Cleaning Water Dispenser And Cooler: Difference And Guide

If you own a water dispenser, you know that this useful device needs to be maintained to bring you always fresh and clean water.

If you ever wondered is cleaning water dispenser difficult, we bring you useful tips on how to do it effectively. Read this article and find some of the best advice with both positive and negative aspects of water dispensers and cooler.

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Why You Should Have Water Dispenser

The water dispenser is a very practical solution for both home and office. It is a device that provides cool and freshwater out of the tap, so you can easily have access to it at any moment. If you are overcrowded with empty or full plastic bottles in the refrigerator, the solution might be in a water dispenser. The water dispenser regulates the temperature of the water and you can save your time on cooling or heating water when you need it. What is more, it is eco-friendly since you use only one, big plastic bottle instead of a smaller one. There are even glass solutions, so you can be completely sure that your water is pure.

There are many types that you can choose from. Some have filtered water in a replaceable bottle, while others are connected with a municipal line. Those with municipal lines can only be used if pipe water is tested to be clean, but because of a high amount of scale, it is usually the more problematic solution. Filtered water is more suitable for offices and companies. Yet, both types are very easy to use with only one or two buttons to control. The only thing you need to do is find the best model and size for your needs.

Having a water dispenser in an office helps people stay hydrated which increase productivity at work

Water Dispenser vs Water Cooler

The difference between these two is rather simple. The water cooler cools the water in the tank using the electrical machine, so it usually can heat it at the same time. It uses electricity to provide water at the desired temperature. On the other hand, the water dispenser simply dispenses water at room temperature. Both machines can use filtered and bottled water or from the municipal water line. Also, the difference can be n how quiet they are. Since the water cooler needs to cool down the tank, it can be a bit louder. The water cooler is also freestanding, while the water dispenser can be placed on the countertop. 

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Benefits Of Water Dispenser

There are some benefits of having a water dispenser and water cooler in the apartment or office. First, the water is filtered and tastes better than normal. You can use a water line, but be sure to use a filter to purify it. Indeed, water doesn’t taste, but municipal water can have taste after pipes. What is more, filtration reduces chlorine and bacteria which is better for your health. Second, it makes it easier to drink more. Since the water dispenser is visible, it will constantly remind you to drink water. Also, you can always get fresh and cold water. You can have an access to hot water, too, and prepare snacks, tea or coffee quickly. What is more, it is good for the environment since you don’t use a lot of smaller bottles. Big plastic tanks for dispenser water are reusable and simple to change. Also, it takes less space than filling plastic bottles in the refrigerator. All in all, it looks very decorative and can have many purposes. 

Negative Aspects Of Water Dispenser

Even though there are many benefits of having a water dispenser or cooler, there are some negative sides. First, you need to maintain and clean it regularly to have clean water. Some parts, like pipe or tank, are always wet and can grow mould or bacteria if it isn’t dried correctly. If you use it in the office, it can be dangerous to use it after so many people. Everyone will put their cup or jug and after a lot of people, the dispenser can be messy. Not only inside parts, but you also need to maintain it outside. Cleaning dust on the surface and wiping other parts is completely necessary. Second, it will cost you more than using municipal water. Buying the dispenser itself isn’t that expensive, but you need to refill it every month again. What is more, you need to order water regularly and therefore you depend on the time and date of delivery. Also, refilling a plastic tank for a long time can make more harm than have benefits for your body. 

It is funny because many connect water dispensers as a place to meet and gossip in the office. Some managers consider it as one of the distractions in the workplace and that type of gossip is called water cooler conversation. 

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Cleaning Water Dispenser

The cleaning water cooler is needed to maintain it clean and has purified water. Some maintenance should be done daily, while some need to be done monthly or very rare. We bring you 8 steps on how and when to clean water dispensers and why is it important. It is recommended to clean it in more detail after changing the water tank. 

  1. Prepare cleaning solutions 

Before starting to wash parts and cleaning the water cooler, you need to prepare cleaning solutions. Since you deal with water for drinking, you need to be careful what to use. The best solution to use is vinegar and water. It will rinse bacteria and leave a neutral smell. Also, baking soda can be useful if you have black mould. You can also use bleach, but in a small amount, so only one tablespoon for 2 litres of water. 

  1. Make cleaning safe 

To be completely sure nothing will happen while you clean, you need to unplug it from the electricity source. Also, it is easier if you remove accessories, like cups. Be sure that it is standing still and remove any other electrical device near it. What is more, it is recommended to wear rubber gloves if you will use some aggressive chemicals. Remember, those types of chemicals are only intended for outside parts. 

  1. Remove and clean tank

The water tank is usually a removable part and all you need to do is carefully unscrew it from the holding base. There are two points you should clean carefully. The first is the narrow part where water flows. The second is inside the bottom where water can lay for a longer time and create residue. Use only prepared and organic cleaning solutions and be sure that no smell or taste has stayed in the tank. Wipe the outside plastic with wet damp to clean dust. 

  1. Clean the bottom part and pipes 

The bottom part is the main piece for controlling water flow and temperature. If you constantly use buttons, they can become filthy. Regular cleaning is needed to maintain, but once you are cleaning generally, you can use appropriate chemicals to make it shine. Fill pipe straws with water and a cleaning solution to flush possible dirt pieces. More aggressive chemicals will be needed if you use municipal water which contains minerals. 

  1. Wash drip tray 

The drip tray is a small container where water excess is dripping. You need to remove the grid and spill water. Then, clean the good dirt and dry it completely. It is very important to keep it clean and dry most of the time since in the warm room bacteria and mould growth is very often. 

  1. Wash cup holders

The cup holder is a very possible place for dust to collect. Remove all cups and wash each in the dishwasher. It is more eco-friendly if you use reusable cups, but it can be tricky for the office. Yet, for personal use, you can easily clean them. Be sure that there is no water on the bottom that can grow bacteria.  

  1. Clean the area around 

Water can splash around the water dispenser which can make the floor dirty. It can especially be visible if you use municipal water. Be sure to use a clean rug to remove any dirt around. What is more, you can turn the dispenser base and rinse the bottom part where dust and small pieces may collect. 

  1. Rinse everything well

After cleaning with chemical and prepared solution, you need to rinse and dry everything well. All parts should have no smell or taste and the water must taste fresh. Also, dry all parts where water might collect to prevent bacteria growth. And when you are finished, replace the empty tank with fresh water. 

Final Verdict

Having a water dispenser, especially in the office, is a great solution to always have a source of fresh cold and warm water. Yet, you need to maintain and clean it to prevent bacteria growth. Cleaning water cooler should be a weekly activity, especially if you use municipal water. Cleaning the drip tray and removing dust from the cups can be an everyday job. If you’re interested in buying a new water cooler, you might find it useful to check the post about the best hot and cold water dispensers for home or the reviews on the best glass bottle water dispensers.

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