscles around the spine. The armrests are great for relaxing elbows and the upper body. Stools without backrest and arms should have a saddle or waterfall seat design.

Height Adjustments – The adjustable swivel chair should have a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder for easy height adjustments. The pneumatic lever often allows you to adjust the height while sitting on the chair. This feature allows you to adjust the chair according to your body, and according to the type of desk you’re working at.

Cover And PaddingThe all-mesh task chair is very user-friendly because they’re extremely breathable and great for long sitting. However, if you’re looking for a soft chair with an elegant look, a leather cover is a better choice. Both mesh and leather are durable. The padding should be thick and made from high-quality foam or sponge that contours the body.

Base Shape – The base can be round and without wheels. Often this type is found in stools that are made for active sitting because round-shape bases are designed for wobble and rocking motion. In case you want to be mobile while sitting on the chair, and easily move the chair throughout the room, buy the model that has a base with caster wheels.

Final Verdict

The best model is the Berlman YT-1 height-adjustable swivel chair because it has a lumbar support backrest with a headrest and height-adjustable arms. It’s covered with breathable mesh, so if you want to research leather models with unique designs, read the article on the best vintage leather desk chair.

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