8 Most Often Distractions In The Workplace & How To Fix Them

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Here you can read about 8 often distractions at work. You can be a great worker and employee, but there is always going to be something or someone to get your attention. Whether it’s a chatty coworker or noise distraction at work, you can easily get distracted. Read the following text and try managing distractions at work with ease.

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8 Most Common Distractions At Work

It’s important to know about the common distractions in the workplace so that you can get rid of them fast and be able to improve productivity at work.

Using Your Smartphone At Work

Mobile phone distraction in the workplace is very common. Sometimes you want to take a quick look at your smartphone and it takes up more of your time than it should have. After all, the average person in the U.S. looks at their phones 52 times a day.

We use our phones not only for social media but also for writing down reminders, viewing calendars and so much more. You should hit that ”do not disturb” button available both on Android and iPhone to work without any distraction from your phone. It’s also one of the main rules for a successful meeting.

Receiving And Writing A Lot Of Emails

Emails have become our daily routine whether it’s strictly business Emails or personal. People send billions of emails daily worldwide which is a massive number. But if you’re typing emails all day, is there any time for work?

What I can suggest is that you turn off your email notifications on your smartphone. The most important thing is to decide to take only ”emergency” emails and leave the other ones for later to avoid distractions at work.

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Noise Distraction At Work

All around you, some people and machines make some kind of noise. It is inevitable to hear all this noise distraction at work, but somehow you have to manage to concentrate on your work.

If at some point the background noise becomes too distracting, I suggest you invest in noise-canceling headphones or relocate to a quieter area if possible. This way you can avoid distractions in the workplace.

Chatty Coworkers Around You

Every office has a few people who love to chat about any subject. Whether they’re having a break from their tasks or just want a little chit chat with you, they will interrupt you from doing your daily tasks.

To avoid these distractive situations, I suggest you keep your office doors closed when you don’t want to be disturbed. This way you’re giving a clear message to your coworkers and others that you don’t want to be disturbed while doing your job. It might seem rude but if everyone will do this, the team productivity will increase.

Messy Workplace Can Slow You Down

Some say a little clutter can encourage a creative mind, but really who can properly concentrate in a messy workplace? Having a messy worktable or office space, in general, can slow you down and pull you away from being present at work.

That is why you should fix these distractions at work. I suggest you keep your workspace clean and organized. Throw away the things you no longer need and free your table and workspace of any clutter that may slow your work process. An appropriate standing file cabinet might contribute to the organization.

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Multitasking Isn’t For Anyone

Sometimes multitasking can saves us a lot of valuable time to do other things instead. But some people really can’t manage multi-tasking and are being slowed down by it. The real truth is that our brains can’t focus on more than one thing at a time.

The best way to avoid multi-tasking is by creating a block of time for specific tasks in your calendar app. This way you know exactly how much time you have for certain tasks which will save you from losing time and being slowed down while working.

Don’t Starve Yourself At Work

In my opinion, it is almost impossible to focus on work while being hungry. That is why we need to eat well and often to keep our stomach full and our brain working properly. I know it is easier to eat fast food, but this isn’t healthy.

One thing you can do is stack your office or workplace with healthy snack options. This way you can eat quickly and healthy which will satisfy both your stomach and your brain!

Having A Bunch Of Meetings

Having a lot of meeting daily can cause a lot of distraction at work. People have pulled away from their work and are forced to take an hour-long meeting. Taking meetings breaks your workflow and it can be hard to get back on track after.

To avoid losing a lot of time, it is advisable to invite critical stakeholders and keep it as short as possible. This way you can do the meeting and still be motivated enough to go back to work and finish all of your tasks fast. This is one of the steps to make a successful meeting.

Final Verdict

To conclude, there are a lot of distractions in the workplace that can slow us down. The important thing is to realize you’re being slowed down in the workplace so that you can react the right way and get rid of the distractions at work. Work hard and don’t get distracted at work and you will be more satisfied with your work progress and yourself! If you’re often working with a lot of paperwork and documents and want to buy a proper shredder machine, check out this article on the best big paper shredder. In case you want to get rid of your credit card safe and easy, read this article on the best credit card paper shredder. Or if you’re just looking for a quality desktop paper shredder, check out my article on the best desktop paper shredder.

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