Best 5 Mango Wood File Cabinets: Practical And Decorative

Are you looking for a file cabinet made of mango wood?

Then you are in the right place! To help you in your search, we gathered some useful information about the mango wood file cabinet in a brief buying guide. Moreover, we described 5 top-rated models in the market that meet different needs.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Mango Wood File Cabinet
Zona Mid-Century Modern picksZona Filing Cabinet
This sideboard file cabinet is equipped with two cabinets and three standard drawers with metal handles.
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Best 2-drawer Mango Wood File Cabinet
Caffey 2-Drawer Filing picksPalaney File Cabinet
Antique small file cabinet with wood construction and metal frame and legs. It is a handcrafted product.
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Best Lateral Mango Wood File Cabinet
Sauder International picksSauder Lux File Cabinet
Great lateral file cabinet made of engineered wood and metal frame, two drawers hold letter and legal files.
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Best On Wheels Mango Wood File Cabinet
Mobile File Cabinet picksHM Mobile File Cabinet
Small and compact file cabinet, there are two different drawers, metal handles and four rolling casters.
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Best Large Mango Wood File Cabinet
AA Warehousing picksAA Warehousing File Cabinet
Solid mango wood construction with glass door, high weight capacity and three fixed shelves for storage.
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Best 5 Mango Wood File Cabinets

Best Of Best Mango Wood File Cabinet

Zona Filing Cabinet

Assembly Required
The Zona file cabinet measures 16 inches in depth, 56 inches in width and 36 inches in height, it weighs 148 pounds. The assembly is required, so you’ll get the detailed instruction and the tools in the package. This item stands on four thin, but durable legs.

Zona Mid-Century Modern review

Mid-century Look
It offers a mid-century look, clean lines and textured surface. The file cabinet is made of mango wood that features golden browns with natural hues. This hardwood ensures unique patterns. The surface is dense, durable and resistant to wear and tear.

3D Weave Design
This sideboard filing cabinet has two cabinet doors, they are embellished with a beautiful 3D weave design. They are inspired by art deco styling. The top is wide and spacious, so use it for plants, books, registers, and other things. There is ample storage space.

Zona Mid-Century rer

Three Drawers
Behind the file cabinet doors, there are shelves for large items, like books, registers, file folders, etc. In the middle of the mango wood file cabinet, there are three standard size drawers. These drawers are shallow, so they are ideal for desk and office supplies, like post-it notes, scissors, and others.

Highlighted Points:

  • wide sideboard filing cabinet
  • it features a modern design with a 3D weave look
  • wide and spacious top for plants and books
  • two file cabinet doors with shelves
  • three standard size drawers hold small office supplies

Best 2-drawer Mango Wood File Cabinet

Palaney File Cabinet

Distressed Finish
The Palaney file cabinet comes fully assembled at your address. The file cabinet is made of solid mango wood. It is durable and lasts for many years. The frame and legs are made of sturdy metal material. The Palaney file cabinet features a distressed finish.

Caffey 2-Drawer Filing review

Handcrafted Product
Its overall dimensions are 30.5 inches in height, 22 inches in width and 19.7 inches in depth. The whole mango wood file cabinet is handcrafted. The top is thick, so you can place some devices or books on it. There are small metal handles on drawers.

Caffey 2-Drawer Filing

Letter & Legal Files
The Palaney weighs 71 pounds and it features a high price. You need to clean it with a damp or dry towel, don’t use any aggressive cleanser, it will damage this small 2 drawer file cabinet. There are two drawers that hold letter and legal file folders.

Highlighted Points:

  • it comes fully assembled at your address
  • made of durable engineered wood
  • the frame and handles are made of metal
  • two drawers hold letter and legal files
  • the sturdy legs are made of steel

Best Lateral Mango Wood File Cabinet

Sauder Lux File Cabinet

Metal & Wood
Sauder International made this lateral file cabinet. The construction is made of high quality engineered wood and metal. It features a metal frame and handles in a Satin gold finish. The unit size is 30.32 inches in width, 29.7 inches in height and 16.54 inches in depth.

Sauder International review

Small Shelf
It weighs 85 pounds. It is finished on all sides for versatile placement in your home office. Use its spacious top for additional storage and display of items like books, registers, printer, etc. Below the top surface, there is a small wide shelf for books or notebooks.

Full-extension Drawers
This mango wood file cabinet features two spacious drawers with full extension slides. Both drawers accommodate letter and legal size file folders. You can keep your important and private documents organized. Place the files horizontally or vertically.

Sauder International

Interlocking Mechanism
This solid wood lateral file cabinet features an interlocking safety mechanism. All modern file cabinets have this feature. It allows you to open one drawer only, you can’t open both drawers at the same time. This prevents tipping over and keep the file cabinet stable.

Highlighted Points:

  • sturdy and durable lateral file cabinet
  • made of engineered wood and metal
  • the frame and handles are made of metal
  • there are two drawers that hold letter and legal files
  • the interlock safety mechanism prevents tipping over

Best On Wheels Mango Wood File Cabinet

HM Mobile File Cabinet

Natural Design
The HM file cabinet comes in natural wood color, it is an unfinished file cabinet. You can place it under your home office or office desk, in the corner of the room, etc. It is small and fits anywhere. The whole construction is made of solid mango wood.

Mobile File Cabinet review

Heavy Item
This file cabinet is pretty heavy, it weighs 140 pounds. The HM file cabinet dimensions are 20 inches in width, 15 inches in depth and 21 inches in height. The construction is solid and durable, you can use it for many years. Clean it with a damp cloth.

Two Drawers
There are two drawers for your needs. The top drawer is smaller and it is ideal for office supplies like pens, pencils, scissors, post-it notes, etc. The bottom drawer is bigger, it accommodates both letter and legal-size files. You need to place them horizontally.

Mobile File Cabinet

Each drawer is equipped with sturdy metal handles. Both drawers glide on full-extension metal runners. You can open them smoothly and quietly. The HM mango wood file cabinet is fitted with four casters for easy mobility. Move it from one place to another with ease.

Highlighted Points:

  • it comes in natural wood color
  • the construction is sturdy and durable
  • easy to clean and maintain it
  • two drawers – small and large one
  • four casters for mobility

Best Large Mango Wood File Cabinet

AA Warehousing File Cabinet

Antique Design
The AA Warehousing file cabinet features an antique, rustic-inspired design. This model is handcrafted from solid mango wood. It is durable and design for long-term use. The AA Warehousing mango wood file cabinet stands on four sturdy legs.

AA Warehousing review

Weight Capacity
The product dimensions are 41 inches in height, 40 inches in width and 18 inches in depth. The surface features an antique white coating. This wood credenza file cabinet supports up to 300 pounds of stored material. You can place come books, plants or decorations on its top.

AA Warehousing

Glass Door
This product weighs 45 pounds. It will fit perfectly in traditional home office decor. There is two glass door on the front with knob handles. Within the file cabinet, there are three fixed shelves, you can’t adjust them. There is plenty of space for your storage needs.

Highlighted Points:

  • made of durable and solid mango wood
  • antique design for traditional home office
  • max weight capacity is 300 pounds
  • the glass door on the front
  • three fixed shelves within the file cabinet

Things To Know About Mango Wood File Cabinets

This buying guide will help you to find the best model, there is much useful information about the wood features, file cabinet storage space, file cabinet types and other characteristics that you should know before buying.

Mango Wood – Mango wood is characterized as hardwood because it features strength, density, durability and an attractive look. It is important to note that mango wood slowly becomes darker with age. The color of mango wood is often golden brown, but there are many variations.

Vertical, Lateral, Sideboard – There are many shapes and sizes in the market you can choose from. The tall wood file cabinets have a typical upright design, there are many models with casters. The lateral and sideboard file cabinets are similar, but the sideboard usually has shelves.

Rolling Casters – If you want to move your file cabinet around, from one room to another, the casters are something you should consider. It is important to read the product description and check if casters have brakes. The brakes provide stable placement.

Storage Material – What kind of things do you want to store? Do you want to store books, registers, file folders, documents, office supplies, registers? We recommend the mango wood file cabinet with small and large drawers, then your office supplies and files are well organized.

Anti-tip Device – When the drawers are fully extended, there is a risk of tipping over. There is a need to prevent it from tipping over and reduce the risk of falling. The quality tip-protection or interlock system will keep your file cabinet stable and balanced.

Final Verdict

We highly recommend the Zona mango wood file cabinet. This sideboard file cabinet features a beautiful appearance, two cabinets and three standard drawers. Check out the stylish models in a white wood lateral file cabinet post. The solid wood file cabinets are made for long-term use.

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