6 Best 8 Hour Office Chairs Making Full Time Job Relaxing

Are you searching for an 8-hour office chair?

Then you should read this article! I’ll describe 8 different models and divide them into different categories. You can compare them and read more about important features in the guide that can help you to choose the best chair for full time job.

Our Top Picks

Modway EEI-757-BLK Chair SummaryModway EEI-757-BLK Chair
This model has lumbar support, height-adjustable arms, high capacity, and tilting to relax on the chair during the pause.
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OFM ESS-6060 Chair SummaryOFM ESS-6060 Chair
High-quality and lifetime warranted model with leather cover, padded armrests, and headrest. It features high weight capacity.
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Serta 44186 Office Chair SummarySerta 44186 Office Chair
A unique feature is AST technology that keeps your body activated when sitting. It has height-adjustable arms.
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AmazonCommercial 50978 Office Chair SummaryAmazonCommercial 50978 Chair
Great model with padded seat and built-in headrest. It’s space-saving because arms can flip down and up.
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Klim K300 Office Chair For 8 Hour Use SummaryKlim K300 Office Chair For 8 Hour Use
Great quality for a low price. Includes padded seat with breathable and water-reistant fabric. It has adjustable seat height.
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Elabest 8-Hour Rated Office Chair SummaryElabest 8-Hour Rated Office Chair
This model has a high-quality ergonomic design with a polyurethane cover with headrest. It has a lever for tilt intensity.
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6 Best 8-Hour Office Chair Review


Modway EEI-757-BLK Chair

Thick Seat And High Capacity
This 8-hour desk chair has a breathable mesh on both the seat and backrest. It’s elastic and firm so it can hold a high weight such as 331 pounds. The seat has a padded cushion that’s 8” thick. Therefore it’s very comfortable and contours around your body to keep the muscles around the lower back relaxed.

Modway EEI-757-BLK Chair

Padded Arms With Armrests
The office chairs rated for 8 hours should have comfortable armrests so you can relax elbows on the chair. This model has padded arms and armrests that are adjustable. The arms can be moved up and down which is very user-friendly because you can relax in the chair in any position, and store the chair beneath the desk.

Height Adjustments And Tilting
The model has pneumatic lifting to adjust the height between 34” and 39”. The chair is 26” long and wide, while the backrest is 22” high. The unique feature of this model is two separated levers for adjusting tilting. One is connected to the seat, while the other is used for the backrest. If you want to change the tilting intensity, or lock the chair in a certain position, use the tilt knob.

Modway EEI-757-BLK Chair Review

Swivel Design And Lumbar Support
The lumbar support is good for the back because it relaxes the muscles around the spine. The chair has a 360-degree swivel so you don’t have to twist your back when having to reach different things around you. The chrome base has a sturdy two-tone base that’s allowing the high weight capacity. The caster wheels allow mobility within the office.

Highlighted Points:

  • 8” thick padded cushion
  • height-adjustable arms
  • adjustable height
  • tilt knob
  • 360-degree swivel


OFM ESS-6060 Chair

Leather Cover And Diamond Pattern
This 8-hour chair has a 250 pounds weight capacity, and the seat is padded with a high-quality sponge that’s comfortable. The covers are made from SoftThread leather that’s soft and high-quality made so it will last for a long time. The backrest features a heat-pressed diamond pattern and segmented ultra-plush padding.

OFM ESS-6060 Chair Review

Caster Wheels And Rotating Design
The arms are padded so there are armrests you can use to relax elbows and upper body. The base has caster wheels that allow you to be mobile in the office while sitting on the chair. It’s the best 8-hour computer chair that will make your body feel comfortable and relaxed. Also, it can rotate for 360-degrees.

Lifetime Warranty And Dimensions
The high-quality of this 8-hour ergonomic office chair is proved with the OFM lifetime warranty on all parts. The backrest has an integrated headrest for an even more ergonomic design. It’s the best chair for 8 hours sitting because it also features adjustable height using the pneumatic lever. It’s 29” long, 28” wide, and 44.75” high.

OFM ESS-6060 Chair

Reclining Without The Lock
The tilting is available, and since the seat and backrest are connected, they will recline as the same unit. There is no tilt lock, but you can use the lever to adjust the intensity of tilting. The chair has different user-friendly features, a high-quality and all that is offered for the low-budget price.

Highlighted Points:

  • weight capacity is 250 pounds
  • SoftThread leather cover
  • 29” long, 28” wide, and 44.75” high.
  • lifetime warranty
  • headrest and padded seat


Serta 44186 Ergonomic Chair

Pneumatic Seat Lifting
This is the best chair for sitting 8 hours a day because it has an ergonomic structure, a soft cover, and a padded seat. The seat is covered with leather that’s soft, durable, and long-lasting. The height of the chair is adjustable with the pneumatic lifting by pushing the lever. You can adjust it between 41” and 44”.

Serta 44186 Office Chair Review

Dimensions And Adjustable Arms
The inside seat width is 19.75”, while the overall chair width is 27”. The backrest is 23” high. The height-adjustable arms can be set between 26.75” and 31.5” height in regards to the seat. This is user-friendly because you can adjust the padded armrests to your body. The arms can be adjusted with the push-button.

Deep-Layered Padding
This 8-hour office chair has a 360-degree swivel design, and it has to tilt both back and forward. Forward tilting promotes strength and flexibility in your body while reclining back allows you to relax in the pause of work. The deep-layered pillows beneath the eco-friendly bonded leather are comfortable and contour to your body.

Serta 44186 Office Chair

Headrest And AST Technology
Like the previous model, this one has a built-in headrest for complete relaxation. The Active Seating Technology (AST) is a unique feature that offers continuous motion and support by pivoting the seat and lumbar support as you move. It can replicate pelvic tilt exercise that’s excellent in reducing the discomfort from seating.

Highlighted Points:

  • eco-friendly leather
  • adjustable height between 41” and 44”
  • Active Seating Technology
  • height-adjustable arms
  • tilting forward


AmazonCommercial 50978 Aluminum Chair

Padded Seat And Headrest
This model is made from leather that comes in black, brown, and white color. The seat is padded with a thick sponge so you can sit comfortably for a long time without feeling pain in the lower back. Also, the backrest features a built-in padded headrest for additional comfort. Leather can be cleaned easily.

AmazonCommercial 50978 Office Chair Review

Adjustable Seat And Arms
The seat height can be adjusted, and the headrest can be elevated so you can adjust the 8-hour chair to your body. The cylinder for pneumatic lifting is BIFMA certified for usage in the office, home, and other interior spaces. The seat can be adjusted between 19” and 22”.  The arms are padded and form armrests that you can use to rest your elbows and relax the back.

Aluminum Base And High Capacity
The arms of this best desk chair for 8 hours are adjustable so you can change their height to fit your body. The 5-point aluminum base is durable but lightweight. Therefore this model has a weight capacity of 275 pounds. The caster wheels on the base are allowing mobility so you can move from one place to the other.

AmazonCommercial 50978 Office Chair

Space-Saving Feature
It’s height is between 41.75” and 44.75”, width is 28.5”, and length is 31”. The seating is 21.5” long and wide. The arms can be adjusted in height, and also flipped down and up. That’s very user-friendly because you can adjust how much space you want to have in a chair. Also, it’s space-saving in the interior because you can easily store the chair beneath the desk.

Highlighted Points:

  • padded thick sponge
  • leather cove
  • BIFMA certified pneumatic lift
  • weight capacity is 275 pounds
  • height-adjustable arms


Klim K300 Breathable Lumbar Chair

Padded Seat And Breathable Fabric
This is a great 8-hour office chair if you have a lower budget, but still looking for higher quality. The seat is padded with high-quality cushions so it allows you to sit comfortably and releases the pressure from the muscles in the lower back. Also, it’s covered with breathable fabric that prevents any sweating.

Klim K300 Office Chair For 8 Hour Use Review

Lumbar Support And Chrome Base
The lumbar support is built-in so it’s the best office chair for sitting 8 hours or more. The backrest is also made from a mesh material that’s elastic, firm, and durable. The headrest is included for the best comfort.  The fabric is water-resistant, and the base is made from chrome, and casters are made from durable ABS plastic.

Weight Capacity And Rotating Design
You can move the chair around, and be mobile while sitting. The rotatable design allows you to turn for 360-degrees when needed so you don’t need to twist your back. All parts are covered with a 5-year limited warranty which is proof of high-quality structure. The weight capacity of this model is 300 pounds, which is very user-friendly.

Klim K300 Office Chair For 8 Hour Use

Dimensions And Tilting Lock
Also, the backrest can be reclined for several degrees and there is a rocking mechanism that can be adjusted with the tilt lever. The tilt knob is also included so you can adjust the intensity of tilting and lock the chair in a certain position. The model is 48.43” long, 21.65” wide, and 24.41” high. The height of the seat is adjustable.

Highlighted Points:

  • padded cushions
  • breathable mesh and fabric
  • lumbar support
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • weight capacity is 300 pounds


Elabest Waterproof Adjustable Chair

Waterproof Leather Padding
This 8-hour chair is ergonomic with lumbar support and cushioned headrest for the best comfort. The seat is padded with a large and thick cushion that reduces pressure from the lower back. The padding is covered with polyurethane leather that’s waterproof and doesn’t fade. It’s durable and long-lasting.

Elabest 8-Hour Rated Office Chair Review

Thick Seat And Height Adjustments
The seat is 4.3” thick, so it will support your body. The height can be adjusted between 42.3” and 46.1”, which means you can change the position to fit your body. It’s important that your feet are on the ground to remove pressure from the upper thighs and allow blood circulation to flow freely to the feet.

Dimensions And Backrest Width
The model can rotate for 360-degrees, and the backrest can tilt between 90-degrees and 120-degrees. This is ideal for resting during the gaming or work break. The model has a lever to adjust tilting tensity. This 8-hour gaming chair is 27.17” long, and 26.38” wide. The backrest is 20.47” long and 24.8” wide.

Elabest 8-Hour Rated Office Chair

Weight Capacity And Warranty
The maximum carrying capacity is 280 pounds. This best office chair for 8 hours can be assembled easily and within 30 minutes. All parts are stored in the backrest, so you need to pull the zipper on the cover to get them. All parts of this chair are covered with a 1-year limited warranty. Read the user manual to see which damages are covered with the warranty.

Highlighted Points:

  • polyurethane cover
  • 4.3” thick seat
  • tilting between 90-120 degrees
  • weight capacity is 280 pounds
  • 7.17” long, 26.38” wide, and 42.3” – 46.1” high

Things To Know About 8-Hour Chair

The chairs for 8 hours should have a comfortable ergonomic design with support for the back, head, and arms so your body doesn’t suffer from pressure. In this guide, I’ll describe important features such as adjustable height, reclining options, ergonomic design, you should consider when searching for the right model.

Ergonomic Design – The office chair 8-hour use should have lumbar support for all parts of your back and it allows the muscles around the spine to relax. If you want to be even more comfortable, consider the model with the headrest and footrest so you can completely relax during the break from work.

Arms With Armrests – This is a great feature especially if you’re working in the office or home for 8 hours. You can rest your arms, especially elbows if the chair features armrests. It also allows your upper body to relax, and it prevents back pain. It’s great if the arms are padded with a cushion.

Adjustable Height – If you need the office chair most comfortable for 8 hours, you should search for a pneumatic lift to adjust the height. This is important because it allows you to have both feet on the flow, which relieves the pressure from the upper thighs and allow free blood circulation to the feet. Some models don’t have a pneumatic lift, but you need to manually rotate them to adjust the height.

Reclining Options – A very user-friendly feature that allows you to relax on the chair. The backrest can be reclined for 90 to 160 degrees, and this tilting can be adjusted. Also, many models have a tilting knob that allows you to lock in the upright position or in a certain reclining position.

Material Type – When you searching for an 8-hour office chair, consider the material you want. The leather is soft, comfortable, and durable, as well as fabric, but it’s slightly harder to wash in comparison to mesh that’s also more breathable, but hard. The strength of the material and the base will determine the weight capacity. To check heavy-duty models, read the best 500 lb office chair review.

Final Verdict

The best model is Serta 44186 8-hour office chair because it features unique Active Seating Technology that moves the backrest according to your body position. For more user-friendly chairs, read the best acrylic swivel desk chair review. And if you want a chair with unique designs, check out the best 70s office chair review.

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