Working For Family Business: Why You Should & Why Not Accept 

Working for a family business in a small or big company with smiling colleagues seems like a dream job, but it can both have positive and negative sides. While some adore a familiar atmosphere, others find it unprofessional.

In this article, we bring you reasons why is it attractive to work in such a team and why it can be tricky. Read till the end to understand all.

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General About Working In The Family Business

Family business usually means that you work in a smaller team and don’t have a strict position. Smaller, family companies, can grow up to big corporations but then they lose that familiar atmosphere. Some ground rules need to be applied in those types of companies. First, conversations with the boss or other family members should be professional and about work during work time. Once you finish and grab a drink, you can talk about more casual topics. It is preferable to keep discretion and keep your private matter for yourself. As an outside employee, you can use your position and objectively give feedback about work and matters in the team. Yet, never argue with someone because it is likely that the family will protect its member.

Generally, atmosphere and policy usually depend on the leadership. If a leader keeps away personal and private life, then you can have a pleasant and professional connection. Yet, practising unethical behaviour in the workplace, especially nepotism, can destroy the team and bring problems.

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Positive Aspects Of Working For Family Business

Working in a family company can be a pleasant and positive experience if you find the right surroundings. Here are some of the most positive examples and how to enjoy your work.

Stable Environment

The family business is usually a stable environment because the team is rather small and people know each other well. As in a family, you are surrounded by a calm and friendly atmosphere. Also, smaller businesses tend to be more dedicated to earning money, which is excellent for your future salaries. Also, business leaders tend to stay in the position for a longer time. This means you won’t need to get used to a different type of leadership and will have a stable and caring time in the company.

Understanding And Support

When you are an employee in a family company, it is more likely that you will be heard if you have any problem. People tend to pass good energy and give their opinion in smaller communities to understand every problem. Commonly, they seek somebody with similar values, so this will be one of the most important characteristics of a good worker they will look for. If you share a similar view, you can find a supportive team.

Decreased Costs

Smaller families will cherish work more and be ready to risk if they notice that business is in danger. In family companies, family members are willing to financial help in crisis to overcome it. Also, they will be ready to give up or increase their salary to help the business grow. More investment money can help new ideas and more business opportunities in future. For the family behind business, long-term success is crucial for their financial stability, so they will try harder to keep the business going.


In a family business, you need to be a bit flexible. Since there are no strict positions, you can experience different work and learn through the way. This can be positive because you`ll never be bored on the job and will quickly learn how the whole process is working.

Loyalty And Commitment

Large corporations usually set goals for only a quarter, but small family companies think about years or decades ahead. What is more, they are very loyal to their long-term consumers and can have a stable network that will support them. The small team that is close-knitted can feel commitment and desire to have firmer culture and company. They know that the company will prospect and survive thanks to hard work. Also, they can cherish and award genuine and hard work.

Fun And Celebration

One casual reason why is good working for the family business is that you will often have celebrations. Family members celebrate everything together, so you can taste cakes and delicious meals often. Also, they will tend to prepare more surprises and office parties more. Team building and after work hanging out will be often and be ready to have some fun!

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Negative Aspects Of Working For Family Business

Even though the family company can be supportive and pleasant for working, there are some bad aspects. Usually, it is a result of unethical behaviour. We bring you some of the most common situations to avoid.

Bringing Personal Issues

People that live together, often have common problems. Also, when family members come to work, they may discuss personal issues. It isn`t polite to listen to it or being too curious, but sometimes you just can’t avoid it. Also, you may get personal questions, so if you don`t want to engage in their gossips, make it clear from the beginning.


Commonly, family argues a lot, especially about matters as a business. Sometimes, it can affect professional work, especially if they argue in front of employees. Not about changing the mood negatively, but it can affect their behaviour towards you and make you feel uncomfortable in the workplace. Also, you can feel excluded in their arguments and guilty if they want to hear your side and opinion.

Unfair Treating

In some situations, you can experience unfair treating. Even though family members lack skills or experience, they might be promoted faster. Also, it is hard to be promoted no matter how hard you work since they can easily prefer family members. Family loyalty is something very common and it can be harder to make significant changes. What is more, some minor everyday situations, like being late for work or unfinished tasks might be harder to report if they are members of a family.

Slow Changing Process

Some big decisions can be easily made in a smaller company, but you can harder change their opinion. If you don`t agree with common opinion, then it will be hard to bring it on. Usually, it is easier to go with the flow. In the other case, you can be seen as harmful and intention to forget tradition.

Bad Leadership

Leadership is a very important segment of each company, even small family ones. If every meeting turns into a family discussion, it means that the leader is unsuccessful in keeping private from professionals. Also, any type of bad influence can affect decisions. Because of that, it is common to feel like an outsider all the time.

Lack Of Structure And Nepotism

When you work with family, it can be hard to understand who is your boss. Sometimes, people fear rejecting orders from someone below them if they are closely connected to the main boss. This can be confusing and time-consuming: losing time on small tasks may cost you time for your project or real work.

One Point Of View

Families tend to share opinions and values in life, so they have the same view on things. Usually, they will try to find the person with the same values and if you work and don’t have, it can be a problem. Yet, this type of thinking can lack different points and debate which can lead to creative and new ideas.

When Is Time To Leave The Family Business?

If you find working in a family business a pleasant experience, you may have found the job of your dream. Yet, many people feel like it is too unfair and stressful, so they want to leave. One of the signs that you need to leave is that it is hard to convince yourself to come to work. When your tasks are too stressful and you start to have quarrels at work, you may consider finding a new job. If you aspire to develop a career, it can be difficult to progress, so consider working in a bigger company.

Final Verdict

Working for a family business can be a positive experience and friendly atmosphere. Also, it can be an idealistic way of experiencing how the company works and being flexible with tasks. If you’re a family member, you will probably feel relaxed at work. On the other side, there are some disadvantages. Family tend to favourise their members and you can feel like an intruder if you’re not a family member. To bring the family together at work, it’s a good idea to purchase a foldable foosball table to have fun after work. You will also need a big or small conference table for meetings. The size depends on the number of employees, so it’s best to take a 12 person conference table to ensure enough space for everyone.

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