12 Ideas For Online Business For Kids To Have Fun & Earn Money

Nowadays, many use the benefits of the Internet to start their first business. What is more, you can use it as a valuable lesson to your kids.

So you wonder what is the best online business for kids that might entertain them and also ensure some money?

Here are even 12 ideas about some simple online businesses where your kids could learn new things, have fun and make some money!

Why Online Business?

Online business is an ideal way of making your idea worth it if you don’t have too much money to invest in a start-up or company. The biggest benefit is that you don’t have to invest in more than a laptop to run it successfully. Also, you can track your progress and note ideas or plan in one place. What is more, many people can instantly see your work and you don’t have to invest too much money in marketing. All in all, it allows you to run a business successfully from the comfort of your home. Sounds great? Yet, it is, and not only for kids but also for adults. Therefore, if you want to start your online business, check online business startup costs.

Things To Consider Before

Before starting an online business for kids, you should be aware of a few things. First, don’t make them too much pressure or obligation. They should consider it a fun activity, which can be practised in their spare time. Also, monitories their work and are responsible for finance and communication with others. What is more, balance their work for online business with school and rest time.

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12 Online Business Ideas For Kids

There are a few ideas that are interesting and fun for kids to do, but also bring them some pocket money and awaken the feeling of entrepreneurship in them. Here are 12 of the most creative ideas for an online business for kids.

Selling DIY And Crafts

The simplest and more creative job for kids is probably selling crafts. This can be an ideal activity to enhance their creativity and focus, but also teach them how to think in many ways and use different tools. It is a very tactile activity and you can use as many materials as you want. Try to recycle some used products and teach them to find another purpose for anything. Also, you can do it seasonally, for Christmas, Easter or any other celebration. Use social networks to advertise it.

Build Wooden Bird House

Garden accessories are very popular since people tend to have their private nature corner near their homes. So, making wooden birdhouses is an ideal opportunity to get some money. All you need is some interesting pieces of wood, a hammer and a few nails. This can be dangerous for kids to do it alone, so take care of each step. Involve them in choosing the type of wood or painting the final product. Also, you can make more garden decoration, like wooden sticks to arrange flowers or candle holders. Be imaginative and make the most out of each piece of wood.

Design Jewellery

If your kid has an eye for colours and loves to work with small pieces and details, maybe jewellery design is the right hobby. With so many materials and colours on the market, possibilities are endless. You can stick with just one type of jewellery and make, for example, bracelets only. Also, if you want to attract more buyers, try personalized jewellery. Be sure that you respect their creativity and just help them with selling. When you send the finished product, write a cute note to make the customer happy! It’s a good idea to share their craftwork on social media. It might be a great advertisement but before you do this, learn more about the advantages of social media marketing as well as about the disadvantages of social media marketing.


Lemonade Or Cookie Selling

The old-fashioned way of earning quick pocket money can have an online version, too! Creativity is always appreciated and you can make a new taste or lemonade and sell it quickly. Be aware that it is very fragile and complicated to sell it distantly, so make sure that you use the local community. On the other hand, cookies are ideal for selling online. The beauty of the process is that you can play with different flavours and toppings, shapes and sizes. Check the market and competition and try to be the best!


Either your kid makes some artworks or illustrates someone else’s ideas, this is a very fun and profitable kids job. Not only they express themselves, but they learn how to focus and finish what they have started. Seek kids who write stories and try to collaborate with them, so your kid can illustrate their work. This is not only an opportunity to collaborate professionally but a way to meet new friends. They don’t need to live close or meet, but online business allows them to communicate via cameras and video calls. Also, it is a valuable lesson for teamwork in the future.

Tutorial Providing

If your kid has a good way of explaining something to others, be sure that they try tutorial providing as a way of earning some money. Be sure that they have enough knowledge to help the other kid and arrange this with their parents. Also, help them with setting the class and put the price together. Your kid will learn something better and help the other – it will learn them to help people when they need it. What is more, they don’t even need to leave a house – you can do everything online!

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Clothing Or Textile Accessories

Sewing simple clothing accessories is a simple and creative job for kids, like making jewellery. A good idea is to use old things or material you won`t use anymore. You can make tons of different things out of it – pillowcases, shopping bags, brochure or actual clothes. Be sure that you help your kid with sewing and dealing with needles – without your help, it can be a dangerous process. There are tons of videos and instructions on the internet, but if you feel insecure, you can start with simple accessories and smaller items, like clothing for dolls.

T-Shirt Design

If your kid loves to illustrate, a good job for them could be T-shirt design. There is a big market for creative and modern T-shirts with simple and funny messages or drawings. This will require the help of professionals who need to print it on the T-shirt. Yet, you can still decide about shirt colour and material. It is ideal for personalized gifts and everyday wearing. What is more, you can design your merch clothes and develop your business into some serious brand! One more idea is to start online course so your kids can teach people how to make T-shirt design.

Card Making

One very creative side job is cards making. It doesn’t have to be seasonal and you can use the material you wish. More than just decorating the front side, try to write some simple rhymes with your kid and make them personalized. Written cards can be sent to anyone and make them happy. It is still popular, even though we use technology more. There will be more work during the Christmas holidays, but you can make birthday cards all year long. Take some nice pictures and present them lovely, you will see how many followers you will easily get. A good all-in-one inkjet printer for home use or some else equipment for crafting might help you a lot.

basket fbasket full of goodsull of goods

Basket Gifts Designer

A basket full of goods is always a nice and thoughtful present for somebody who is recovering, especially in a hospital. These days, visits are rare and often impossible, so sending a basket can feel like a taste of home. If you are sending it nearby, you can add fresh fruits and cookies. For longer deliveries, try to add preserved goods, dry cookies and colourful presents. When you make it, you can ask the person what other is necessary and add it, too. This will teach your kid to help others and to share their stuff. Try to recycle, but be sure that the stuff you give is in perfect condition or try to make something else out of it.

Food Growing

Since we spend more time at home, it is natural that people tend to spend more time in their gardens. If you have space to grow some herbs, teach your kid how to do it. You will need a basic tool and there are even gardening tools in children size on the market. Grow simple vegetables or spices, like carrots, parsley, basil… they can pick and use what they like and you can sell some to your local community.

Costume Making

If you don’t want your kid to have an everyday obligation, there are some seasonal side jobs that anyone can try and earn side money. This can be seasonal and done only for Halloween, maybe for friends and acquaintances. On the other hand, you can be creative and make it all year long for many other occasions, like theme party or the holiday season. Even if they don’t sell them, they will have plenty of options for what to wear for a costume party!

Final Verdict

Online business is an ideal way to get some extra money, even for your kids. They shouldn`t see it as an obligation, but rather some creative time. Also, be sure that you track their work and communication online and all things that involve finance and working with dangerous tools. Since most jobs require crafting skills, your children might need some equipment such as the best badge laminator or adhesive vinyl printer.

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