Best 6 Affordable (Cheap) Home Office Chairs To Save Money

Do you want to buy a cheap home office chair?

Then you should read this article! I’ll describe the 6 best models on the market and compare them between different categories such as armless, without wheels, tall, etc. If you need more info, check out the buying guide.

Our Top Picks

Best Affordable Home Office Chair SummaryYaheetech Leather Adjustable Chair
This model is covered with faux leather and padded with a sponge. The metal base has mute caster wheels and a swivel design.
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Best Comfy Office Cheap Home Office Chair SummaryComHoma Cheap Mesh Swivel Chair
It features a breathable mesh cover and high-quality foam padding. The backrest has lumbar support and it can tilt backward.
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Best Tall Affordable Home Office Chair SummaryVinsetto Linen Ergonomic Chair
The cover is made from breathable and soft linen, and it’s padded with a thick resilient sponge. It features tilting.
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Best Armless Cheap Home Office Chair SummaryHCB HC-1265 Armless Mesh Chair
It doesn’t recline but has an elastic backrest that moves backward. It features lumbar support and mid-support.
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Best Without Wheels Cheap Home Office Chair SummaryHouseInBox Comfortable Metal Chair
Sponge padding and velvet cover available in different colors. The base has legs with an anti-scratch plastic bottom.
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Best With Back Support Affordable Home Office Chair SummaryZdmathe Waterproof Leather Chair
It’s a stool with a thick sponge and iron chrome base that features a foot ring. Height is adjustable with a pneumatic lever.
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Best 6 Cheap Home Office Chairs Review


Yaheetech Leather Adjustable Chair

Leather Cover And Sponge Padding
This is a high-quality made aesthetic desk chair that you can get for a very low budget. The cover of this model is made from a faux leather cover that’s durable, long-lasting, and it’s easy to clean. The padding is made from a high-density sponge that will maintain an upright body posture that’s good for your spine.

Best Affordable Home Office Chair

Weight Capacity And SGS-Certificate
The base of this best affordable home office chair is made from strong metal. The maximum weight capacity is 265 pounds. The gas cylinder is SGS certified for being safe and high-quality made. The seat height can be adjusted between 19.3” and 25”, while the overall height is between 35” and 40.6”.

Pneumatic Lever And Mute Casters
Change the height by pushing the pneumatic lever that allows you to do adjustments while you’re sitting. The model features 5 caster wheels that are noise-canceling. They’re made from high-quality plastic and layered with rubber, therefore suitable for any floor type.

BEST OF BEST Yaheetech Affordable Home Office Chair

Lightweight Swivel Design
The swivel design can rotate for 360-degrees which means you can work from any angle and easily reach things around you. The model weighs only 18 pounds so it’s easy to carry and transport. The chair is delivered with all parts and tools need for fast and simple assembly.

Highlighted Points:

  • faux leather cover
  • high-density sponge padding
  • weight capacity is 265 pounds
  • mute caster wheels
  • swivels for 360-degrees


ComHoma Cheap Mesh Swivel Chair

Mesh Cover And Tilt Knob
This comfy affordable desk chair is covered with mesh that’s allowing cool air circulation through the structure so it’s breathable and you won’t sweat when sitting for a long time. A very user-friendly feature is the tilting knob that allows you to recline the backrest.

BEST COMFY OFFICE ComHoma Cheap Home Office Chair

Resilient Foam And Weight Capacity
The seat is padded with high-quality foam that contours around the lower back and releases tension from the muscles. In that way, your back won’t hurt. It’s resilient and won’t transform over time. This cheap mesh office chair has a metal base with a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Swivel Design And Mobility
The swivel design allows this comfy office chair cheap model to rotate for 360-degrees so you can work from any direction, without twisting your back when you want to reach something behind you. The caster wheels are made from polyurethane and they’re smooth so won’t scratch your floor.

Best Comfy Office Cheap Home Office Chair

Adjustable Ergonomic Design
This affordable home office chair has built-in lumbar support that supports every area of your back and helps you to keep your spine naturally curved. The pneumatic cylinder is connected to the lever that you can push to easily control the height which can be adjusted between 35.83” and 39.76”.

Highlighted Points:

  • mesh cover and foam padding
  • tilting knob
  • swivels for 360-degrees
  • backrest with lumbar support
  • between 35.83” and 39.76” high


Vinsetto Linen Ergonomic Chair

Linen Cover And Thick Padding
Unlike previous models, this inexpensive home office chair features a high-quality and modern linen cover that’s breathable, comfortable, soft, and good for the skin. The seat is padded with a 28D density sponge that’s 4” thick, while the backrest is made from a 24D density sponge that’s 2.75” thick.

Best Tall Affordable Home Office Chair

Tilting And Height Adjustments
The backrest is ergonomic, especially with the tilting function. The seat is 19.5” wide and 19” long, and its height can be adjusted between 18” and 22”, while the overall height is between 40.5” and 44.25”. The height is easy to adjust with the pneumatic lifting and lever.

Weight Capacity And Swivel Design
The base has a swivel design so it rotates for 360-degrees, which is practical if you don’t want to often twist your back. The metal base is strong, so it has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. It features 5 polyurethane small caster wheels that allow you to move this all-modern desk chair around the home or office.

BEST TALL Vinsetto Affordable Home Office Chair

Soft Built-In Arms
This is the best affordable home office chair with built-in arms that are soft and allows you to relax your elbows and hands. The backrest and seat sponge are long-lasting and won’t transform, even after a long time of usage. The model comes with all parts and tools needed for installation.

Highlighted Points:

  • linen breathable cover
  • 19.5” wide and 19” long
  • height between 40.5” and 44.25”
  • maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds
  • 4” thick seat and 2.75” thick backrest


HCB HC-1265 Armless Mesh Chair

Armless Mesh Structure
This affordable home office chair doesn’t feature armrests so you can’t rest your hands. But that also makes it more spacious and you can sit in different positions. The backrest and seat are made from a mesh material that supports cool air circulation so you won’t sweat.

Best Armless Cheap Home Office Chair

Sponge Padding And Weight Capacity
The seat is padded with a high-quality soft sponge that contours around your body and relaxes muscles, so you won’t get back pain. It’s a great armless desk chair with wheels that also features a durable and sturdy metal base and can hold up to 250 pounds of weight.

Ergonomic Elastic Backrest
The mid-back support and lumbar support make it very ergonomic because it supports all areas of your back, and helps you to sit in the upright position and to keep your spine in its natural curve. There’s no tilting option, however, the backrest is elastic and it can recline for few degrees when you lean on it.

BEST ARMLESS HCB HC-1265 Cheap Home Office Chair

Pneumatic Cylinder And BIFMA Certificate
The base features caster wheels that are durable, long-lasting, and smooth. Therefore you can move from one side of the room to another. The base features a pneumatic cylinder that’s connected to the lever for adjusting the height between 36” and 40”.  It rotates for 360-degrees and the structure is BIFMA certified.

Highlighted Points:

  • mesh breathable cover
  • elastic backrest with lumbar support
  • height adjusted between 36” and 40”
  • weight capacity is 250 pounds
  • 360-degree swivel design


HouseInBox Comfortable Metal Chair

Color options
Unlike previous models, this one has 4 legs without wheels. It’s a fixed home office chair cheap model that is great for home, office, guest rooms, restaurant, etc. It has a beautiful design and it’s covered with velvet plush fabric that’s available in different colors such as blue, brown, green, dark brown, grey, pink, and yellow.

Best Without Wheels Cheap Home Office Chair

Seat And Backrest Height
It’s not adjustable. However, if you want to research adjustable fixed models, read the best adjustable chair no wheels review. The backrest has built-in arms that you can use to rest your hands and elbows. The seat is 18.1” high from the floor, while the backrest is 12.6” high and 15” wide.

Comfortable Sponge Padding
The overall height is 30.7”, while the seat is 22” wide and 16.9” long. The seat is padded with a high-quality sponge that is comfortable and contours around your body. The backrest offers support for the back so your muscles can stay relaxed which prevents back pain.

BEST WITHOUT WHEELS HouseInBox Cheap Home Office Chair

Metal Anti-Scratch Legs
The legs are made from metal, and there is a metal connection between two chairs which increases the stability. The bottom is made from scratch-resistant plastic that will protect your floor. All parts needed for installing this best affordable home office chair are included in the package.

Highlighted Points:

  • metal legs
  • without wheels
  • velvet cover
  • overall height is 30.7”
  • the seat has sponge padding


Zdmathe Waterproof Leather Chair

Waterproof Leather Cover
This is an rolling stool with back support with a back that can be used in various spaces- home, office, spa, restaurants, etc. The cover is made from polyurethane faux leather that’s comfortable, soft, and easy to clean. It’s waterproof, oil-resistant, and long-lasting. The seat has a 2.4” thick sponge cushion for the best comfort.

Best With Back Support Affordable Home Office Chair

Back Support And Weight Capacity
The seat is 13.4” wide in diameter and it’s connected to the backrest for additional back support. It helps you keep an upright position while sitting. The base is made from iron and metal, and it’s strong. Therefore, this affordable home office chair has a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds.

Swivel Design With Footring
The base has a swivel design and it can turn for 360-degrees, therefore you can easily reach something behind you without twisting your back. Another user-friendly feature is the chrome foot ring. It’s practical for resting your legs, especially if you’re sitting at the high desk.


Height Adjustments And Caster Wheels
The pneumatic cylinder is used for adjusting the seat height between 18” and 24”. The overall height is between 27” and 33”. The base also has smooth caster wheels that are made from polyurethane and they’re safe for the floor. Therefore you can move the chair around the room, or slide from one side to another while sitting.

Highlighted Points:

  • 2.4” thick sponge cushion
  • 13.4” wide seat
  • overall height between 27” and 33”
  • weight capacity is 220 pounds
  • base with foot ring

Things To Know About Affordable Home Office Chair

Besides the price, when looking for the right model for a home office, check out other features such as ergonomic structure, height adjusting system, weight capacity, tilting options, etc. These will determine the chair quality and efficiency. Here I’ll describe these features to help you choose the most suitable model for you.

Weight Capacity – The heavy-duty models such as 400 lb capacity office chairs have a weight capacity range from 300 pounds to 500 pounds, or above. Other models are standard ones with the capacity to hold between 200 pounds and 300 pounds. The models from the list are standard.

Height Adjustments – This is a very important feature because it allows you to adjust the height according to your body. The most common is pneumatic lifting, but there are models with the hydraulic gas cylinder or without a system so you have to manually rotate the seat to adjust the height.

Backrest Reclining – The cheap home office chair can have user-friendly features such as a tilting knob. It allows you to recline the backrest at a certain angle so you can set the best sitting position. Often the backrest can be tilted between 90-degrees and 155-degrees, where the first upright position is suitable for work, while later is great for relaxing.

Ergonomic Design – If you plan to sit for a long time in a chair, it’s important to choose the one with an ergonomic backrest that has lumbar support that prevents back pain. The model should have armrests, headrests, and a thick seat. For more models with ergonomic structure, read the article on the best 8-hour office chair.

Cover And Padding – The affordable office chair for home is often made from mesh or faux leather. There are other materials available such as textile, velvet, upholstery vinyl, etc. The mesh is most common, and it’s breathable, elastic, and durable. Leather is more elegant, and soft. It’s less elastic, but it’s durable. Waterproof faux leather is easy to clean.

Final Verdict

The best model is the Vinsetto cheap home office chair because it has a linen cover and the highest weight capacity on the list. It’s the best affordable ergonomic office chair because of the thick backrest and seat padding. For more home models with a unique design, read the best acrylic chair on wheels review.

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